20+ miles per week

For a week now, I’ve been sore. Maybe sore’s not the right word. My legs just have felt heavy, like I’ve gotten a good strength training workout in, but the feeling hasn’t really gone away. It’s been very tempting for me to skip a training run, to give my legs a chance to freshen up. But I haven’t. This always happens to me when I start running more than 20 miles a week. Running more than 20 miles a week is challenging for my body and I feel it. I’m not going to lie; I’m ready for this half-marathon to be over. I’ve been generally following my training plan, but I switched it up some this week. It was supposed to be:

2 mile run
8 mile tempo
2 mile run
10 mile run

The thought of doing an 8-mile tempo run just made me want to curl up in a ball and hide so I switched it to this:

3 mile run
3 mile run
6 mile tempo
10K + 4 mile jog back to my car. (The race starts and ends in different places. From what I remember, you basically go one mile in one direction and turn around and do five miles in the other, so if I jog back to my car after the race, it’ll tack on an additional 4 miles. I think.)

The weekly mileage is the same but the individual runs seem more doable. For my next half-marathon, whenever that is, I don’t think I’ll use this training schedule. I don’t like the mid-week longish runs at all. Live and learn, right? I ran 3 miles yesterday and then 3 again at lunch. I didn’t want to run at lunch in the worst way. I wanted to sleep, or read blogs, or just veg, but I knew that as painful as running during lunch sounded, running after my photography class tonight would be way worse. So I made myself do it. It sucked too. Lead legs were in full effect. I hate three mile runs with a passion. I think I’ve talked about this before. It takes me at least three miles, if not more, to get into a zone when I run. The first three miles always suck but after I finish them and start feeling good, I forget. But when I only run three, the good feeling never comes. It doesn’t come with two either but two is over quickly.

I’m not one of those people who yearns for a run on a nice day. If it’s nice out, I’m probably yearning for a cold beer on a patio somewhere. But I make myself run instead. In fact, I run past people drinking beers on patios sometimes. And I’m usually jealous. Jealous but not regretful. Unless I’m sick or injured, I never regret going out for a run. For me, the best part of running is the feeling that I get when it’s over!

Still looking forward to my 10K on Saturday though. I hope it doesn’t rain! I definitely enjoy racing more than training. Unfortunately, you have to train to race!

Can I brag about something? We had this real basic homework assignment for photography class. It was to take two pictures of the same thing – one with the correct white balance and one with incorrect. When the teacher looked at mine, she said, “Nice shot.” She did not say that to anyone else! YES! After class, I was starvin marvin. I normally eat around 6, so 8 is way late for me. I made myself a quick tortilla pizza.


I was still hungry after that, so I also munched on some whole wheat pretzels dipped in refried beans mixed with salsa (a la bean dip.) Now I’m way too full.

Our wedding invites came today. Now you know my real name!


27 responses to “20+ miles per week

  1. angieinatlanta

    Yay! Pretty, pretty invites!

    I have lead legs anytime I increase my mileage. Now, granted, my mileage is anywhere from 4 – 10 miles a week, so nothing like yours but still, I get the feeling. I have no idea how people train for marathons. Crazies.

    Your pizza looks delicious, BTW!

  2. You and I are the same about running!! I have the exact same feelings as you. Though I’ve definitely cut back on it in the past year due to injuries, but I totally get the 3 mile thing. Take a day off. It will be so good for you to let your muscles take a break. You’ll still be in tip top condition come the day of the 1/2 marathon, if not better!! πŸ™‚

  3. The invitation is so gorgeous!!! I love the colors.

    Great job with the running. My husband has the the same philosophy as you.

  4. LOVE your invites…Very nice…

    I hear you on being done with training… I really enjoy riding on weekends but it has gotten to a point that we don’t have a life an I am just ready to have my life back.

  5. I can’t read your real name! You gotta make it bigger for my four eyes to be able to read that!

  6. I love those invitations. They are sophisticated yet a splash of color give them a modern look.

    I am the same way with runs. I hate 3 milers. During the first 2, I’m thinking “what am I doing? why are my legs dead weight? I would rather be ______. I don’t think I can do this” And if I can just stick to it, the doubts go away.
    Buy why must they show up on EVERY run?? Seriously, I would love to go run and enjoy the whole darn distance. I absolutely love running…just hate the first 2 miles.

  7. Your invites are gorgeous! May I ask where you got them? I’m working on invites currently and have had a hard time finding any that I’m really excited about.

  8. i LIKE your name!! (well, i like lee too, but your real name is unique and pretty!)

  9. I love your invitations! So pretty!

  10. The invitation is so pretty! In my mind, your name is still Lee, but I love your real name!

  11. Your wedding invites are super pretty πŸ™‚ I have run by people drinking and having fun and have been jealous too – even though I’m having fun doing what I’m doing too!

  12. Your wedding invitations are GORGEOUS!! Nice job on picking those out!! πŸ™‚

  13. I feel the same way about runs. The first 3 miles are always teh hardest, but once I get past that point any more after that feel easy. Very pretty invites!

  14. I love your invites! So pretty πŸ™‚ I actually don’t mind three mile runs, but if the run is any longer I have a hard time getting into it until I reach 2-3 miles. At that point I tell myself only a 5k left, etc. It’s funny the mind games that we have to play!

  15. I hope you get your running mojo back soon and start feeling more like yourself!
    I love the invites, so pretty!

  16. Aw your invites are sooo pretty I love them.

    Unfortunately I’m at 8 too so I guess I am out of luck on the zappos pink shoes! My newest idea is to buy dyable shoes and go that route.

  17. Gorgeous invites! I can’t see your name…is it Leiha or Leisha? Haha. Either way, love your colors and font. πŸ™‚

  18. So pretty and happy for you girl! love those invites πŸ™‚

  19. LOVE your invites!

    Hmmm….maybe taking off a day (or two) will help rejuvanate your legs? Do you usually run 2 days in a row? Sometimes it helps if I run every other day, so I have time off in between.

  20. I can’t make out your name, but the invites are GORGEOUS!! I love paper products πŸ™‚

    And I think you are in my head. These are my thoughts EXACTLY: “I’m not one of those people who yearns for a run on a nice day. If it’s nice out, I’m probably yearning for a cold beer on a patio somewhere. But I make myself run instead. In fact, I run past people drinking beers on patios sometimes. And I’m usually jealous. Jealous but not regretful.”

  21. Beautiful invites!

  22. those are SO cute!

  23. Really pretty invite! I love it πŸ™‚