Lately it seems like I’m living in Seattle instead of Atlanta. Seriously, it’s rained like every day for months on end. And of course, there is a 70% chance or rain on Sunday for my race. It’s still four days out so I’m hoping that the weather gods throw me a bone and it doesn’t rain. It rained for my last half back in October. 13.1 miles with wet socks and shoes is not my idea of fun. Plus I always worry that my ipod is going to die.

I kind of slacked on my training plan last week. We’ll just call it an extended taper. I was supposed to run 22 miles for the week and I ran 12. Oops. This week’s schedule is more manageable: a 2 mile run, a 5 mile tempo run and the race. I did the 2 mile run yesterday at the gym. I ran a mile and a half at 6.0 and the other half at 6.5. Then I did the arm portion of the Core Fusion DVD. I was going to do more, but it got late and I wanted to veg out before I went to sleep.

I wanted to do cardio at lunch today but didn’t want to run, so I googled “elliptical workouts” and came up with Fitsugar’s Busy Body Elliptical workout. I got a much better workout than I normally do on the elliptical. I usually just plod along at one [easy] pace and don’t really get my heart rate up. With the treadmill, you put it on a speed and you’re at that speed, with the elliptical, it’s so easy to let your speed and level of exertion fall down to an easy pace. I guess that’s why I normally don’t really feel like I got much of a workout when I do the elliptical. But today I did.

I went to Publix after photography class to get some beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and they were all out of any sort of Irish beer. So Jason and I are drinking a Landshark and going to watch Couple’s Retreat.


18 responses to “Rainlanta

  1. This rain sucks! Part of why I’m feeling so blah right now. 😦

    You were supposed to run 22 miles?? Why is that on your training plan for a 1/2 marathon? What the furthest you’ve ever run? Do you think you’ll ever do a full?

  2. i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! landshark is one of my fav beers!

  3. We had a bunch of rain and thank goodness it has gone away! I like that work out. I must try it soon!

  4. I hope you get sun soon! It was dreary here for a good many days in a row. But it’s been nice the past few days. Maybe we can send you some sun! I hope it doesn’t rain for your 1/2.

  5. We had a ton of rain in MA. Everything is flooded, but it’s dry and warm now!. I’ll send warm thoughts to you on race day!

  6. Oh…I want to see Couples Retreat so badly…let me know what you thought!

  7. I’ll cross my fingers that it doesn’t rain on Saturday!

    I went to the store for green food color (for a pie that I’m going to post about tonight), and they were sold out! It’s so funny how everyone goes nuts over St Patty’s Day.

  8. I’m gonna package up some of the sun we’re finally seeing here in Boston to send your way for Saturday!! Good luck with your race!!

  9. “extended taper” hah i like that!

  10. Ugh, rain. Hopefully the weather forecast will be dead wrong, and it will just be cloudy – which would be perfect!

  11. I’m sure the weather will change by Sunday. The weatherman are never right four days out! Good luck this weekend!

  12. hopefully the weather will change!! enjoy the movie i heard its cute!

  13. I’m totally with you, I am over this rainy GA weather…hopefully it will be more like today was from now on!

  14. i just keep telling myself that the rain will stop others from coming out and running…and then maybe I can win 😉

    Or, at least, I’ve been assured by some friends that chilly rainy races are prime for PRs. Good Luck Sunday!!!

    I’m going to be hitting up the expo sometime tomorrow early afternoon…you?