Funky Mood

Murphy says, “My hurt is still there, but I feel much better. I am laughing at you.”


He seems to be doing better, but the growth is still there. My father is home from the hospital. He sees his doctor on Tuesday. So the while all the male In My Tummy relatives have been doing well, I have been in a major funk all day.

I think it’s about my hair. It’s too short. I was growing it out for a reason. You know, for a wedding. For my wedding. And I told the stylist that and I think she cut off like 2-3 inches. It shrunk up after I washed it and it got curly. So that put me in a pissy mood. I moped around for a few hours and then went over to my friend Erin’s house where we took her two year old daughter to the park. I felt better after that. We were there for about 2 hours, just goofing around.

I had intended to go to the gym after the park but when I got there it was closed. Boo. Easter is one of those holidays where I never remember if stuff is open or not. Apparently, it’s not. I wonder if that’s a regional thing. The gym being closed kind of rekindled my funky mood, but I decided to nip it in the bud and do a p90x workout instead. (It was like 85 degrees out and I didn’t want to run outside.) I did the Plyometrics dvd. Holy shit, that was hard! I must have drank like 4 cups of water during the 50 minutes. But I got it done and like always, my mood is much improved. Exercise really is the best was for me to combat stress.

I’m off to prepare some meals for the week. Well, some egg salad for the week. Hope you had a nice Easter if you celebrate or a nice Sunday if you don’t.


12 responses to “Funky Mood

  1. Yep, exercise is definitely a fail-proof mood booster for me too. Sorry about the hair cut– I HATE it when stylists ignore your directions and chop off more than you ask for. It’ll grow out…I feel like the first few days after a haircut are always the worst 😦

  2. OH man, I’m sorry you’re down about your hair. I hate when it doesn’t turn out how I wanted. I wonder if you can google any vitamins that are known to make hair grow faster. My aunt used to always drink knox gelatin and swore it helped her nails grow strong and her hair grow quicker.

  3. Lee, I missed so much while I was away! I hope that your dad & Murphy continue to get better.

    I really like your hair (I’ve never seen it straight before!), but I know what you mean about the stylist not listening. That happens way too often- you would think that they would cut too little off before they would cut too much off, you know? But that’s never how it works! Hopefully you’ll like it more as you get used to it.

  4. #1 That picture of Murphy is AWESOME! Thanks for posting it. I’m too pet-sensitive sometimes, but I was hoping to hear some good news and that picture definitely speaks volumes.

    #2 I hope your dad has a good report. And I hope YOU have some peaceful time this week. I know how mentally dranining it can be when you’re worried and/or anxious over ongoing medical issues with loved ones. Just when I think it’s ok to feel some relief over my father, something happens. Since his near-death in November, it’s off and on hospital visits. It can overwhelm you. Take care of YOU.

    #3 Your hair will grow out a little faster in the warmer months. I’m not sure why, but a few hairstylists have shared that with me. I actually trim my own hair now because it’s naturally curly (aka…Bozo Clown-ish) and it shrinks a ton. Your picture looked GREAT! My mom swears by pre-natal vitamins. When they came out over-the-countera few years ago, she started using them for her hair and nails. I used Biotin (vitamin) when I started losing hair in college due to stress.

    #4 Your plyometrics comment… nailed it on the head. I tend to cuss a lot when I do that..which is rare. I would rather run, but today was brutal in the South.

    I hope you have a great week. 🙂

  5. SOrry you don’t like your hair 😦 I know our gym had shortened hours, so it wasn’t just yours.

  6. Sorry about your hair. 😦 My roommate’s hair stylist BUTCHERED her hair – she keeps it really short, but in the back she cut it as short as a boy’s! My roommate was (understandably) devastated. I’ve also heard pre-natal vitamins work wonders with making hair grow. Maybe worth a shot?

  7. I’ve done the P90X plyometrics a few times and it always leave me huffing and puffing! Sorry that you are not liking your hair. I’m sure it will grow faster than you think!

  8. oh. my. goodness. please print and frame that.

  9. Sorry you’re in a funky mood. Tomorrow’s another day 🙂

    And for the record, I think your hair looks cute!

  10. Such a cute pic of the puppers. Glad your dad is doing better. My husband did the plyo workout yesterday and was saying the same thing- GOSH its tough! Hope Monday is going well

  11. It’s scary to have your hair not looking right when your wedding is right aroudn the corner, but it will grow fast!

    Determining whether things are open are not here on Easter is always confusing too.

  12. I love your haircut! Don’t get down because of that! I’m glad Murphster is feeling better too.