Wedding Invite Questions

We’ve been in the waiting room for about three hours. A nurse just came out and said he was still in surgery and doing well, whatever that means.

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out these stupid wedding invitations. I found some online that I like. My mother seems to be insistent that we include a card with driving directions. But how the hell am I supposed to fit directions from the North, South, East and West on a little enclosure card? Why can’t I just direct people to our wedding website where all of this information, plus a ton of other helpful stuff is? Isn’t that the point of a wedding website? We put the website on the Save the Date and I was actually surprised at the lack of comments in the guestbook. I don’t think 75% of the people even looked at the website which is frustrating.

Should I just go to an invitation store? Does anyone have any advice? My mother seems to think that we need to order the invites NOW even though the wedding is not for four months.

Why can’t weddings be simple?


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  1. Lee,

    I’m glad to hear your father is doing well. Keep us updated! Regarding invitations, I just went through that hell so I can provide much advice. I ordered mine online (from in December, and didn’t receive them until January. By the time I got them assembled and all of that, it was six weeks prior to the wedding. Etiquette seems to recommend 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding so I was right there! So it’s better to get them ordered and out of the way now…

    I ordered the invitations, reception card and response card (plus corresponding envelopes) from the wedding invitation vendor online. I then went to Kinko’s to get directions printed out. Don’t stress over directions. I have people coming into upstate NY from CA, NJ, CT, FL, Canada, etc… I just included directions to the church from the hotel and directions to the church from the main highway in my area. If you try to do it from the east, from the west, etc it gets insane. Most everyone has a gps these days anyway!

    I also included a little card saying that a block of rooms has been reserved, with the group code. We are doing a blanket surf and turf dinner, so I also included a statement saying any special dietary needs, please indicate on response card etc..

    I hope this info helps somewhat!

  2. angieinatlanta

    Lee, I’m glad to hear everything’s going well so far! Hope it continues!

    I don’t personally think driving directions are necessary in the invites. We’re going to put a blurb on the back of our programs.

  3. Glad your dad is OK! We didn’t bother with directions. We figure most people knew how to use the internet, or (like my 85 year old great aunt did) would just call my father the morning of the wedding (it was obnoxious). I also had a friend call the night before to ask me what I thought the weather would be like b/c she didn’t know what to wear. I was like, um, hello? weather channel! The point is, people will call you anyway, even with directions in the invitation. They will lose them, not read them, etc. I say don’t bother, unless your reception place has preprinted cards. We threw those in there b/c they were free and pretty.

  4. You’re mom is right, invites do need to go out soon if your wedding is in four months. For accurate head-counting, you’ll want the RSVP back in plenty of time.

    As far as directions are concerned, I don’t see why you can’t just direct a little blurb (on the invite) to your website, something that simply says, “For accomodation details and driving directions, please visit our wedding website at ___________.” Done and done.

  5. I’m so glad to hear that your father is doing well! Sending good thoughts your way!

    I’d go ahead and order the invitations as soon as you can, just so that you won’t have another thing hanging over your head. As for the directions, I agree with Katie– just simple directions from the church to the reception should suffice. After all, people can mapquest, etc.

  6. Hey there, just catching up. Glad to hear your dad is doing well. Keeping him in my thoughts!

    We didn’t have directions in our invites b/c we figured everyone could just mapquest it. We didn’t have any problems with that.

  7. I’m glad to hear your dad is doing well! I know the waiting must be awful, hang in there!

    I have no constructive wedding advice…sorry. I’m looking to be declared an old maid by 2012.

  8. Glad to hear your dad is doing well! Keep us updated! Ugh- I hate wedding planning so I hear you. I personally don’t think directions are necessary, but I think the different generations disagree- plus I kinda wish I could send evites instead of regular invitations so I’m not the best person to ask. I do know that my wedding is in 4 months and we just ordered my invites, so now is probably the time 🙂

  9. Hmmm…I wish I could offer some tips for the invites. I will say that even though some invites include directions, half the time I a. don’t use them/need them or b. end up Map Questing it myself. It sounds like so much work!

    I am glad your dad is doing well. Hopefully you will get to see him/are seeing him soon!

  10. So glad your dad is doing well!

    My mom and I printed my invitations, and instead of doing an RSVP card, we used that card (it was blank front and back) to put the printed instructions on one side, and a MapQuest map on the back. Yes, the map was kinda small, but the place was easy to find and in the middle of no-where.

