Race Report

This morning I ran the ING Georgia Half Marathon which was my sixth half-marathon and my third year running the ING. Well, technically it was my fourth. The innaugural year, I ran the full marathon (which was completely awful, but that’s a different post. Actually, I’m sure I’ve written about it before.) Every year that I do this race, I forget how f’n hilly the course is. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Jason and I woke up around 5:30 this morning and I made myself two slices of whole wheat bread with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. We drove to the MARTA (subway) station and headed downtown for the race. We got there at about 6:45. I was in Corral L which was at the back. People were pretty much going into whatever corrals they wanted after the beginning ones, but I didn’t mind being in the back so I went to the correct corral.


I wasn’t exactly sure when I crossed the start line. It was somewhere between 10-15 minutes after the official start. The first mile was spent weaving in and out of walkers. I was also trying to pace myself. I have a tendency to go out too fast and then I get tired, so I tried to keep my pace leisurely. There was a clock a the first mile mark which I don’t remember them having last year. Since I didn’t know when I started, I wasn’t sure how I was doing but from there on out, I could pretty much tell my pace. The first two miles were easy. It started to drizzle during mile 2 but fortunately, it stayed at a drizzle and didn’t rain any harder. From mile 3 to about 7.5 were a bunch of rolling hills. The worst being on North Avenue right after mile 7. After that, it was flat for the next two miles. I had some friends say that they were going to meet me right before mile 9 at the beginning of Piedmont Park but when I got there, they weren’t there. That was disappointing. Come to find out, they got there like 5 minutes after me.

Up until mile 9, I felt totally fine. I felt like it was easy. But for whatever reason, I started to lose steam at 9. After we ran through the park, it felt like we were going uphill for a while. I kept running but I felt like I was almost at a walking pace. Another friend was supposed to be at mile 10, but turns out she came out like 15 minutes later and I’d already run past. (I wasn’t sure when I was crossing the start and was a little off when I was telling my friends to meet me.) I’d really forgotten that mile 10 was hilly. The Mile 11 sign was a glimmer of hope that I only had two more miles. At about 11.5, the first full marathoner came by. That made me pick up the pace a little bit. The clock at Mile 12 was broken so I really wasn’t sure of my time, but fortunately, the last mile was flat, so I tried to keep my pace up. That mile seemed to go on forever, but eventually, I saw the finish line and ran through with a clock time of 2:32 or something.

Somehow, I found Jason very easily after I crossed the finish. I got my medal, a space blanket and various snacks and water.


My goal for this race was to have a course PR. I knew that I wouldn’t have a PR because my half-marathon PR is on a flat course, but I thought a course PR was doable. And it was. My chip time was 2:22 something. I ran this race in 2008 at 2:28 and in 2009 at 2:32 (that one doesn’t count because I ran with a friend that had this stomach virus and had to walk some with her).

And then I spent the rest of the day eating and sleeping. Mostly eating!


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  1. YAY! course pr — awesome!

    i’m currently listening to broken bells, which is the shins’ james mercer + danger mouse. i think you would like it!!

  2. Excellent race report!! Congrats on the PR!! πŸ™‚ This brings back memories!! I can remember doing the same thing afterwards, eating and sleeping, but mostly eating!! Well deserved, enjoy!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats on the course PR! It’s insane how fast some of the marathoners run … they’re like superhuman or something! Were you cold or did the drizzle feel good?

  4. Awesome job! I’m loving reading all the 1/2 recaps today, it’s making me want to sign up for one when I can finally run again.

  5. Congrats, Lee!

  6. angieinatlanta

    Yay! Congrats on your course PR!

    Enjoy your eating and sleeping; you deserve it!!

  7. Congrats on the race and the PR! That’s awesome.

    Also, I wanted to introduce myself since I just recently found your blog and I’m a fellow Georgian. πŸ™‚

  8. Congrats on the PR!! I feel like everyone in the blog world (besides me, haha) was running half marathons this weekend!!

  9. Great recap! I love hearing about how people feel at various points in races! Its funny how our bodies get second winds and such. Congrats on finishing up in grea time! You rock- cute pics too!

  10. WAY for a PR! Lee…you rock! I am so excited for you!!

  11. WOW! a pr! so happy to read that. good job, i am proud of ya!

  12. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    YAY! That’s so exciting to have a new course PR!! Hope you’re enjoying your accomplishment.

  13. Congrats on your PR! That is huge for a hilly course. You have to be very proud of yourself!

  14. Wahoo!! Nice job on the course PR. A hilly course PR at that!! πŸ™‚

  15. Great race recap and WONDERFUL news about the PR!! Woop woo! I’ve always heard people get hungry after racing – I can see how that makes sense!

  16. Congrats on the race and your PR…I really wish I could have run yesterday, but I wasn’t able to. Next time hopefully!

  17. CONGRATS GIRL!! you must feel so accomplished and happy! I am so very happy for you!

    LOL spent the rest of the day eating…a girl after my own heart!

  18. HUGE congrats to you my dear! you are amazing and inspiring!

  19. YAY!!! Congrats on the course PR!!! That is one tough tough course and you had a wonderful race! Also, the last mile is flat? It did not feel flat to me. πŸ™‚

    Way to go!

  20. Whoo hoo! Congrats on your course PR!

  21. Congratulations! And on your next post re: post race blues – totally normal, at least for me. πŸ™‚

  22. Congrats on the course PR! That’s a big drop in time for that distance πŸ™‚