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Almost Homeowners!

Looks like I’m moving in a month! The sellers have agreed to fix the majority of the issues that we found at the inspection, so if everything goes according to plan, we’ll close on May 27th! Yup, that means that we met the deadline and we’ll be getting $8000 from Uncle Sam. (Anyone happen to know how file an adjusted 2009 tax return as two unmarried people who purchased a house together?) Jason and I have already lived together for over a year and a half, but purchasing our first home together is very exciting. We keep saying how we feel like real adults now, but not really. I’m not going to lie, I am definitely a little bit scared. Mostly of the following:

1. My commute to work. I have no idea how long it’s going to take. This house is only about 5-6 miles farther than my current house, but it’s a different route. The most direct way would be to take 285 but it has a reputation of being like a parking lot in rush hour. I’ll figure it out. I’m good with finding back roads and such but it’ll take some getting used to. I’m hoping it’ll take about 45 minutes, but I don’t know.

2. This sort of goes along with number one, but I’m a little scared to move into the suburbs. This house is barely outside the city, but I’ve been such a die-hard ITP-er (it’s a weird Atlanta thing, it means inside the perimeter which is I-285.) that I’m kind of scared to leave the bubble. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I’m scared that I won’t see my friends as much or I’ll become a suburbanite or what. Maybe I’m scared that I won’t get to go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods as much because they are a whopping ten miles away!

3. Money. Our mortgage payment is not going to be that much more than our current rent which is great when you compare the size of where we live now to the size of the new house. So, I’m not really worried about that. What I am worried about, however, is things breaking. I’ve always rented, so if the toilet breaks, I just call the landlord, not the plumber. I’ve never had to use my own money to fix anything. Then there is always that constant fear of what if one of us gets laid off. We just had layoffs at work today which was scary even though I wasn’t affected. How would we pay for things? But that fear is always going to be there in this economy no matter if I’m renting or owning.

4. Arguing with my mother. We’re buying the house. She’s going to have to get over it. There is just tension present all the time now between she and I and I’m honestly worried that it’s going to be there for a long time. (She thinks the house feeds into a bad high school and that we shouldn’t buy it for that reason. That’s what the fights are about.) I am not a fighter. I hate arguing with people and the fact that we’ve been fighting about this so much has really taken a toll on me. If it’s not one form of family drama, it’s another. Trust me on that one.

So, those are the scary things. But there are a lot more things that I’m excited about.

1. Having a yard for Murphy. I would like to maybe start a garden and start composting too. I’m not sure how that works with a curious dog.

2. Having a bigger kitchen that Jason and I can both be in at that same time without tripping over one another. This is a major one. I hate our current kitchen with a passion.

3. Not hearing my neighbors fight through the walls. Not having to worry that my neighbors hear Murphy barking through the walls.

4. Getting a grill and cooking out on the deck. Also, painting the deck and learning to do some DIY home improvement stuff.

5. Having dinner parties. Our current house is too small to have more than two other people over. Really, our current table is too small, but there is no room for a bigger table.

6. Decorating. Our current house still sort of has that college mismatched feel to it. Hopefully, we can get some furniture that actually matches. Eventually.

7. This house in general. It is very cool, sort of modern and retro at the same time. I haven’t posted any pictures yet because all of the ones that I have still have the sellers things in them. But, after they move out, I’ll post some.

8. Even though I’m scared to move to the suburbs, a part of me is ready to quiet down a little bit. I want to focus more on cooking, running, gardening, photography, that type of thing, rather than staying out partying until 1 am. That’s not to say that I never want to go to a bar again, because that’s simply untrue, but I think that living a little farther from all of my normal haunts will force me to slow down.

Good thing that I like to be busy, because the next two months are going to be positively insane!

May 27th – closing on house
May 30th weekend – moving
June 5th – DC for bridal shower & other wedding planning
June 12th – bachelorette party
June 26th – wedding
July 4 – Peachtree Road Race
July 6 – Hawaii

I got through April and it’s craziness, so I can get through this. It’s really just June that’s going to be busy. May will be spent sorting through our belongings, deciding what to pack and what to toss and doing some loan stuff, but hopefully nothing too stressful. I feel like I need to start resting up for June now! For my sanity, I need to make sure that working out and eating healthy don’t fall to the wayside during this busy time. Just writing this post made me feel very excited for these upcoming events.

