Craving a home cooked meal + yogurt review

I tried the Chobani Champions in chocolate flavor with my lunch today. The container is smaller, 4 oz as opposed to the normal 6 oz. The yogurt has 120 calories, 2 grams of fat, 16g of sugar and 9g of protein.

I’ve had the Oikos chocolate before and this was different because it was pre-mixed, whereas Oikos has the chocolate on the bottom. I ate it without taking a picture, so just imagine brown yogurt. I was happy that the yogurt was pre-mixed. I don’t like fruit on the bottom yogurt as much. Mostly because I always forget that the fruit is down there and don’t mix and then when I get to the bottom, there’s all this fruity jelly stuff.

I liked the yogurt. It definitely wasn’t as thick as regular Chobani but that didn’t bother me. My only complaint really is that the container was too small. But I guess that makes sense since it’s really marketed towards kids. But hey, Chobani, adults like chocolate yogurt too!

Does anyone remember Snackwells Yogurt? I think this was probably in the mid 90s, but Snackwells used to make this chocolate yogurt that was so f’n good. It was more like pudding but I could get my mother to buy it for me because it was in the yogurt aisle! I’m sure it had a million grams of sugar, but those were the low-fat heydays when no one thought to look at other things besides the fat content in food.

Moving on.

Tonight was supposed to be my longest speedwork run ever. On the schedule was the following scariness:

Distance: 8 miles including warm, 4×1600 in 9:16 with 800 jogs, cool

I have no idea how to really do speedwork outdoors so off to the treadmill I went. I used my office gym because there normally isn’t anyone there after work and I needed to hog the ‘mill for 80ish minutes. I always give myself an out with these long mid-week training runs. I can either run the entire 8 miles or I can run 5 of them and then combine the other three with my 2-miler on Friday.

So, what did I do? Unfortunately, 5 miles. But, I have a really good reason. Actually I have two really good reasons. First, I forgot my sports bra. I swear, I forget something every time I pack a gym back. I packed the bag last night too; I wasn’t rushing around this morning. I was not about to go home and get a bra and then have to wait for LA Fitness to clear out, so I just made do with the bra I was wearing. It had a front clasp though and that was kind of irritating. I could have finished the remaining three miles, but other people started coming in to the office gym and I felt guilty for being on the treadmill for so long. So, the remaining three miles will have to wait until Friday. I did three out of the four 1600s though.

I was craving a home cooked meal like nothing else tonight. I made Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil and Brie except I used canned tomatoes and goat cheese.


It was really good! I don’t typically make a lot of pasta, but I really liked this. The goat cheese melted and coated the pasta. With it, I made Ellie Krieger’s Creamed Spinach. I used fat-free milk instead of low-fat because that’s what I had. I wonder if low-fat would have made it a bit thicker. In any event, it was good.


I also had a Skinny Cow for dessert. I can’t help it; I just like them. I’m stuffed. I’m going to digest on the couch now.


16 responses to “Craving a home cooked meal + yogurt review

  1. What a great dinner. I’ve never used goat cheese with pasta- I will have to try it out. Glad to hear the chobani is good but bummer that its tiny! At least it still has a good amount of protein? I think its awesome that you pushed that run despite the bra issue! I’ve totally done that before.

  2. Oh my! I couldn’t run without a sports bra. It would not be possible.

    Until I got my Garmin, outdoor speedwork was impossible. I was doing it on the treadmill too. SO awful. When I trained for my marathon, I ran 15 miles on the treadmill once. UGH!

  3. Thanks for the review of the chobani. I really want to try some!! And your pasta dish looks so good. Way to go on the run!!

  4. I didn’t know chobani was making “kids” yogurt now – interesting šŸ™‚ The flavors look yummy šŸ™‚

    I could never run without a sports bra – the twins would be all over the place!

  5. Your comment on Angie’s blog (about Amy’s) cracked me up! I always read your comments b/c they’re either random facts that I don’t know already, or you ask a question that I have, too. šŸ™‚

    You should make a little checklist and get it out every time you’re getting your gym bag together! I don’t know how you made it through 5 miles w/o being totally annoyed.

    • Haha, I definitely do say some random stuff sometimes. The thing was several years ago on tv, but my mom watched it too (separately) and said the same thing.

      I just didn’t want to have to do the entire 8 miles on a different day so I soldiered on, stabby bra and all.

  6. Chocolate yogurt? Sounds edible ;).
    Hey 5 miles?!! I bow down to you for that!

  7. WOW…even 5 miles witout a sportsbar is further than I would have gone!!

  8. Well, I guess at least you had some type of bra? šŸ™‚ I HATE when I forget things. That is part of why I don’t like swimming….I swear, there’s too many things to pack and forget!

    Bummer that the Chobani is too small. Hate that! They need to make chocolate yogurts for adults then.

  9. HA! I used to love that yogurt!!! I totally forgot about it until you mentioned it!! MMM.

  10. I wonder why their kids yogurt has just as much calories as their larger adult size? Weird.

    Your dinner looks yummy. I need to try that spinach!

  11. I love the Oikos chocolate yogurt. The kids yogurt is probably made with reduced fat or whole milk. Which may be the reason it has the same calories but a smaller size. The kind I buy my kiddo is made with whole milk. That recipe looks really good. I think the goat cheese would be better than the brie šŸ™‚

  12. My sister graduates in the fall this year. What is your sister majoring in?

  13. i LOVe skinny cows too! my roomate just got the fudge ones and they are only 100 calories and HUGE! they totally satisfy my sweet tooth and once in a while there is NOTHING wrong with them!!! i also love the ice cream sandwich ones!

    the chocolate yog sounds awesome!