100 Days

Today is special for two reasons. One, it’s my father’s birthday. So happy birthday Dad who doesn’t read the blog! He is doing really well if anyone’s wondering. Two, it’s exactly 100 days until our wedding!! Three months, one week and two days. But who’s counting, right?!

My attempts to make myself what I am deem as “wedding dress ready” have not gone so well. Basically because I keep thinking that the wedding date is so far away that it won’t matter if I have that second snack after lunch or that second serving of ice cream after dinner. But in actuality, three months is not far away at all. Unfortunately, these three months come at a bad time for healthy eating! The onset of Spring makes me want to drink a margarita, not a protein shake!

I am kind of clueless to what I can change with my current diet and exercise habits. I could lift more weights, I know that, but what else? I already eat pretty well. I sometimes wish that I ate a bunch of fast food and soda and candy and then I could just cut it out and that would be a huge shock to my system. But since I already eat pretty healthy, there’s not a lot to change. I do know that I snack after dinner a lot. It’s a very hard habit to break. I need someone to help me make a 3-month diet and exercise plan. Any takers? I’m not good at making my meals balanced. Like I’ll eat all carbs and no fat for a meal and not even notice. Maybe that’s why I am always so snacky.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees. Rah Rah Rah! (That was supposed to sound like a cheerleader, not Lady Gaga.) Of course, it’s still forecasted to be rainy and in the low 50s on Sunday, but we’ll just ignore that for now and hope for change. This weekend’s not going to be a relaxing one, that’s for sure. I have like 2000 things that I need to do.

• photography class field trip to Oakland Cemetary.
• ING expo
• make race playlist
• laundry
• run 13.1 miles
• register for Peachtree
• more laundry
• tidy up the downstairs

Okay, it’s only eight things. Really seven since I counted laundry twice.

For dinner tonight, I had Chicken Parm with roasted veggies. And by Chicken Parm, I mean a Morningstar Farms Chik’n patty with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.


I put about a teaspoon of olive oil and some seasoning on some Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms and roasted them for about 40 minutes at 375. Honestly, they didn’t taste that great. I think the Brussels were just not good and although the mushrooms tasted fine raw, they took on a weird taste when they were roasted. Oh well.

Did anyone watch The Real World last night? The newspaper that Andrew gets to work for was where I had my first job! Although I didn’t work in the building that they showed on tv. Oh also, here’s a question that I’ve been meaning to ask. I’ve been trying to buy more organic fruit. I’ve bought organic apples twice in the past month and both times they’ve been mealy and gross. Are apples not in season? It’s happened to me with apples that I’ve bought at Kroger and apples that I’ve bought at Whole Foods. It really doesn’t help my “we need to buy organic fruits and vegetables even though they cost twice as much” cause.


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  1. Wooooooo 100 days! That’s so exciting, I can’t wait to get engaged, plan a wedding, and get married! My apples have been tasting off lately too, I dunno why though


  3. 100 days?!?! that’s so exciting! I felt the same way pre wedding, I wished I had a bad habit to kick. Sorry I can’t help you!

  4. angieinatlanta

    (1) Dinner looks amazing!

    (2) You are my hero for running the ING 1/2. And if it’s raining and you still run it, you are a badass AND my hero.

    (3) 100 DAYS!?!?!? That freaks me out! Where did the time go? I actually feel the same way. I want to look my best on my wedding day but I don’t know what else to do. We both eat pretty clean, work out regularly, etc. What else CAN we do? Maybe this is just the way we’re supposed to look?

  5. I felt that way about being ‘wedding dress ready’ too…but you know, I didn’t lose any weight, and in the end, I had so much fun that I didn’t care about it one bit. Your day should be all about you feeling happy and comfortable with yourself– that’s the most important thing!

  6. For some reason, I just don’t dig organic apples. I’ve never had one that tastes as great as the non organic ones I buy. Sad, but true.

  7. My advice? Don’t focus so much on being “wedding dress ready” but focus on just feeling healthy and happy. At the end of the day, that’s more important than being a certain size (maybe not even a realistic size at that) for your wedding. Wouldn’t you rather get married knowing that you’re the weight you’re happy at and able to maintain and all that jazz? Well, anyway, that’s how I approached my big day and it seemed to work out ok. 🙂 100 days is awesome!!
    As for the eats, my advice? Always try to pair a protein with a complex carb and a veggie (or two!) at dinner and that will help you feel more satisfied after dinner. Granted, I do that and still need a little something sweet after dinner but that’s ok! As long as you don’t end up eating four snacks after dinner, and stick to one dessert or treat, you’re doin’ ok, in my book anyway. 😉 Hope that helps!

  8. So exciting about your wedding countdown. Those days are going to fly by 🙂 I am glad you dad is doing better.

    Not sure about the apples. I know that apples are in season in August, September, and October in New England.

  9. So glad to hear your dad is doing well!! So fun that you have 100 days until the big day!! 🙂 I wish I was getting married again – to the same man of course! Best day of my life!! 🙂

  10. That dinner looks yummy — I used to hate brussel sprouts as a kid, now I like them roasted (NOT boiled, as my mom makes them).