I need to eat at home more often

Yesterday started off badly but ended up being a good day. It started badly because of an on-going argument that I’m having with my mother regarding the purchase of the house. We argued (for the millionth time) on Monday night, but I went to sleep upset about it and the upset feeling was still there when I woke up.

I brought my workout clothes to work and during my lunch break, I went to the office gym and did the following interval workout on the treadmill:

3 minute warm-up
2 minute jog at 5.5 mph
1 minute run at 7.5 mph

Repeat jog, run intervals 5 times
3 minute cool-down

This ended up being a little over 2 miles in 23 minutes, I’m not sure of the exact mileage.

After that I did some abs. I have a confession to make. I’ve been slacking a little bit on the Ab Ripper X DVD of P90X. The Ab Ripper routine is a 15 minute DVD that is supposed to follow whatever strength DVD you might be doing for the day. Problem is, after I finish a 60 minute strength routine, the last thing I want to do is pop in another DVD! So, to make up for the fact that I didn’t do abs after shoulders and chest on Monday, I did a routine yesterday. I did 12 sets of each and then repeated the routine.

in and outs
bicycles (forward)
bicycles (backward)
reverse crunches
lowering legs (I have no idea what this is called. When your legs are at a 90 degree angle when your on your back and you lower them to the floor and back up.)
oblique v-ups (12 each side.) I found this to be much easier on one side than the other for some reason
oblique twist (12 each side)

I was a sweaty mess by the end of all this and my mood was much better too.

After work, I met Jason at Men’s Wearhouse so he could get fitted for his tuxedo! Scratch another big thing off the wedding to-do list! After that, we decided to go to Muss & Turner’s for dinner. I’ve had this gift card there for over a year. We’ve never used it because although the restaurant is near my office, it’s not near our house. Since dinner was basically free, we decided to get more expensive things than we’d normally order.

We started off with a cheese plate. We had the brie and the cheddar which came with two types of jam.


For my entree, I had the halibut.


Jason told me that his meals never get any blog love so here you go. He had the steak.


Muss & Turners is one of those restaurants where I can appreciate that the food is good, but it’s food that I don’t really like. Nothing on the menu jumped out at me at all. Everything seemed to be very heavy on the meat or fried or in lots of oil (see pictures above to illustrate that last one). Very Southern style cooking, which I’m not particularly fond of. Nevertheless, we had a nice time.


I feel like I’ve been eating very poorly for the last two weeks or so and this needs to stop immediately. Between going to MD and my birthday, there has been a lot of going out to eat and with that came a lot of drinking. I’m declaring this celebration officially over! Obviously, I don’t want to gain weight before my wedding! But secondly, we are going to need a lot of stuff for the new house and we should be spending our money on that, not restaurant food and drink! Somehow I need to figure out a way to not go out much but not turn into a hermit either.

Enter home cooked meal for dinner. I finally made the black beans and rice that I’d planned to make on Sunday night with a side of carrot fries. A co-worker gave me the bean recipe and I have no idea where it came from, but I’ll share it since it’s so basic.


I coated the carrot fries in olive oil and ranch seasoning. They were okay, but I definitely prefer sweet potato fries. I guess these are lower calorie though.


Black Beans and Rice from Lee’s Co-worker (tweeked a little)

2/3 white onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp canola oil
1/2 tsp oregano
2/3 cup water
1 can stewed tomatoes with mexican seasoning
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup uncooked brown rice

• Heat oil on medium-high heat. Saute garlic and onion in oil for 5 minutes.
• Add oregano, water, tomato and beans. Bring to a boil.
• Add rice, return to a boil. Then let reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
• Remove from heat. Let sit for 10 minutes.
• Pour generous amounts of Frank’s on rice.

Mundane Monday

I stopped at Trader Joe’s after Pilates last night and picked up some food. The problem with Trader Joe’s is that I buy a lot of things there, but nothing that really works together as a meal. Though I suppose that’s the danger of shopping anywhere without a grocery list. I had planned to make beans and rice for dinner but accidently purchased tomato sauce instead of stewed tomatoes. So I ended up eating hummus and baked chips with a side of sliced mango. Not the most balanced of meals, is it? I find that whenever I have a snacky sort of dinner, I can never really get full. Full isn’t the right word. More like I never am satisfied. That leads to a lot more snacking. It’s just a vicious cycle. Moral of the story – make meals for dinner!!

By the way – Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Drink: GROSS!! Major TJ fail. I should have bought the almond milk that I was going to originally buy. Or just stuck with cow’s milk since that’s what Jason prefers and I don’t drink much milk anyway.

