I have just been bumming around all day and honestly, it’s been great. This is the first weekend in two weeks where I haven’t had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn for a race. Of course, I still managed to wake up very early but it was nice to not have to. Jason and I decided to walk up to the Morningside Farmer’s Market with Murphy. It’s about 1.25 miles each way. I took my camera.

I live near a drive through liquor store. Yes, really. No, I’ve never used the drive through part but sometimes taxis drive through with Emory kids inside. I’m assuming they’re college kids (and we live right near Emory), I don’t think I’d ever have a taxi take me to a drive through liquor store after age 22! I have no idea why it’s called Pitch & Putt. It’s actually way less shady than it looks.


Even though it was 45 degrees out, there were signs of spring. Finally.


Murphy enjoyed sniffing every single patch of grass on the way to the market. He’s saying, “Stop trying to take my picture. Can’t you see I’m investigating smells? Geez.”


Murphy says things like that a lot. Although Jason and I have to talk for him. We really do talk for him all the time. We got to our destination and I was unimpressed.


Every time I go to this market, I am not impressed with it. There were only like 6 tents and one sold vegetables and the rest sold things like soap and nuts. So we left. On the way home, we ran into this guy, who parks his truck in the same spot every Saturday and Sunday morning and sells produce. I’ve never bought anything from him. I always say that I am going to next time.


Pancakes were on the menu for breakfast. I used this Quaker Oatmeal pancake mix, vanilla almond milk, chopped up raspberries and a few chocolate chips. I wanted to sneak some chia seeds in there, but decided against it. I didn’t tell Jason that I used almond milk until he finished eating. Ha.


I decided to try out one of the P90X cardio dvds tonight as my exercise for the day. I did the KempoX which is kickboxing. Back when I lived in Maryland, I used to do a lot of kickboxing classes at the gym and really enjoyed them. I don’t know why I stopped; my current gym offers them. Although my current gym’s classes suck. I liked this DVD. There was one sequence of 4 moves that I could just not figure out so I ran in place while they did that. I am not what you’d call coordinated.

The DVD was good and the hour passed quickly. I think the strength ones are going to be MUCH harder for me. I do need some help with recovery fuel. Normally, I sort of ignore the need to refuel and only eat if I’m hungry but I think I should eat no matter what. The question is, what do I eat? What do you eat as a recovery food?


20 responses to “Bumming

  1. Haha I love going to the outer banks and using the brew thru! Umm I’m really bad about recovery eats also, so I can’t really offer any advice. Sorry.

  2. angieinatlanta

    I really feel like Atlanta is in need of a quality farmer’s market. I wasn’t even that impressed with the one in Piedmont Park when I used to go last spring.

    I usually don’t need recovery fuel because I don’t do that much strength training but don’t people generally recommend protein powder smoothies for that? I think so…but I don’t know where I read that!

    I love bum days. I’m about to have a bum night!

    • I read about this farmer’s market that’s somewhere near the airport that’s supposed to be huge. I’ll have to figure out what it is. The Dekalb Farmer’s Market is cool but it’s not really a farmer’s market, you know?

  3. Lazy Saturdays are the best!! I’ve definitely been having one too, it’s been lovely!! 🙂

    After I do more intense workouts, I usually refuel with a smoothie with protein powder or some cottage cheese on toast. A trainer once told me the perfect thing to eat after working out is 1/2 a tuna sandwich on wheat. That just sounds gross to me after a workout though, haha! 😉

  4. My friend likes GMs as recovery food…but with a healthy dose of protein powder. It’s easy to digest, and with a good amount of carbs and protein.

  5. Lazy weekends are amazing. Mine was really low-key, too, just a lot of walking aimlessly around and trying to soak up a little sun through the cold. Too bad about the market.

  6. My summer goal is to find a great farmer’s market. Our’s will not start until Memorial Day.

    I am having a lazy morning. I need to catch up on sleep in the worst way.

  7. Looks like a nice walk (even if the market wasn’t anything spectacular) and a great breakfast. Josh really likes that P90 workout. Bummer that the classes are your gym suck. You should write in a comment and complain!

  8. Sometimes I eat nuts and dried fruit as a recovery food or a piece of break with PB. Stephen and I just love Murphy. We have a serious golden retreiver obsession. Twice this weekend, we have driven about 15 minutes away in order to take a walk around a neighborhood specifically picked out because there is one house that usually has a golden retreiver in the back yard. It was not there both times. Stephen was sad. 😦

  9. I go to the farmer’s market on God’s corner (You know the area on P’tree in Buckhead that has like a million churches? It’s right there.) and I’ve never been that impressed. I see some people blog about getting a crapload of produce for like $10, and when I spend $10, I walk away with like 2 or 3 things!

  10. I go to the Dekalb Farmers Market to do most of my shopping only because they seem to have a better selection of organic produce than Publix and are a little cheaper than Whole Foods…

    I drink a green monster for my recovery food… its nutritious and refreshing!

    • I like the Dekalb Farmer’s Market for produce too. I just find that if I go there, I need to go to the regular grocery store too and usually I’m too lazy to make two trips!

  11. Drive through liquor stores are so not a New England thing – I’ve never seen one!

    I like smoothies & eggs as recovery food 🙂

  12. Drive Thru liquor store! Oh man! Pretty classic!

    Murphy looks so soft! Is he cuddly? 🙂

    Some farmers markets here are a bust too…I really have to wait til 1/3rd through the season to get a good variety!

    • He is pretty cuddly. He sleeps in really weird positions though. I’ll have to take a picture of him sometime. He sleeps on his back with his legs in the air or against a wall.

  13. We have a few drive thru’s here, yet I do not recall ever seeing anyone going through them.

    It’s not FM season here yet, but when the time does roll around, there are only a few of them that are worth going to. I get kind of annoyed that there is so little produce, I thought it was called a “farmer’s market” for a reason.

    I often make smoothies, post-workout. I am not really wanting anything initially, but I know it is better for me in the long run, as it keeps me from needing to gnaw off my leg later on.

  14. Murphy has one of the sweetest doggy faces I’ve ever seen!

    My post-workout foods are typically my breakfast since I work out in the morning, but after long runs I’d always love a good old banana + PB.

  15. Great pics of your day – love the drive through liquor store/taxi story. hehe I’ve never had a taxi drive me through one, althogh I have had it go through a what-a-burger at 3 a.m. in Destin – does that count? 🙂 Glad you were able to sleep in and have a nice weekend!

  16. I totally lack coordination too so I hear you. I was just thinking today there is one move in my trampoline class where my legs are supposed to go up and my arms down and I just CANNOT do the opposite movements.

    I actually did the P90x kickboxing with my dad once and I really liked it. Fortunately we both lack coordination so my mom was laughing at us but I thought it was a great work out! That just reminded me I think I’ll ask him if he’ll do that with me on Easter when all the gyms are closed.

    As for the bridesmaid gifts, I am giving mine a necklace to wear in the wedding that one of my friend’s is making- but I don’t consider that the real gift since it has to be worn in the wedding. I got my readers and 2 younger bridesmaids little clutches from the Coach outlet. I think they are really practical for nights out to just fit a camera, ID and some cash. They are usually overpriced since they are Coach but I had a 20% coupon for my whole purchase AND they were on sale because its the outlet so they only came to like $25 each 🙂

  17. I wish we had a farmer’s market nearby! Our area is terrible in its lack of that kind of service.

    Gotta love the idea of “drive-thru” liquor. Just the irony of it is funny!