Date with my washing machine

Jason and I were going to go out with some friends tonight, but decided to take a rain check. There’s too much laundry to do. I literally told my friend that I couldn’t go out because I have to do laundry. Lame, but true. We also had to drop off Murphy at the dog hotel. Unfortunately, they don’t open until 8am on Saturday and our flight is at 9, so we had to take him tonight. I think he likes it there. The website says the dogs go out and play six times a day.

I had to bail on doing a run at lunch because I forgot a towel. I know, I know. I really do need to make a checklist like Laura suggested. The gym’s open until 9 or so, so I still have time. I know that I won’t be working out tomorrow (no time) but I’m going to try to do my 9-mile long run on Sunday. That depends on the weather, I guess. I don’t think DC got hit by this latest snowstorm, but I’m not really sure.

Last night was fun. A friend of mine who is in the Army was passing through Atlanta on his way from Ft. Benning to Maryland. I offered him a place to stay and we went out to dinner. I don’t think he’d been to ATL before (he was only temporarily stationed in GA for an officer training thing), so I tried to think of a place that was quintessentially Atlanta. I came up with The Vortex. The main draw to this place is that it looks cool; you walk through a big skull to get inside. And I guess they have good burgers, but I don’t eat beef. I had a cup of veggie chili and a side salad. And a piece of Jalapeno cornbread which came with the chili. I tried to ignore it, but it was staring at me saying, “I am greasy and good. Eat me.” So, I obliged. We had a couple of drinks at the bar and then went back to watch some Olympics. I am going to be sad when the Olympics is over. It’s really good background TV. I’m not a big TV watcher at all, but sometimes I do turn it on while I’m blogging or online. I can’t really focus on tv shows for some reason. Jason always makes fun of me because when we’re watching TV, I’m always doing something else at the same time. I can focus on movies though, you’d think it’d be the opposite. We have a TV in our bedroom and I don’t think I’ve ever turned it on!

I sometimes have this problem where I get home from work and I’m really hungry. But for whatever reason, I decide that it’s too early for dinner. So I end up snacking on some stuff and always eat more than I need to and then eat dinner on top of it. I started to do that tonight but then told myself that I just needed to go ahead and eat dinner. Who cares if it was only 5:30? And what did I have for dinner? Refried beans mixed with salsa and Kavli crackers. Not the most balanced thing, but sometimes I really have a craving for refried beans.

So, you remember the zebra on the highway last week? Today there was a buffalo. Yes, I am not joking. Poor guy fell out of a trailer and had to be put down. I don’t know what it is with this city and animals on the interstate.


14 responses to “Date with my washing machine

  1. I love the vortex!! Andrew and I went there a few times the first year we dated. We even went there before I got my tattoo across the street!! šŸ˜‰ Don’t they have a veggie burger? I’m only asking b/c I always figured if we go again I’d probably order that. My tummy can’t handle full fat beef.

    Have a good trip!! šŸ™‚

  2. Haha I definitely eat dinner at 5:30, and whenever I try to not eat until later I end up eating half the house!

  3. I’ve been known to eat dinner at 4:30! I often have the snack or eat dinner debate though.

    The end of the Olympics is gonna be SAD.

  4. I once bought a can of refried beans, and it stuck in my fridge for weeks. I had no idea what to do with it! And then finally I mixed it with cottage cheese and salsa, and used it like ketchup on sweet potato fries…

    Okay, this is random, but I suddenly thought of this when you mentioned refried beans and crackers!

  5. Hope you got all that laundry done!

    And, to answer your question from your comment on my blog, yes, I saw 500 days of Summer. I loved it!

  6. What dog hotel do you use for Murphy?

  7. The way that you write about things always makes them sound so funny… i.e. “I couldn’t go out because I had to do laundry.” Or, maybe it’s just the sheer honesty that always comes across in your writing? Either way, it’s hilarious.

    I didn’t hear about the buffalo that fell out of the trailer… apparently, Atlanta + the circus don’t mix! Safe travels!

  8. Safe traveling…you are probably on a plane right now as I write this. I am totally thinking about you and your Dad this weekend!

  9. I was going to suggest the veggie burger at The Vortex too! So delish. I’ve always, just for kicks, wanted to try the Double Bypass Burger….man, now I’m craving greasy vortex food.

    I hope you had a safe flight up to DC. Thinking of you and your family!

  10. What is up with the animals cruising the highways of the greater ATL, as of late?

    You and I opposite: I can focus on TV, not so much movies.

    Safe travels and good thoughts to y’all!!!

  11. I am now officially scared to drive through Atlanta in July. LOL!

    Best of luck with laundry and have a safe trip!

  12. A buffalo?! Wow, I’m not the best driver, so it’s probably good that I don’t live in ATL right now.

    Food talks to me like that, too. M&M’s and French Fries are the WORST. “I’m so small – just have one or two or three of me!” I always get sucked in.