I stopped at Kroger after work tonight to get the correct tomatoes. I was going to make the beans and rice but Jason wanted the other dinner that I had ingredients for – Inside Out Lasagna


On the side, I roasted some broccoli. For my roasted broccoli, I tossed some fresh broccoli with about a tablespoon of olive oil. I sprinkled it with Adobo and stuck it in a 375 oven for half an hour. When it was done, I sprinkled it with parmesan cheese. Yum.

Today marked the beginning of the fifth week of P90X which means that I’m scheduled to use some of the DVDs that I haven’t used before. Today was chest and shoulders. I’m going to take pictures to see if I can notice any changes from the way I looked at the beginning and now. I don’t expect to see much of a difference, but I do think that my arms have a little more definition.

Birthday (observed)

I had high hopes for yesterday. The plan was to run a 5K in the morning, then go to the Inman Park Festival in the afternoon and then meet up with some friends at the Graveyard Tavern for dinner and drinks. Jason took the whole day off so he could join in on the fun.

It didn’t go exactly as planned. We woke up around 7:15 to the sound of pouring rain. They’d been forecasting rain all day, but I was hoping they’d be wrong. No such luck. The rain would come down hard, then let up for a little while and then come back down hard. For a millisecond, we talked about skipping the 5K, but I’m not one to let a little rain get in my way and besides, we’d already paid for it. So we drove down to Piedmont Park where the race began. Fortunately, the number pick up was in a large gazebo so that provided some shelter from the rain. When the race began, the rain actually tapered off.

As I always seem to do, I went out way too fast. It’s funny, when I just do normal runs, I start out really slowly for the first mile or so and gradually increase my pace without even realizing it. When I race, I have to consciously tell myself to slow down. Only this time, I didn’t tell myself to and after the first mile, the race started to get pretty hilly and I had to stop and walk. Oops. I probably walked for 2 minutes or so up a hill. After that, I ran the rest of the way, but slower. Around mile 2.4, it started to pour again. This actually provided some good motivation to run faster. I wanted to get out of the rain. I ended up finishing in 31:03. Not bad considering I took walk breaks. Jason ran the race in a very respectable 35:05. I think that’s so great considering two or three months ago, he couldn’t run more than a minute or two without getting winded. Couch to 5K really works!

I kept holding out hope that the rain would stop and we’d be able to go to the festival, but it didn’t happen. We ended up going to Market at the W Buckhead around six because my friend Erin’s friend’s brother is the general manager there and they were having some sort of grand opening thing. I didn’t get any pictures, but he was nice enough to give us some appetizers on the house – we had sliders (I didn’t try those), some sort of crab fritter and two types of little pizza. Needless to say, by the time we got to the bar to meet my friends, I wasn’t hungry for dinner at all and ended up just picking at some hummus and calamari. And drinking a giant beer!


Actually, I was just posing with it; I stuck with wine. I had a fun time with all of my friends and several glasses of wine were consumed. Instead of feeling guilty, I shrugged it off. Drinking happens when it’s your birthday, right? Or at least, it does when it’s mine!

I actually didn’t feel that bad this morning when I woke up. Several of my friends were going to the festival today since it was nice out, but I like for my Sundays to be lazy. Lazy isn’t the right word. I just like for Sunday to be an errand sort of day. I don’t know why. I guess I feel like if I don’t get stuff done on Sunday like grocery shop or do the laundry, I don’t have time to do it during the week. I did end up going to a Pilates class at LA Fitness this afternoon. I like to fit exercise into my Sundays too.

Happy birthday to me yesterday!

I had a nice birthday. I had this random craving for Fuddruckers so for lunch, two of my co-worker friends and I went there. Did you know that they now have the option of a non-buttered whole wheat bun? I was pleased. Even though Fuddruckers is primarily a hamburger place, they do have other things. They even have a garden burger. I got grilled chicken this time, but have had the garden burger before and it’s good. I’m not trying to claim that Fuddruckers is a healthy restaurant by any means, but there are ways to make your meal there healthiER.

While I was at work, Jason was at the potential house with an inspector. Let’s just say that there were a fair amount of things to be concerned about. We need to go over the inspector’s report with the realtor and figure out what we will ask the seller to fix. There are some biggies and we’ve decided that if they decline to fix them, we will not be purchasing the house. I think that they will agree to them because any potential buyer with a decent inspector would find these problems. We’re kind of in limbo right now since we haven’t met with our realtor or presented the findings to the sellers yet. I kind of want the sellers to be our friends. They seem super cool and they left us a present! A jar of homemade violet jelly. I am not exactly sure what violet jelly tastes like, but it was nice of them. I wish they could be our neighbors! Not that I know these people, but the house gave off a major hippie vibe and I like that. There was also a copy of Veganomicon in the kitchen. Only I would get excited about that.

