Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Jason and celebrated on Friday night with sushi since he had to work today. I thought about getting up early to do my nine mile run, but checked the weather and saw that it was only 24 degrees out at nine but the high for the day was 48. We ended up having to meet with our relator to re-do our offer contract (don’t ask) and the day began to get away from me. I have tomorrow off so I definitely thought about postponing the run, but knew that one, it wasn’t going to be as warm out and two, I’d be so annoyed at myself, so around 3:30, I set off to do it.

I plotted out a course that was 9.5 miles. I made the decision not to wear my Garmin. I have a love/hate relationship with my Garmin. I am very competitive with myself. I always want to make a certain time or beat a previous time. So when I wear the Garmin, I am constantly looking at it to see how I’m doing. In a way, it takes away from the enjoyment of the actual run. Sometimes I want to just run and not be concerned with my pace the entire time. I ran through the Highlands, down to Decatur and then back past Emory to my house. (Sorry if that means nothing to you!) It actually felt pretty easy and relaxing.

What wasn’t relaxing, however, is when I got home, I realized that our water was still not working. Apparently, a pipe had burst last night in another building of the complex and they’d been working on it all day. I was just kind of hoping it’d be fixed by the time I got back. I had to shower, so I drove over to the gym and showered there. Crisis averted.

For dinner, I made a Sunshine burger and butternut squash fries. I saw these Earthgrains Sandwich Thins at Kroger, so I decided to try them out. They have the same stats at the Arnold ones, I think, but they definitely tasted whole wheatier. Yes, wheatier is a word.

I have this problem coordinating cook times. Whenever I make a meal that has more than one component, inevitably, one is ready long before the other one. So I ate the sandwich first. That white stuff is Laughing Cow, not mayo, by the way. I hate mayo.


I’d eaten a little snack while I was cooking so by the time the squash was ready, I was kind of full. So I only had a little bit.


Cooked at 375 for about 35 minutes. They’re seasoned with Emeril’s Original Essence. That stuff is bomb.

Like I said, I have tomorrow off. Jason does too. Not for the holiday, but Monday is his normal day off. I think we’re going to go shopping. For him mostly. Speaking of shopping, my friend Jaime just sent me this invite to a website called Shopittome. Basically you select what brands of clothing you like and what sizes you wear and it emails you whenever those brands are on sale in your size. Seems cool. I get emails from Gilt and Ruelala, but never buy anything because most of the designer stuff is still too expensive. But this site has designer stuff and non-designer stuff too. Let me know if you want an invite to it!

Do you wear designer clothing? I have a pair of sevens and a pair of Joe’s Jeans, but that’s it. I mostly shop at Gap, NY&CO, Old Navy and Target.


15 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Nice job on getting the run in! Hope things are working out ok with the house…all of the paperwork is so annoying. Bummer about the water- I hope it is fixed tonight! Have fun on your day off. I’m not really a designer clothing kind of gal. I usually wear express, gap, old navy, anne taylor loft, banana and jcrew.

  2. It was a nice day today – much better to wait until the afternoon to run! Are you doing the ING half marathon?

  3. angieinatlanta

    Great run!

    I hate mayo, too; it’s just so…unnecessary.

    I went through a stage of being a total designer label whore, which I fortunately got over once I started having to fund my own shopping habits! My poor parents…

  4. Great run! Hope the new offer works out. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!! i’m not off, but Austin is.

    I wear designer jeans (Hudson, AG, Joe’s) and have a few designer dresses, tops and shoes ONLY because of the boutique sales!!

  5. I never wear designer clothes. Honestly I’m not sure what the hype is about designer jeans. I can find jeans at TJ Maxx that fit me perfectly.

    I do have two pairs of Seven jeans though! But I bought one pair at TJ Maxx for 12 dollars and another at a local discount store called The Fashion Shack for 10.

  6. I’ve been very close to getting designer jeans before, but with my weight fluctuations, I’m kind of glad I’ve never bought any. If I had bought some the last time I was going to, they would not fit me right now!! I stick to old navy, gap, and target too! πŸ˜‰ Sometimes, if my mom or grandma are paying, I shop at Ann Taylor Loft. That is my FAVORITE store!! πŸ™‚

  7. that squash looks perfect!

  8. I don’t wear designer clothes…my favorite stores are Old Navy, American Eagle and GAP. I am so fancy…haha!! πŸ™‚

  9. The only designer things I have are a few pairs of jeans – they are the one thing I splurge on, because they last a zillion years! Mostly I shop at Express, Banana, Anthropologie, Macy’s, and sometimes Arden B.

  10. Glad you got the run in. I feel the same way about my monitor as well. Sometimes I spend more time making sure I am burning calories rather than working my body harder.

    I tend to stick to brands that are affordable. I love Anne Taylor Loft when I get my teacher discount, but also Gap and NY and Co.

  11. Great job on the run! You are racking up the miles! My jeans are mostly designer- sevens, citizens of humanity, true religion and Paige. My fave is definitely Paige. Otherwise I generally shop at Banana.

  12. Smart call on going to the gym to shower!

    I don’t really wear designer clothing- I have a few things here and there, but I don’t ever pay full price. I actually try to stay away from shopping b/c it always blows my budget! (I’ve found that sticking to my budget is more important to me than clothing… ahh I sound so old!)

    My favorite stores are Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic and TJ Maxx.

  13. I have a butternut squash in my fridge right now with hopes of finding a good recipe for it. Thanks for sharing!

    Designer clothes, not really. I’m picky about running shoes and clothes, but everyday stuff is mostly AT Loft, New York and Company, and Gap. Teacher discounts at Loft are AWESOME!