Generally speaking, the people who read my blog are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. I am too. But does that commitment ever make you feel isolated? I enjoy exercise, I honestly do. But sometimes it does get in the way of well, life. I set up these training plans for myself all the time. If I’m not training for something, I feel lost. But when I am training, I am constantly turning down invitations because I have to train. Actually, even if I’m not training, I still have a weekly workout plan in my head. I’m okay flip-flopping it around but I don’t like to work out less than 5 days a week if I can help it.

I guess one of my main problems is that I don’t have very many running buddies. I have a friend, Joan, who I trained for my last two half-marathons with, but she’s really it. She’s not running the ING with me though. I have a few other friends who run, but either they’re more casual and don’t want to commit to races or they run a lot faster than I do. I know that running can be a form of socializing, but for me, it never is; 90% of the time, exercise is something I do by myself. My social outlets tend to centered around food which my mother says is common for our generation. The easy thing to do would be to join a running group. I realize this but am hesitant because I’m slow. No bones about it; I am a slow runner. I have the endurance, but I don’t have the speed and that makes me self-conscious especially given that I am not new to the sport at all.

Here’s another example: I just got an email from a co-worker asking if I (and some other people) wanted to go out to lunch. My first inclination is to say no. I brought my lunch and am planning on eating that because I know what’s in it and I want to eat a lighter meal because I’m going to a friend’s house for wine and cheese later tonight. (I actually ended up going because it was Mellow Mushroom and I felt that I could get a healthy meal there.)

The desire to live a healthy lifestyle is about balance. I just never know if I’m balancing it well or not. I don’t over-train and I do let myself indulge sometimes but I am always feeling like I have to say no more than the average person. I can’t tell if that’s good or bad. Jason seems to think that I do everything right; I work out all the time and I eat healthy. But I don’t see it like that. I know that I’m really hard on myself a lot, but it’s just difficult for me to tell when I’m being too strict and when I’m being realistic. For example, it’s okay to have a slice of pizza here and there but when do occasional indulgences become commonplace? Where do you draw the line? I struggle with moderation. I can eat zero cookies or I can eat ten cookies, but I can’t eat just one cookie.

I signed up for the Silver Comet 10K next Saturday. I am doing it by myself and I wish I had friends to run it with. I’ve done more races by myself than with people I know, so I’m fine with it, but I do like experiencing races with my friends. It’s silly but I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all morning because I’m going to have to go at it alone. I make Jason come with me to the longer races, the half marathons, that I do by myself. I feel bad about it; he has to get up early and wait around for 2+ hours and then he has to go to work later in the day. But there is something about crossing the finish line and having someone there for you (or waiting for your friend to cross the line after you) that makes the experience more meaningful. I don’t mind doing the actual race alone, but it’s kind of anti-climatic to cross the finish line, grab and banana and walk to your car alone. I guess because there is no one to revel in the post-race high with you.

New topic.

I’ve realized that little Ms. Photography Class here hasn’t posted any pictures in a really long time. Here goes:

My mom’s fridge. Like mother, like daughter? All that Chobani is hers. The Diet Coke was for Jason. (And secretly for me)


In Maryland. My stepmother made me that necklace. Nice, huh? She’s into beading.


Yesterday’s breakfast. This sounds awful, but I promise it’s good. 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 tbsp almond butter, some Kashi cereal, some frozen mixed berries and a generous squirt of agave nectar.


Last night’s dinner. Jason baked some chicken breasts and I topped mine with diced tomatoes and feta cheese. This dinner was unimpressive. This was a frozen chicken breast and I’ve determined that I do not like frozen chicken or fish at all. It just doesn’t defrost right or something and the texture always seems off. Although, frozen Trader Joe’s stuff seems to taste better for whatever reason.


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  1. Hey honey!! I wish we lived close because we could run together! I will say that when I was training for my marathon I was VERY strict and it definitely affected my social life. But now that I am just running and not really training for anything I can cut lose and have fun! I still work out 6 days week and usually get in about 60+ miles but I still have fun too. Finding the balance is HARD…no doubt…but it will stop being fun if you don’t find that balance. You know?

    As for the food…just try REALLY hard not to label foods as “good” and “bad” and just look at it as fuel. Pizza…carbohydrates (check) protein (check) fat (check)…good fuel for running. Hang in there…you can always email me if you ever want to talk. You know that right?!

    That necklace is really cool and of course you are too cute for words! 🙂

  2. I can feel you about running with a partner. Although I am not a true runner, I would love having someone at the gym to take classes with me. It seems like everyone else has a buddy and there I am at the end of class escaping out by myself with no one to say “Hey that was a great class.”