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a bunch of fun birthday stuff on the table. Jason had bought me flowers, a balloon with a doggie on it, a card, a cupcake and a bottle of wine. He’d already gotten me P90X a month ago but wanted to get me something else. (He feels bad when I tell people that he got me a workout dvd, but I really wanted it!)


We had a glass of wine at home and then drove to Top Flr for dinner. We started out with the mussels. After we ate them, there was still a lot of broth left so the waiter gave us another hunk of bread so we could sop it up. That was sort of a mistake because I was extremely full before I even got my entree.


For my entree, I ordered the scallops. The waiter had warned us that everything was ala carte and the entrees didn’t come with sides. I was a little surprised when my dinner came out and it was just two scallops. They were huge though and I actually only could eat about one and a quarter because I was so full from the bread. They were on top of a sweet potato puree which was delicious. I like anything sweet potato. Doesn’t the one on the left look like steak? I can assure you, it was a scallop.


I liked Top Flr well enough. I don’t think it’s going to become a go-to restaurant or anything like that, but I’m happy that we branched out and went somewhere new. Jason and I tend to go to the same places all the time. Hello, Thaicoon. After dinner, we went home and were in bed by 9:30. Proof that I am old. At least I didn’t have a hangover today!

Speaking of old, I was telling some people at work that while I just turned 32, Jason’s still in his twenties until September! So a bunch of co-workers started calling me a cougar. And Jason was calling me a cougar the night before. At least I look young, right? Seriously, people usually quite surprised when they find out how old I am. If you have a significant other, what’s the age difference? Who is older?

Sweating it out

I have felt out of sorts all week and I attributed it to being stressed out about a million things but I think it was mainly because I hadn’t worked out in six days. I’m a fairly solid 5-day a week worker outer, so missing almost an entire week just made me feel off. I didn’t go all weekend because I was so busy with wedding stuff and then yesterday, we had something big to take care of (more on that in a second) and afterward, I fell asleep on the couch. I meant to sleep for a half hour but ended up sleeping for an hour and a half and when I woke up, it was too late to go to the gym.

So the big news – we signed a contract on a house yesterday! It is the house that I wrote about a week ago, the one in Tucker. For the Atlantans that didn’t know where Tucker was, it’s basically a little bit northeast of Decatur. It’s either off Chamblee-Tucker on 85 or Lavista on 285. We went back and forth with the seller all weekend. Or rather Jason did and reported back to me since I was in DC. Yesterday, we settled on a price and signed the contract! Tomorrow we have the inspection so if everything goes according to plan, we’re going to be homeowners at the end of next month. Housewarming party, anyone?

All this excitement was a little much and I really craving some normalcy tonight, so I made dinner and went to the gym. For dinner, we had Bean, Vegetable and Feta Bake. I had this recipe saved on my work computer. I get to thumb through a lot of magazines at my job and I often copy down the recipes into word files on my computer.


This was just okay. I ate it and will eat the leftovers tomorrow but I probably wouldn’t make it again. It just was sort of blah and I didn’t understand the point of the bread crumbs on top. They didn’t really add to it and got soggy when everything mixed together on the plate.

After dinner, we finally made it to the gym. I did 4 miles in 44 minutes. I took several walk breaks. I walked 3 minutes, ran for 17 at 6.0, walked for about 2 at 3.5, ran for about 8 or 9 at 6.4, walked a quarter mile and then ran .75 mile at 5.8. Or something like that. Since my half-marathon a month ago, I have been totally slacking on running. I always say that I’m not going to slack off after I do a race, and then inevitably, I do. I’m running a 5K on Saturday and I have no idea how I’ll do. I am still going to shoot for a sub-30 minute, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.

I feel so much better now. I definitely sweated some of that stress out! It’s my birthday in an hour and a half!

Are you sure you want to mark all as read?

I have had a whirlwind of a weekend with no time to relax at all. I got into MD around 9:30 on Thursday night. Then on Friday, we had the wedding tasting.

We tasted two salads. The first was a composed salad of organic field greens, grape tomato, grilled asparagus and fresh basil vinigrette.


The second was a baby organic leaf salad with portobello mushrooms, hearts of palm and a herbes de provence vinigrette.