    There were people coming in from North, South, East, and West, so we just printed the most direct route from the closest interstate.

    Obviously there was an address for the location so if the directions didn’t work for someone, they could find their own directions.

  11. I’m glad to hear that your father is doing well!!

    I’m sorry weddings are so difficult/stressful. I think your mother might be right at least about ordering the invitations soon. Because you never know if there are going to be problems with invitations, etc (I hope there aren’t any)! Not that I’m a wedding planner or even planned a wedding, but I’ve watched a lot of Whose Wedding Is It Anyways…

    Goood luck!! And don’t worry, you found a man who loves every part of you and with whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, and isn’t that the most difficult/important part of a wedding/marriage?

    PS I’m glad you like that hummus!! I have to find it from myself in the fridge or else I will eat it in five seconds!!

  12. ooops I meant hide it not find…

  13. I am glad your Dad is doing good! Keep us updated! Okay as for wedding invitations…yes…order them now. I know the weddingis 4 months out but this will give you time to get them and address them and send them out and have people respond in time for you to make final decisions. We included a map card in ours. I just did it myself with some free software online. I made copies on white card stock at Kinko’s and cut them to fit inside my invites. It wasn’t that bad and it was a lot cheaper than having someone do it for me!

  14. I agree – either let folks google map it themselves or just post them on the wedding website. If people need directions, they’ll find them. And um hello, sooo many people have GPS now that you’ll be fine ordering what you like without the silly directions card. Save yourself some bucks while you’re at it 😉

  15. You definitely don’t need driving directions! Also – if the wedding is in 4 months you really do need to get them now!! It’ll take a while for them to print them, and then you have to send them out – time will fly.

    Hope your dad is doing ok!

  16. I am glad that your dad is doing okay.

    Weddings are so complicated. We did our own invites and included the directions and hotel information on a separate brochure.

    Invites sometimes take a while to print so I would get them done ASAP!

  17. I’m SO GLAD your dad is doing okay, girl! And i’m sorry you’re having to deal with this wedding invite shiz…. I got my invites out 6 weeks prior so I think you def have time (depending on your printer’s in-hand date – my printer took 2 weeks so not bad!). I made a map that included the address of the ceremony/reception site as well as the 3 suggested hotels; I included this in the invitation. 3 weeks prior I also sent an ‘out of town newsletter’ with lots of info and directions and stuff – hope this helps!

  18. Urgh, this is why I hate weddings…so much nitpicky details to fuss over! I hope you find the best solution to this…haha, I’m afraid I know nothing about weddings except that the cakes always kinda suck!

  19. hey girl
    glad to hear your father is OK…that must have been very scary. although I am not married nor getting married anytime soon, my BF’s brother is next month and I would say that sometimes invites can take a while,so I would say its best to order them ASAP, you want to get them out sooner than later!

  20. Glad to hear your dad is doing well!

    I don’t know anythingggg about weddings, so I’m no help!

  21. Thanks for updating about your father. 🙂

    It’s your wedding. Nobody is going to call you and bless you out because you didn’t put directions on the invitations. If you feel the need to do so, choose 1 main direction to reference, depending on where you think the majority of your guests will be traveling from.

    I didn’t include directions, just the address. In this day and age, people can google it, use your website, or call you.

  22. Hi Lee! Just thinking about you- I hope that your dad’s recovery is going well.

  23. Thinking of you, Lee. I hope that your dad is doing well and recovering from the surgery. Even though I haven’t been able to comment as often as I would like, please know that I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers often.

    As for those invites – it’s very frustrating when people don’t look at the website, but I think that if you don’t want directions, don’t have directions! You can send them the link and the address and they can figure it out if they need to. The only thing I would worry about is if they started calling you a week beforehand – that’s stress you don’t need! I’ll be interested in seeing what you decide.

    About to email you as well…have a good day!

  24. I love wedding websites, and would be SO annoyed if I went to the trouble of making one and my guests didn’t look at it. I get really frustrated when I include instructions for something (like a party, event, etc) and then people don’t read it and want to call me and ask the same thing. I say send them the link to the website, and if they call, tell them nicely to check the website… then hang up on them! 🙂