Safe and Sound

Jason and I are safe and sound in Maryland. We took a 9 am flight yesterday morning and landed around 11. We went to my favorite restaurant for lunch – Lebanese Taverna. I ordered the Vegetarian Mezza. When it came out, I was sort of disappointed. It was a bunch of tiny tastes, which I guess is what Mezza is, but I didn’t feel very satisfied. I should have ordered the Chicken Shwarma sandwich which is what my mom and Jason got. Oh well. Considering I go to this restaurant like every single time I’m in town, it’s no biggie.

For dinner, we went to Potenza which is where we’re having the rehearsal dinner. “We” was my father, stepmother, brother, sister, Jason and I. My mom had found this restaurant and none of us had been before so we wanted to see what it was all about. My dad has to fast for 24 hours before his surgery so I think he was all about stuffing his face. He suggested that we get a pizza as an appetizer for the table. We got some sort of mushroom one. It was really delicious. For my entree, I got the Maltagliati al Ragu di Pesce which according to the menu is torn house made basil pasta ribbons with heirloom tomatoes in a light fresh seafood ragu and according to the waiter is not pronounced anything like it’s spelled. All the men got the same thing – a pile of meat. Seriously, my dad, Eric and Jason all got the Rigatoni and Sunday Gravy which was Meatball, spicy fennel sausage, spare rib, brasciole. Um, no thanks. My entree was good, but I really preferred the pizza to tell the truth.

On the way home, my brother and Jason launched into a very nerdy discussion about lasers. My brother is uber-smart, but actually not nerdy at all. He’s about to get his Bachelor’s in Physics this May and then going back for a PHD. When he starts talking about Physics stuff and his on campus job (which apparently involves lasers), I honestly have no idea what the eff he’s talking about. It’s just funny how our interests are so opposite. I majored in Studio Art and minored in English and he’s majoring in Physics and minoring in Math. (My sister is more like me.) What about you? Are you more interested in Humanities or Sciences?


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  1. I am a total humanities girl through and through– majored in English, got my MFA in poetry, and now teach English/creative writing!

    I have always had TOTAL math anxiety…ugh. The day that I completed my final math class was probably one of the happpiest days of my life.

    Glad you made it safely! I’ll be thinking about you and your family.

  2. I’m glad you made it up safely!!

    My family is split down the middle with the science/arts divide. My mother was a professional violist and my sister is a photographer…then there is my dad who is a math prof….and then me. Hanging out somewhere in the middle πŸ™‚ Though, I guess since I was a mathlete in high school, I count as mathy.

    Also–love love love lebanese taverna!

  3. So glad you’re up there safely and enjoying time with your family. That restaurant sounds so good!! I’d definitely say without a doubt I’m more into humanities. So when is your father’s surgery? Did I miss where you said that? I’ll keep thinking about him and hoping that his surgery goes well!!

  4. SO glad you are at your destination. Sounds like you have had some good eats.

    I much more of a political sciences/sociology person. I never really got into sciences. When I have to help teach the science classes it is not my favorite part of the day.

  5. LEBANESE mmm my favorite. i wish they would open a branch in NC!

    fyi – i nominated you for a little blog award . . .

  6. Glad you made it safe!!! I was definitely more of a humanities person…but now as an adult I find myself more interested in the science side…weird!

  7. I’m more of a Humanities person – I majored in History and minored in English. Science is too much for me!

  8. angieinatlanta

    I’m definitely a Humanities girl! I am an English teacher, after all!

    That place looks like a great rehearsal dinner spot!

  9. So glad you’re having fun with your family before your dad’s surgery. I am sending good vibes that it goes well! And ps. funny re: your brother and being wicked smahhht. One of my sister’s is just like me, we’re both in PR, but my other sister is so smart, she’s getting her PhD in botany, half the stuff she says/does is wayyyy over my head, like whoa πŸ˜‰

  10. I was a theater major and my husband was a chemical engineering major. I’m an event planner and he’s works at NASA. Let’s just say neither of us really know what the other one does for a living πŸ™‚

    Lebanese AND Italian in the same day – sounds good to me! Glad to hear you got some family time in πŸ™‚

  11. So funny that the boys all ordered the meatiest dish on the menu… boys will be boys!

    I work in finance and don’t have much of a creative side. πŸ™‚ My family is all over the place- dad is in finance, mom is an RN, sister is an english teacher, and younger sister is a translator at a free healthcare clinic while she figures out the whole grad school thing.