I like the ingredients of the mushroom salad better but liked the basil dressing more than the herbes de provence one so the chef said he would make the mushroom salad with the basil dressing. Our guests will be given the choice of beef or fish for their entree.

The beef (I keep typing beer. I guess I don’t talk about beef normally.) was an herb marinated filet with chive scented potatoes, red wine reduction and cripsy fried leaks. Originally it was supposed to come with foie gras but I didn’t want the inhuman force feeding of ducks to be part of my wedding celebration, so I emailed the hotel last week and asked for it to not include that on the steak. I didn’t try it since I don’t eat beef, but I don’t think anyone missed the foie gras and they all said it was good.


The fish was an herb scented halibut with pesto and pea risotto and a roasted red pepper jus. It was very good.


On our reply card, we have a space for dietary restrictions and I wanted to make sure that the hotel would be able to offer a vegetarian meal should any guests request one. I was actually thinking that I might request one if it was good. So we sampled a garden vegetable strudel. It was okay. I think I’m going to stick with the fish, but I’m happy that we’ll have a vegetarian option.


The hotel also provides the cake. We sampled a vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate mousse and buttercream icing and a almond sponge cake with raspberry mouse and a buttercream icing. Honestly, I was unimpressed. The almond raspberry one was sickeningly sweet and the vanilla one was just okay. I guess wedding cake isn’t supposed to taste good though, right?


The weekend went by very quickly. In addition to the tasting, we also met with the officiant, had a dress fitting and got a trial hairdo (which I hated.) I also managed to have dinner with a friend. After dinner, we went to a bar where I ran into at least 5 people from my graduating high school class that I haven’t seen in, well, 14 years. So that was sort of interesting.

What I did not do all weekend was exercise. I brought workout clothes and everything but just could not find the time to fit it in. I hate when I get off track like that. I haven’t worked out since Wednesday. I could have done it tonight, I suppose, but I just wanted to relax.

Wedding Shower and grilling

I had my first wedding related celebration today. My office threw me a shower. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. Jason was also invited. I am not really very comfortable as the center of attention so that was sort of hard to get used to but I had a good time and got lots of nice presents. I had the Ahi Tuna salad. It actually wasn’t anything wrote writing home about and I think I’ve ordered it before and thought that too. Oh well.

After work, Jason and I went to my friend Erin’s house and grilled some food by her pool. We had portobello mushrooms:


and grilled veggies. Erin and Jason also had a burger and there was a fish burger that no one really liked. (I’m allowed to say that because it was just from Whole Foods, no one made it!)


Before we ate, I was sitting on the pool steps with Erin’s two-year old daughter putting our feet in the pool. She went to touch the water with her hand and sort of toppled over into it! Of course, I immediately scooped her up and got her out, but I’m like, “How am I watching a kid and she immediately falls into the pool?? I’m going to be a horrible mother one day!” I made it up to her by taking pictures of her wearing a lego box as a hat. And doing the can-can with her mother, although we don’t have any pictures of that!


So that was my day. As you can see, no exercise, but what are you going to do? I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m trying to write thank you notes to my co-workers and running into the same problem that I do every time I try to handwrite something. First of all my handwriting is awful but second of all, I am left-handed and the ink always smudges!!

Are you a lefty or a righty?


Oops, guess I went MIA for a bit. Jason had yesterday off so we spent the day together. We had originally planned to go hiking at Kennesaw Mountain, but then decided to look at houses with our realtor instead. We still haven’t heard back from the short sale house and if they decline or counter our offer after April 30th, we’re SOL on the tax credit. We decided to look in a suburb that is pretty close to where we were looking. Originally I was completely against living outside of the perimeter, but where we were originally looking was like a quarter mile inside so there’s not really any difference. ATL peeps – what do you think of Tucker? We found a really nice house there.

I went on a tangent there. My point was that we spent all morning with our realtor and then I got into some family drama for a while and by the time we realized it, it was almost 2pm and we hadn’t eaten lunch. We decided to scrap the Kennesaw Mountain plan and took Murphy to Piedmont Park instead. We stopped at Trader Joe’s beforehand to get some snacks. We just hung out at the park for a while.

I’m not sure why my arm looks so mis-shaped in this picture! Or why Murphy looks like he’s been hitting the bong.


Jason and Murphy.


We had a good time although Murphy got a bit hot. Although I was pre-occupied by the above mentioned family drama.

