What I meant to post

This is what I meant to post about last night before I got sidetracked with the stuff with my father.

Per this training plan that I made up for myself, I was supposed to run a 35 minute tempo run. But since it was suddenly 80 degrees out and my “Friday,” I really was not feeling it. So instead, I moved my run to Saturday (previously a rest day) and went to one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Mali, with Jason. Mali has Thai and sushi and they have a nice outdoor patio. I started out with a glass of Savignon Blanc.


And a salad.


For my entree, I ordered a roll (I think it was the Midtown roll) with brown rice. I also ordered one piece of Unagi nigiri. The himatchi rolls were Jason’s, but I ended up eating at least three of them. I can never figure out how much sushi to order. 1 roll (6 pieces) never is enough but 2 is sometimes too much. I guess it depends on how much stuff is in the roll. I can easily eat two smaller rolls, like tuna.


After I spoke with my father this morning, I took Murphster on a walk and stopped by the post office to mail my wedding invitations. I’m so worried that I messed something up on them! Murphy seemed okay on his walk. He wasn’t acting like it was painful to stand like he’d been doing for the past few days. Although, he still won’t let me look at his “hurt” without me basically forcing him onto his back. I wish he understood what “I’m just going to look at it. I won’t touch it.” meant.

After the walk, I did the legs and back p90X dvd. I still haven’t bought heavier resistance bands so the back exercises were pretty pointless. I need to do that this weekend. The legs were hard as hell though. There weren’t many exercises with weights. That surprised me. But there were a lot of lunges and stuff. I can already tell that I am going to be sore tomorrow. I also did the Ab Ripper X dvd. The one move that is super hard for me is the V-Up. I cannot do it. I did another move instead. Maybe one day.

I’m off to enjoy this lovely weather. Hope you are having a nice Friday.


9 responses to “What I meant to post

  1. YAY for mailing off wedding invitations! Wasn’t addressing them the worst?! haha…I hated that part! 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting the wedding invites off! That sushi looks very good!

  3. yay for mailing the invites! your pup and pops are in my thoughts!

  4. Oh how fun to have the invitations taken care of!

    I have been craving sushi like a FIEND lately. I want some sooooo bad.

  5. The v-up hurts my back which means my core is basically just a shelf of pudding.

    Murphy 🙂 Glad he’s better. And your dad. That’s a scary place to be when a loved one and a pet loved one are both not feeling well. 😦

  6. It has to be a huge relief to have the invites sent off!

    I’m glad Murphy is feeling better. 🙂

  7. I love sushi, but it never fills me up… I’m always left wanting more! Isn’t it such a relief to have the wedding invites done and mailed off? And the weather… omg, it’s so gorgeous, LOVE it!! 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  8. sushi is always so pretty! Congrats on mailing the invites! I know that is always a big phewwww moment! Enjoy your weekend