Make up run

Since I had five miles to make up from last night, I decided to go to my office gym after work. It’s extremely bare-bones, but it gets the job done. Well, when there isn’t someone else in it!


I actually pay $5 a month to use this room, but it’s sometimes worth it. Obviously, it’s not as nice as a real gym, but it’s in the basement of my office building which can save a lot of time. And there are no time limits on anything. I usually don’t feel guilty about hogging the treadmill because I’ve never seen more than five people there at one time!

So how is it that last night, I could barely run two miles without feeling like I was going to throw up and tonight I ran a very easy 5 miles? I kind of skipped the “tempo” part of the run. I started out at 5.7 mph and slowly increased to 5.9 mph and 6.0 mph at the very end. This had me finishing five miles at around 53 minutes. I also walked the first three minutes as a warm-up. Do you guys do that? I always count my 3-minute warm up as part of my run’s mileage.

I was the only one in the office gym the entire time. There might have been a part of the run where I belted out the lyrics to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” Might have been! I’ve always thought that I enjoyed my gym membership because it sort of forced me out of the house to exercise, but lately I’ve been thinking that maybe I would like to own a treadmill. I’m pretty sure that the reason I felt nauseous while I was running last night was because I’d run shortly after I ate dinner. But the problem is that when I have to do a longer run, I cannot go to the gym during peek hours because it’s too crowded. So, I go home and inevitably, eat dinner. If I had a home treadmill, I could hop on right as I got home and not worry about time limits. Not that I have any extra cash for a treadmill, but it’s definitely something that I’ll have to think about one day.

Exactly as I hit 4.99 miles, my friend Erin called asking if I minded if she had dinner at home before we met up for a girl’s night. We had planned to meet at the Bookhouse Pub at 7:30. I’d already looked at the menu online and nothing really spoke to me. There were a few things that I thought would be okay, but nothing that looked really good. So I took the opportunity to have a quick meal at home instead. I had a flat-out pizza. Honestly, I much prefer eating at home before meeting up with friends for drinks. Saves calories and cash. A win for all! I had two beers at the pub and we called it a night.


19 responses to “Make up run

  1. My apt complex’s gym looks similar to this. I only go when I’m really hard up for time since the brand new treadmill wont even increase its incline.

    Maca powder tastes absolutely disgusting. I’m trying to get rid of mine by adding small bits into baked goods. The hope is that all of the other ingredients will cancel out the maca taste. I have to be careful though…because it is STRONG.

  2. That stinks that you can’t go to your gym during certain hours. Are there any other gyms near work/home that you could try? Or, you could always save a bit from each paycheck for a treadmill! (I have no clue how much they cost…?)

    I agree… eating before or after happy hour is much more satisfying and a big money saver!

  3. Nice work on the run! I definitely belt out lyrics during my outdoor runs, which probably looks really strange to people passing in their cars. I typically don’t count the warmup/walking portion towards my mileage, although there’s no particular reason why I don’t. I probably should, since it gets annoying on the treadmill to calculate… “hmm, well I walked .37 on the warmup and I’m at 2.5 mi so I have 1.87 to go until 4 miles” gets really old, haha

  4. That definitely looks like it’s worth 5 dollars a month, if only for the convenience! I ALWAYS sing when I run at home on our treadmill…but then I miss it when I run at the gym!! 🙂

  5. $5 ??! Wow – that’s worth the convenience then! I used to live in a sweet apt complex years ago that had a gym in it – it was amazing – and oh soooo convenienct – it was also mostly students so around exam time – empty! But alas I can’t do that anymore…

  6. i’m impressed that you can do 5 miles on a treadmill! i think the monotony just about kills me after 3! i’m definitely an outside runner, but i am also a baby in the cold and its been freezing!!

    good call on eating before going out with your friends. you got to eat what you really wanted and saved money for beer! last week my friends invited me out for dinner at a restaurant with $3 martinis. i really wanted to eat my lentil soup at home, but i also wanted to hang out and have a $3 martini. so i did both and chose to just drink at the restaurant. it was perfect!

    • I can do around 5-6 miles on the mill without getting too bored. Any higher mileage and forget it! I think the most I’ve ever done is 8 and I thought I was going to die of boredom! Especially since I can’t see the tvs and my gym and you need to use a radio to tune into them anyway. Who has a radio anymore?

  7. Thats nice and convenient! Isn’t it funny how well your runs going can vary so much? Amazing! I would totally have sang the whole time if I was the only one in there 😉 Have a good weekend and a Happy EarlY Valentine’s day

  8. Ohh how I know what you mean about being so perplexed that one day you can bang out five miles and the next day, two miles feels like torture! I wish every run was as good as the “good” ones are!! I do find that if I run on an empty stomach, I’m at my best. Anything else and I usually end up feeling sluggish or crampy. As for the treadmill idea – I highly recommend it! I have one at home (I think we got ours for around 500 bucks?) and it’s such a life saver when there is just NO desire to leave the house on a snowy day or whatever. Or, like you said, when you get home, there isn’t really an excuse not to run, if the treadmill is sitting there staring at you, right? 😉

  9. I have always run best on an empty stomach, too (unless it’s more than 8 or 9 miles….then I’ll have a quick snack before). If I get any real food in my belly, I have to wait for HOURS for my tummy to settle before running!

    That’s nice you have the option of the office gym. I HATE time limits at gyms, though I do understand why they have them.

  10. Yep, I was actually trying to save some calories too. When is your race?

  11. Great run!! Woot Woot!

  12. I totally agree that eating before meeting up with friends is the best option – unless the menu just looks out of this world good! Definitely saves calories and $$!! Happy Friday, Lee!! 🙂

  13. My office has a gym too, I pay $100 for the year – and out of three giant buildings, only 40 people belong! I am usually the only one there – plus it has Dish Network so I can watch my FoodTV while working out – I know its weird to watch food shows while on the treadmill 😀

    Hooray for saving cash! 😀

  14. $5 a month is very reasonable even if it is bare-bones.

  15. The office gym is nice to have around, maybe it is a good alternative to the gym sometimes or in general. Not sure, but glad you have access to it. Plus, if all you have to do is go downstairs after work, harder to not just go and do it.

    I want to go have beers with you!!

  16. I’m using a “10 mile Race” training schedule to increase my mileage but I was sick last week so I just made sure to get the long run in and switched the days of the others. I tend get right to it and only warm up for maybe a minute. But I do a longer “cool down”. I’m glad you’re feeling better.