Peachtree vs ING

The Peachtree registration is always the third Sunday in March. In previous years, you had to buy the newspaper that day and fill out a registration form that was inside. Last year, they started doing online registration. It opened at 7 am and was a pain in the ass. I kept getting a lot of “ has timed out” or something. I ended up just going back to sleep for two hours, waking up and trying again and I was in. Think of registering for the Peachtree as trying to get very popular concert tickets; it sells out fast.

This year they’re rumored to have fixed a lot of the problems that they had with the online registration. All but one, apparently. The registration is on the same day as the ING Georgia full and half marathon. It doesn’t start until 1pm (I’m assuming because of the race) and since I’m just running the half, that doesn’t pose a problem for me, but what about the people running the full marathon? I know that if I were running the full, chances are that I would not be home by 1pm. I’m sure the Atlanta Track Club realizes there is a conflict, but I just wonder why they didn’t make Peachtree registration later in the afternoon – like at 5.

I don’t know why this bothers me but it does. I would just be a very unhappy camper if I didn’t get into the Peachtree because I was busy running a marathon!


12 responses to “Peachtree vs ING

  1. That is really dumb timing. You should give all your info to a friend and have them register you while you’re at the ING. Don’t hate me, but I’m actually already registered for The Peachtree. My grandfather is a retired Delta employee and since they’re longtime sponsors, they’re always offered early registration. Definitely put someone else in charge of registering you on Sunday!! This is going to be my 10th consecutive PRR btw… I’m thinking I should have a party or something to celebrate!! 🙂

  2. I never thought about the Peachtree + the ING. I don’t usually get home from church until 1:30-1:45 so I’m skipping it next week. I’ll probably have to press the submit button a billion times again.

    Did you notice that they are going to charge you an extra $5 if you want your race number sent to you?? If you don’t want to pay it you can go to the expo.

    This is my 13th year! I don’t want to break my streak.

  3. I bet they had not considered that blip!

  4. I completely agree with you! Or, instead of later in the afternoon, why not just have it the weekend prior or after the marathon.

    Sadly, I probably won’t be doing the Peachtree this year. I will be 28 weeks pregnant, and I don’t want to register with the chance that the Dr. won’t let me run after 20 weeks. Of course, I guess I could always defer to the next year…

    Congrats on your PR at the Silver Comet 10k!

  5. I’m running the peachtree for the second time this year, I don’t have any conflicts with registration, but Its definitely frustrating for everyone that does…I’m sorry!

  6. I’m one of those marthoners…who wants to register for peachtree. So, I stuck my daddy with registration duty. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

  7. I think last year I waited until that afternoon and was fine to register…it’s weird though!