Pizza and Photography

Okay, I’m watching the Teen Mom reunion and why is Dr. Drew telling Maci and Ryan that they can work it out? Ryan is obviously an ass and she’s way too good for him.

Oops, that just came out. How old am I, again?

It was rainy and gross out today and pizza was in order. It was actually not on a pita tonight if you can believe it.


I bought Trader Joe’s white dough and rolled it out on my pizza stone. I normally buy whole wheat dough, but bought regular white flour dough this time because Jason prefers it. I like the way whole wheat tastes, but I think I like the white dough a bit better. If I were the only one eating it, I would buy the wheat but since Jason doesn’t like it, I figured it’s really not such a big deal to get the refined flour every so often. Do you prefer white or whole wheat flour? Or something completely different like spelt?

I covered the pizza with marinara sauce, spinach, a bit of mozzarella and some crumbled goat cheese.


This was really good! I love the way the goat cheese gets all melty in the middle.


It was very hard to stop at two slices. In fact, I had half of another slice. But then I put it in the fridge. How does that pizza dough make eight servings?

While the quality of the pizza was high, I feel that the quality of the photos of the pizza was not! But, guess what? I signed up for a photography class that starts in the beginning of March. It’s called Digital 101 and it’s a 6-week course for people with digital SLR cameras.

I feel like besides running and blogging, I don’t have any other hobbies. Hopefully, this class will change that and I’ll become more of a photographer. What are your hobbies?


25 responses to “Pizza and Photography

  1. I love Teen Mom!! Ryan sucks. So do a lot of people on that show, but sadly, that’s why I love it, haha! 😉

    Your pizza looks awesome!! If I had to pick out ingredients to put on a pizza, those are definitely what I most want. LOVE, love spinach and goat cheese together!! I agree – how are there 8 servings???? More like 3-4 in my foodie opinion??

  2. haha, my hobbies are lame-o! exercising (running and Body Attack), blogging, reading blogs, cooking, baking, watching movies (mostly documentaries), watching television shows, listening to music,going to shows, and admiring cats. uhhhh…i am NOT cool!

    When I make pizza, I usually eat half! That’s a serving for me!

  3. It’s ok. I was obsessed with Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. If still had cable, I would probably love Teen Mom too. 🙂

    And my hobbies are about the same as yours: running, blogging…and then there is my cupcake aficionado status.

  4. angieinatlanta

    Your pizza looks yummy!

    Um…I feel the same way about Teen Mom; Maci just seems so mature and like a good mom. And Ryan? Neither. And how about Farrah? Talk about immature and annoying. Blech.

  5. I prefer whole wheat- I can’t really tell the difference between that and white and it’s healthier! 🙂 My hobbies are running, reading, wine drinking 😉 and reading blogs. I need to get out more.

  6. Hey girlie- great dinner! I bet the spinach and goat cheese totally made that pizza. I prefer whole wheat too. It feels more filling to me for some reason. Hobbies- Teach group fitness (which is a job too), running, cooking!

  7. The pizza looks yummy! I love spinach 🙂 And I agree it’s difficult to stop at two pieces so I like to use individual pitas or tortillas to make my pizza. So I can eat it all without too much temptation!

    I really enjoy stamping. I have a huge collection of rubber based stamps, colored/patterned paper, ribbon, buttons, etc to create cards, etc. It’s a good creative release.

    The photography class sounds interesting!

    • Yeah, I normally do make individual ones for that reason, but I was feel fancy. Now I’m just feeling full because I ate a lot more than was pictured!

      Stamping sounds cool!

  8. I really want to take a photography class. I think it would help me tremendously. Where did you find the class?

  9. lol– I didn’t watch Teen Mom, but I saw a feature on it in my last Us Weekly….looks interesting 🙂

    I’m much more intersted in that pizza– YUM!

  10. I’ve always wanted to take a photography class! How fun – I can’t wait to see how it goes for you!

  11. I’ve never tried the white TJ’s dough but LOVE the whole wheat. Once I started making my own, delivery has absolutely no appeal.

  12. That pizza looks delish!

    The photography class sounds fun. I think I’d like something like that too.

  13. I love Caitelynn and her fiance on Teen Mom. How is it that they’re only 17 and more mature than their parents? I always feel bad for Gary… he kinda has that “doing the best I can, but don’t know any better” thing going on.

    I often think that I don’t have enough hobbies. My hobbies are yoga, blogging and book club (although, I rarely read the book)… I’d like to try a new thing or two, but never think of anything and/or have the time!

  14. Haha what!? I thought the pictures were awesome! Shows how much I know! Haha. But YAY for photography classes! That’s so exciting!

  15. That pizza picture looked awesome to me!!! Keith and I use a GF pizza crust by a company called Udi’s! It is so good. I can’t do spelt…allergic!

  16. Wow this pizza looks awesome! I wish I could eat goat cheese, everyone raves about it.
    Looks delicious- great job!!

  17. I feel like I don’t have any hobbies – can I call working out a hobby? I enjoy it, so I guess it is.

    My sisters both have DSLRs and I’m so jealous. It is truly amazing what a difference they can make. I would LOVE to get one, too – photography seems so peaceful…and something you can do anywhere.

  18. Love goat cheese on pizza! 😀 Yours looks delicious and I think your pictures are good!

  19. I’ve never made pizza at home before (besides on english muffins). I found these Flatout Breads (only 90 calories of whole wheat goodness) so we’re using that as dough. Oh ya, I guess I should mentioned that we’re doing pizza tonight. I got all the toppings, cheese, sauce, veggies, veggie sausage crumbles. Can’t wait. Hope mine looks as delicious as yours. I wish I had goat cheese. I LOVE goat cheese!

  20. Delicious and EASY! That’s how to do it! om-nom-nom!