    I like that necklace. It is really cute! Hope your dad is better.

  3. I don’t really feel like my healthy lifestyle isolates me too much. Healthwise, I’m always open to eating a meal out because I feel like I can make healthy substitutions anywhere. Usually, my frugal side is what wants me to object to eating at restaurants!

    I hear ya on the running issue. In college I had a good friend that was sometimes a running buddy, but since then, I’ve been a solo runner. I actually prefer it that way. But I have also thought about joining a running club because I feel like it would push me to try to run faster. I’m scared to join too! For the exact reason you mentioned. I am not a fast runner, and I’ve been running since I was like 12!

  4. I’m never training for anything, so my workouts are pretty flexible. I doubt that everyone in every running group is super fast… I don’t think you should feel intimidated! The worst that could happen is that you try one and don’t like it.

    I know what you’re saying about being a planner and wondering if you say no too often. I feel the same way- sometimes I have to talk myself into being a “yes girl” instead of planning everything and not living in the moment!

  5. I think it’s a bit tougher when all of your friends are young/single/childless because the main forms of entertainment involve late nights out at bars, etc, and that’s tough to mesh with a training schedule. That’s what my life was a few years ago, especially when I was training for the Disney marathon in late 2006. I had to make sure I did my long runs Saturday morning so I could party Saturday night, guilt-free.

    But now, most of our friends have children, and we have Norah now, so lots has changed. I’m in bed by 9 most nights and I know most of my friends are now too.

  6. intheskinny

    I felt the same way about running groups. When I joined the Galloway group for my marathon I was happy to find that I wasn’t the only slow one. Didn’t feel great when I was 23 and a 70 year old was running in our time group to “recover.” Uh, yeah.

    Anytime you want a running buddy, let me know!! I think we are around the same speed. The Skirt Chaser 5K is at Grant Park if you are interested!

  7. I know exactly what you mean! It’s not always easy to keep a balance going when trying to fit in lots of working out plus healthy eating. And it’s true, usually you end up in the minority amongst your friends who look at you and think you’re crazy for doing all that, am I right? The longer and more committed I’ve become to this lifestyle has made me realize a few things. I’m me – take it or leave it. If it bugs you that I am so committed to something I love, that’s your problem, not mine. I’m not perfect – I indulged in chocolate mousse my husband brought home for dessert last night AND I had wine. I didn’t feel guilty about it. Normally I would. But I’ve realized that its ok to give in, its just better if you didn’t give in ALL the time, just some of the time. 😉 I know that sounds easier said than done, it just takes some practice. Be happy with who you are, don’t apologize for it, don’t beat yourself up for it. Embrace it, but in a balanced way 🙂 Hope that helped a little.

  8. I too am constantly chasing after balance. Just yesterday I isolated myself at school during a celebration breakfast b/c I wanted to eat my own breakfast, esp since part 1 of Andrew’s b-day celebration was last night and I wanted to eat lighter to save room for junk food and cake!! But I too wondered if I was being too restrictive or just being smart?? And I’m the same way with cookies… it’s either zero or or the entire package…

    That necklace is so pretty!! Very trendy!!

  9. It’s really hard to find a good balance, especially when all of your friends are still in the party stage. Sometimes I feel like the only one who doesn’t love getting drunk anymore- eating healthy and getting good exercise just feels better and makes my weekends more enjoyable.

    I think you’d be surprised if you joined a running group – people of all speeds are in them. I can definitely relate to this post though.

  10. I’ve actually never really had a regular running buddy, so I kind of prefer to run on my own? Plus, it’s hard to find people who are the same pace. NOT that I’m super speedy, but you want someone who is pretty close to the same pace, ya know? The good thing is that running groups (I think) divide you up by speed, so I would definitely check one out! It’d be a great way to meet people for long training runs, too.

    I struggle with the balance thing a lot. I TRY not to be anti-social, but honestly sometimes I want to turn down invites to things because I’m afraid I’ll feel guilted into eating a lot (I hate it when people comment on what you eat!). Thankfully when it’s close friends/family, I know they don’t care and they don’t say anything. Or at least not to my face. 🙂

  11. I’m with thebalancebroad – eating is such a big part of social activities, so it’s really hard to be social while still being healthy. On weeknights, it just feels like there isn’t much to do with friends other than get dinner or drinks… but maybe I don’t want to drink and I want to cook my own dinner and have it be low-cal and cheap! It’s tough. I think we all just do the best we can, and it seems like you’re doing a good job.