Reunited with my kitchen

We’ve gone to the grocery store several times this week but it was never with any recipes in mind so we have a lot of random food that doesn’t really go together. I decided to take what I had on hand and try out two things that I’d seen on other blogs. Emily recently posted that you could roast frozen broccoli. I almost always have a bag of frozen broccoli in the freezer. I’ve always steamed or sauteed it, but had no idea it was roastable. I’d seen broccoli slaw with Laughing Cow parading as pasta on Melissa’s blog and decided to try that out as well. I’m trying to make my meals more balanced, so I threw in some shrimp that I’d cooked in tomato sauce with an added tsp of basil and a touch of red wine to give it a homemade flavor.


I really liked the fake pasta. I don’t know that it tasted like pasta, but it was good. I steamed the slaw first to make it soft.


I’m glad my kitchen and I got to spend some quality time together this evening. I’ve been eating a lot of meals out lately. That’s just what my friends and I do to spend time together – we go out to eat. I have my favorite restaurants just like everyone else, but I really do think I prefer to eat at home. Part of the reason is that I can control what goes in my food. But mostly it’s because I’m picky. It’s the worst feeling to go into a restaurant and look at the menu and find nothing on it that appeals to you. And I don’t even have dietary restrictions besides not eating beef or pork!

What I’d really like do to is to have more dinner parties. That seems to be the best of both worlds; I can control what I’m eating and I get to see my friends. Geez, I’ve become such a homebody in my old age.

Speaking of going out to eat, last night, Jason and I took our friend Emily out to dinner for her birthday. She’s having a celebration on Saturday but yesterday was her actual birthday and her boyfriend was out of town on business. I didn’t want her to feel lonely so we went to North Highland Pub at her suggestion. Since it was Tuesday, I stuck with Diet Coke. I also had the Blackened Chicken salad which was absolutely delicious. I have to hand it to the bars in Atlanta; most of them have a lot of tasty options that are also healthy.

I ran 4 miles on the office gym treadmill after work tonight. This is a lower mileage week in my training program. I am only running 13 miles as opposed to last week’s 20. (Although I actually ran 21; I overestimated how far 9 miles was and actually ran 10.) I thought about swapping this week’s runs with next which would make it easier to run my long run while I’m in MD. But I didn’t, so I’ll be running 9 miles in Maryland the day before my dad’s surgery. I really like running there because my mom lives right at the Capital Crescent Trail. It’ll be nice to do a flat run and I always feel bad-ass when I run from MD into DC even though it’s only like 4 miles to the border! Plus it’ll give me some time to clear my head, think and reflect, which I’m sure I’m going to need. I’ve really been putting my dad’s surgery out of my head and the realization that it’s in less than two weeks is hitting.

Ugh, Murphy didn’t get a walk and is pacing and I can’t find the remote. This does not make for a relaxing evening.


16 responses to “Reunited with my kitchen

  1. angieinatlanta

    That faux broccoli is a great idea! I need to try it!

  2. The shrimp in tomato sauce sounds so good! And you know I totally agree about preferring to eat at HOME! πŸ˜‰

  3. That meal looks really good- so creative! I enjoy going out to dinner but at the same time, I get skeeved out because I don’t see how the food is prepared/know what exactly is going in it. I love dinner parties! I’ve definitely gotten very exciting in my old age as well πŸ˜€

  4. Does Murphy really pace around? That’s hilarious!

    I love going out to eat… it is hard b/c there is no such thing as control when it comes to dining out. Sometimes seemingly healthy things manage to get de-healthified. (Is that even a word?) I guess that’s part of the reason why I stick to eating out on the weekends, unless it’s a special occasion or I’m really craving something!

  5. That meal looks delicious. I always tell myself I want to have more dinner parties. It requires a lot of work though so then I just end up eating out, oops!

  6. I have a different approach. I like eating out because I DON’T have total control over my eating. It helps me with my ED issues, and to try new foods that I would not be able to otherwise. But totally, I would miss the kitchen if I stayed too long away!

  7. Your meal looked awesome! And good job on the treadmill run…rockstar! πŸ™‚

  8. That looks delicious. I like to sub squash as pasta, and laughing cow wedges make a great, cheesey sauce. I’ll have to try the broccoli slaw.

  9. Actually, a group of my friends have started to do that. We’re all trying to save $$$, so we rotate whose house we eat at. Kind of fun, and gives me an excuse to cook for people! Oh, and super cheap.

  10. Roasting frozen broccoli….what a great idea! I’ll have to give that a try soon!


  11. Huh, I didn’t know you could roast frozen broccoli either. Looks like delish meal!

  12. dinner parties are so much fun! that totally does not make you a homebody!

  13. Very tasty meal! I used to love laughing cow and did so many creative things with it.

    Sounds like you are having a great week.

  14. Catching up on some back posts… I LOVE the idea of slaw instead of pasta! I’m definitely going to have to try that sometime when I’m craving red sauce/cheese but want to pair it with something healthier πŸ™‚