For lunch today, Jason and I went to Thaicoon, a Thai and Sushi restaurant next door to our house. He’d read that on Sunday’s they have an authentic Thai menu. Jason ordered two things from the special menu – bbq chicken and a seafood soup. I was not as adventurous and just went with sashimi and seaweed salad from the regular menu. (I realize that calling sashimi and seaweed salad not adventurous is somewhat ironic.) I wish I had brought my camera because Jason’s food was well, interesting looking. The soup was pink. I know that this is completely un-PC to say, but it really grossed me out! He asked the waitress about the color and she said it was from the marinated tofu, which looked like gelatinous blobs to me! I’ll fully admit it, I like Americanized Asian food. I do not have an adventurous palate at all. What about you? Do you prefer the Americanized version of ethnic food or do you for the real thing?

For dinner tonight, I made Italian Style Tofu Bake from the South Beach Diet cookbook.


Top view.


I pressed the tofu while I went to Kroger to get spinach, so it probably was under a book for a good half hour or more. I only used half the spinach that the recipe called for because I didn’t realize that it needed 10 oz. The tubs of spinach that I buy, which I think of as large, are only 5 ounces. And I used an undetermined amount of sun-dried tomatoes because they were already cut and I wasn’t sure what constituted as four.

I liked this meal. The tofu was a tad bit bland, but the flavor was like a pizza and you all know that I like to make pizza type stuff at home.

They posted the chip times for yesterday’s race. Mine was 58:52! A PR by a little over a minute. Yay.


15 responses to “Americanized

  1. angieinatlanta

    I feel the same way about Latin food – I like the Americanized version of Mexican food!

    Congrats again on your PR! Killer job!

  2. Usually I like the real thing when it comes to ethnic food. I think I’m pretty adventurous, but I have to agree that sometimes the real thing can be quite “different” even to me…

    That tofu bake looks really good!!

  3. I’m totally with you on the Americanized Asian food. Man I love it!

  4. Congrats Congrats on the PR!!!
    It depends on which food we are talking about. I love authentic Italian food 🙂

  5. I agree with the Americanized Asian food. I am not really adventurous with seafood.

    Congrats with the PR! You must be psyched!

  6. You know, I love americanized asian food sometimes and the real thing sometimes…it all depends on my mood.

    So–how was the pink soup?! (Besides it looking gross…)

  7. I need to have my ethnic food Americanized. I can’t handle it. Jonathan has had me try some food from the Brazilian grocery store. I gagged. 😉

  8. I like americanized mexican & thai food… but I don’t like chinese food AT ALL.

    Funny that you brought this up, b/c the other night we were talking about how we prefer americanized ethnic food… someone was talking about Taxco, which is a bit too “authentic” for me!

  9. Pretty sure I like Americanized food I’m not very adventurous either. Congrats on the PR!

  10. Your dinner looks SO good! I’m pretty sure I like americanized too – for everything. eek! I’m just not that adventerous and different textures creep me out!

  11. As sad as it is…Americanized food totally works for me too! 🙂

  12. hooray for the PR, speedster!

  13. Usually I am exactly the same. I prefer the Americanized version, only because I’m a weenie and don’t like hot/spicy foods (like a lot of true ethnic foods). I guess the exception to that might be Italian food. The real thing is ALWAYS the best!!

  14. I definitely go for the Americanized versions of exotic foods. A few years ago, I wouldn’t even touch them! Congrats on the official PR 🙂