Hot Yoga, Take Two

I finally got the nerve to use my hot yoga gift certificate that Jason bought me for Christmas. I don’t know why going to the class by myself made me nervous, but it did. I was originally going to go with a co-worker, but she forgot her workout clothes. For a minute, I started making excuses in my head for why I couldn’t go either. But then I snapped back to reality and told myself that I am 31 years old; I can walk into a yoga class alone. So I did. And it was fine.

Not too much to report about the class itself except that I was a sweaty mofo by the end of it. I’m going to go once a week for 10 weeks (what the GC covers) and I’m really curious to see how my body changes between now and then. Right now, I am quite possibly the least flexible person on the face of the earth so I’m hoping to see at least a slight improvement. Seriously, I cannot touch my toes AT ALL. Like If I’m sitting up, reaching forward to touch them, it doesn’t even look like I’m reaching forward. I think my lack of hamstring flexibility is part of the reason that I can’t seem to ever become a faster runner. I read an article about that once; something about tight hamstrings causing a small stride causing the runner to expend more energy. Or something. I also think it would be pretty cool to look like one of those people that you just know does yoga. You know what I mean? I’m pretty sure that this is not going to happen to me as I am kind of lanky and curvy at the same time but not thin and muscular. That wasn’t a putdown to myself, I just don’t build muscle easily. Whatevs. It’s a good workout and I enjoyed it.

I stopped at TJ’s on my way home. As I drove home from the store, I tore into a box of Go Lean Crunch. Argh. I don’t know why I do this. So, by the time I got home, I wasn’t even that hungry because I was stuffing my face with cereal in the car. I had some hummus and an Arnold Thin and called it a night. Not the best dinner, by any means. I am used to eating dinner pretty early, around 6, and by the time I left TJ’s, it was already a bit after 8. I like routine, damnit. No routine = major snacky Lee. So, no pictures for you. I’m quite sure that everyone reading this knows what a tub of hummus looks like.

Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?
Erin, did you write this one? Ummm, ninja so I wouldn’t get seasick.


15 responses to “Hot Yoga, Take Two

  1. angieinatlanta

    You are a braver girl than me! I’m too intimidated to take a yoga class alone!

    I need routine, too. My hunger runs on a clock and if it misses a feeding, it gets angry!

  2. Im so nervous to try Hot Yoga. Im afraid Ill pass out..and Id rather pass out if someone I know is there. LOL

    I just started taking a Yoga class at my gym and realize how unflexible I am. Maybe once I get more flexible, Ill try the hot yoga. At least Ill have one thing going, and only face the passing out part. LOL

    Im intrigued to watch your progress!

  3. I love yoga, but still haven’t ever done hot yoga. I really want to though. Did you wear a HRM? I am so curious to know if it really burns as many calories as they say it does. I’m sure it speeds up your metabolism.

    I definitely need routine too to avoid randmon snackiness.

    • I wore a HRM to class one time, and honestly, I ended up sweating so much that I wasn’t sure if it was even an accurate read. I don’t know how many calories it burns, but I’m always so hungry after a class and even into the next day. Each class is 90 minutes (26 poses), so I think that has something to do with the intensity/calorie burn.

  4. The only thing that I don’t like about hot yoga is that it takes up the entire evening! I always feel ravenous by the time I get home…

    I STILL can’t touch my toes… I’ve been practicing yoga on a regular basis since 12/07, so that just goes to show how inflexible a person can be. Any pose that focuses on my hips is always challenging… I never understand why they’re so tight!

  5. hahah, I would rather be a ninja too. Nice job on going to yoga alone. I’ve never tried hot yoga but I really want to! I started practicing yoga about a year ago and went from being incredibly inflexible to pretty darn flexible. However, I’m still not a fast runner. Maybe it will help you though 🙂

  6. I actually now prefer Yoga with complete strangers now. I feel that I concentrate on my poses and myself. I get distracted easily.

    Great Job!

  7. I’m still nervous to try hot yoga! I better get on it since my gym membership ends on February 28th and my new gym doesn’t have it. I remember being so much more flexible when I did yoga. Not the case now!

  8. i’ve never tried hot yoga before! i am also hopelessly inflexible…definitely cannot touch my toes. i heard that the heat in hot yoga loosens your muscles to make you a little more flexible than usual, but i would take A LOT more flexibility for me to do some of those poses!

    i would want to have a pirate’s lifestyle with ninja skills 🙂

  9. I know what you mean about routine – I completely derail if the plan derails at all. Boo. Glad the yoga is going well so far, I SO get nervous before classes, too! haha

    I’m with Tyler – pirate lifestyle with ninja skills – smart!

  10. Haha…I am the same way! I get nervous doing classes for the first time by myself! It is always easier to go with a friend! Good for you…it would have taken me probably 6 months to use that gift certificate if I had to go alone!!

    I am going to go with ninja….then I could kick anyone’s ass who messed with me! haha! Oh…and I get seasick so the idea of living on a boat…um…NO THANKS!

  11. Haha, I know what you mean by wanting to be someone who looks like she does yoga. Usually when I see these girls in tights running around with a rolled up mat, I look at her differently for some reason.

    I wanna be a ninja…I’d love to do all those acrobatic moves!

  12. I’d totally be a ninja!!

    Enjoy the yoga!

  13. I went to Hot Yoga the other day (only an hour class) and I was wiped! I hadn’t been in over a year to Yoga plus in 95 degree heat. It felt good, then I couldn’t function the rest of the day, haha.

    Glad to have found your blog!