This morning, I wanted savory oats again and had a total oatmeal FAIL. I decided that I would use 1/2 cup oats and 1 cup of water this time since 1/3 cup oats wasn’t enough. I cooked it for the same amount of time and it was like all slimy when it was done. So I tried to cook it for another two minutes and it blew up all over the microwave. I lost all my oatmeal and ended up eating cottage cheese mixed with chocolate protein powder, naturally more, dry oats and frozen berries. I swear that’s better than it sounds.

For dinner tonight, I made Kung Pao tofu which I served with brown rice. I followed the recipe exactly but didn’t put peanuts on top.


I really enjoyed this dish and it was easy to make. Jason is a big fan of Kung Pao Chicken so I thought this would be a good healthy alternative. I could make it with chicken too, but I happened to have a block of tofu in the fridge.

So, good news. My dad has been released from the hospital. He still has to go meet with his surgeon tomorrow cause they still aren’t sure what was wrong with him, but apparently they thought he was okay enough to go home.

Busy Month

The month of April is seriously going to fly by! All of a sudden, the wedding seems very close. For a long time, it seemed like it was far in the future, but now it’s really coming up. You know what’s even weirder? If we hadn’t of changed the wedding date (due to my father’s surgery recovery – you can read about it here), it would have been this weekend! Crazy. Instead of getting married this weekend, Jason and I are going to hike up Kennesaw Mountain. He actually has a weekend day (Sunday) off, so we came up with something out of the ordinary to do. It’s supposed to be great weather – 74 and sunny. Although the pollen is a bit out of control. Seriously, today’s pollen count is 5733. Anything over 120 is considered extremely high. This happens every Spring. People always say that if you don’t have allergies, move to Atlanta and you will. My car is a lovely shade of yellow right now, as is everyone else’s in this city.

This is what the rest of my busy month looks like so far, and I’m sure other things will come up:

April 13th – My office is throwing me and Jason a wedding shower. Whenever an employee is getting married or having a baby, upper management takes us all out to lunch (and pays for it) and people bring gifts. Having worked here for over three years, I’ve been to my fair share of showers. It’s really nice to finally be having my own!

April 15th – Fly to DC after work.

April 16th – We have a food and cake tasting at the hotel at 1 pm. After that, I’m meeting with our officiant for a bit to discuss the ceremony. I wish that Jason was going to be there to give his input, but he only has two weeks of vacation for the year whereas I have three. Plus, since he works weekends, he’d have to take three days off, not one like me. The officiant is a judge that was recommended to my mother. Jason and I were both pretty adamant about having a non-religious ceremony. Although, I do want to include the Jewish custom of breaking a glass. (Jason is not Jewish if you were wondering. For some reason, a lot of people ask me that.)

April 17th – I have a dress fitting appointment at 11 am that I’m going to with my mom and Eva, my matron of honor. I don’t remember why, but Eva wasn’t able to come when I picked the dress out, so it’ll be nice to have here there too. She’s also like 4 or 5 months pregnant and isn’t going to fit into HER dress anymore, but that’s a whole different story that we’re working on resolving.

April 18th – Fly back to Atlanta. I don’t have my flight info in front of me, but I think I scheduled my flight early in the afternoon so I would have some time to relax before heading into Monday. At least, I hope I had the foresight to do that.

April 21st – My birthday! How am I turning 32 already?! At least I look young, right? All that stuff they say about enjoying your 30’s is totally true. I like who I am and my life much more now than say, seven years ago, when I was 25. Although the fact that I was 25 seven years ago kinda freaks me out! Anyone else graduate high school in the 90s? 1996, baby.

April 24th – Jason and I are running the Green Dash 5K in Piedmont Park. Two of our other friends said that they’d do it with us although as of now, they haven’t signed up. After the race, in the afternoon, we’re going to go to the Inman Park Festival and then probably out for drinks/dinner after that to celebrate my birthday. I’m not sure where yet, but if any of you Atlanta girls want to stop by for a drink with me, I’m all for it!

I have a lot on my plate, but it’s all fun stuff so I’m looking forward to it all. I know that we’re already a week in, but I think April is going to be a good month. I think I suffer from Seasonal Disorder or whatever it’s called. As soon as it gets nice out and lighter later, my mood improves ten-fold. Plus, and this is probably more in my head than anything, I feel like my arm muscles are bigger.

Thanks for all the breakfast recommendations. I’ll try the English muffin with PB and fruit next time I go to the grocery store. I like that idea. I’ll try some of the others too.