  11. i agree with the above that focusing on happy + healthy is best 🙂 in the pictures you show, you look great!

    this is going to sound weird, but i have a few relatives/acquaintances who dieted hardcore for their weddings. their wedding pictures don’t look like they normally look — which to me is a little weird!

    i think that upping the weights could help with toning the little things that are bare in a wedding dress like arms, shoulders, etc. other than that . . . i don’t know if drastic changes are in order! after all like you said you really do eat quite healthfully 🙂

    finally — if you really are looking for a dietary overhaul have you considered visiting a nutritionist? they may just say ‘hey, you’re already doing well’ but she may suggest tweaks. personally i’ve always wanted to go to one just to see what i could be doing better!

  12. Wow, 100 days! I am going to be there too in 13 days haha. I definitely hear you on the pre-wedding “diet.” I’m the same in that I already eat healthy, so it’s a little bit of a challenge. My current plan is to just plan my meals better, which may help you as well. I think if I plan in the morning what I’m going to eat at each meal I am more likely to balance them. I am also going to plan a 7:30 at snack “sweet snack” of 100-150 calories. But then, once I eat that, I don’t get any more food. That is going to be the rule, kitchen’s closed. I doubt I’ll end up losing a ton of weight before the wedding, but I’ve gained about 5 pounds of “winter weight” so I’m hoping to at least shed that 🙂
    We can do this together!

  13. 100 days! Doesn’t everyone get really nervous/stressed right before their wedding, which leads to losing a few lbs anyway? I think that you’re “wedding ready” already… you should start telling yourself that!

  14. That is so exciting!! I remember getting that close to my wedding day — it felt like it was coming up so quickly! I did the same thing, “I have time, I can cut that out tomorrow…” 🙂 I never got to the weight I wanted to on my wedding day, and I do regret that. HOWEVER, it is not worth stressing over if it’s going to make you over-taxed. Wedding planning is crazy busy!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Yay for 100 days! My wedding is in 8 days and I am so excited, yet sooo ready for the planning to be OVER. 🙂 To get myself motivated eating and healthwise, I come up with a training/workout plan and stick to it each week. I really like checking the completed workouts off of my to do list. With food, I enjoy treats but I also try to look at it as fuel. How is this cookie going to affect the way that I feel/my workout? It seems to work for me. Maybe investigate east protein options too. I always eat protein/carbs/fat at every meal and it usually leaves me satisfied. Good luck at the half, you will rock it!!!

  16. 100 days…awesome! As for the night time snacking. Are you snacking out of habit and boredom or are you actually hungry? If you are snacking out of boredom then I would say try to occpy yourself in other ways. Go to another room…not by the kitchen, read, do something else. (a lot harder said than done…I know) If you are truly still hungry then try eating more through-out the day. I find with a lot of my clients they don’t eat enough during the day and so they are starving at night and then they go overboard!

  17. Happy Birthday to your dad! I’m so glad he’s doing well.

    And the double digit countdown is officially here! From what people say, the next few months will probably fly by what with all of the planning, parties/showers, etc. I definitely am a snacker/grazer after dinner, too. I think something that helps me (though it was hard at first) was to eat more during the day, and have a light-ish dinner. Then I have a filling snack (like greek yogurt with fiber cereal or almond butter) and USUALLY that’s good for me.

    I’m glad you clarified the Rah, Rah, Rah – I immediately thought, “Bad Romance”?

  18. Apples are a fall fruit 🙂 *mini-lesson ahead from the kindergarten teacher who ADORES teaching the apple life cycle*
    In the spring, the apple blossoms bloom. In the summer they curl up and start forming the apple. In the fall, they….fall! The best apples are during september and october. The ones you are eating now are probably from another country OR grown in a hothouse so they can produce during off season OR they are a hybrid seed so they have shorter life cycles. Gala is good year round. Red delicious is very mealy this time of year.

    As far as the wedding–go with healthy and happy. It looks beautiful on you!

  19. 100 day countdown! so exciting and happy birthday to your dad 🙂 my dads bday is tomorrow!!

    fall is the best apple time!! like katrina said they are probably being flown in so more travel time and by teh time they get to you, yep they could not be their best! look for locaaaallll 🙂

  20. Whohooo on the 100 day mark! That’s so exciting!Happy birthday to your dad, too 🙂

    This is by no means a “meal plan” but about 1.5 months before my wedding I exercised 1 hour a day, 6 days a week – ALWAYS something different. I’ve heard that switching it up burns the most calories since your body is not “getting used to” one particular exercise. I did it all. I also cut out refined carbs (bread, pasta, etc) about one month before the big day – and I did lose a lot of weight. A lot being relative…my wedding dress was a little TOO big, actually.

  21. Aw yay 🙂 You are getting married in 100 days!! That must be so exciting for you.. enjoy this time in your life. It’s a roller coaster ride but well worth it come the big day!

    I would say if you want to eat better before your wedding.. try to ADD more greens instead of taking foods out of your diet.. (esp if you already eat healthy) For example, if you have a big salad with the right ratio of greens/protein/fat then you won’t want to snack later on, etc. Hope you have a good weekend girl! xoxo