Happy birthday to me yesterday!

I had a nice birthday. I had this random craving for Fuddruckers so for lunch, two of my co-worker friends and I went there. Did you know that they now have the option of a non-buttered whole wheat bun? I was pleased. Even though Fuddruckers is primarily a hamburger place, they do have other things. They even have a garden burger. I got grilled chicken this time, but have had the garden burger before and it’s good. I’m not trying to claim that Fuddruckers is a healthy restaurant by any means, but there are ways to make your meal there healthiER.

While I was at work, Jason was at the potential house with an inspector. Let’s just say that there were a fair amount of things to be concerned about. We need to go over the inspector’s report with the realtor and figure out what we will ask the seller to fix. There are some biggies and we’ve decided that if they decline to fix them, we will not be purchasing the house. I think that they will agree to them because any potential buyer with a decent inspector would find these problems. We’re kind of in limbo right now since we haven’t met with our realtor or presented the findings to the sellers yet. I kind of want the sellers to be our friends. They seem super cool and they left us a present! A jar of homemade violet jelly. I am not exactly sure what violet jelly tastes like, but it was nice of them. I wish they could be our neighbors! Not that I know these people, but the house gave off a major hippie vibe and I like that. There was also a copy of Veganomicon in the kitchen. Only I would get excited about that.

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a bunch of fun birthday stuff on the table. Jason had bought me flowers, a balloon with a doggie on it, a card, a cupcake and a bottle of wine. He’d already gotten me P90X a month ago but wanted to get me something else. (He feels bad when I tell people that he got me a workout dvd, but I really wanted it!)


We had a glass of wine at home and then drove to Top Flr for dinner. We started out with the mussels. After we ate them, there was still a lot of broth left so the waiter gave us another hunk of bread so we could sop it up. That was sort of a mistake because I was extremely full before I even got my entree.


For my entree, I ordered the scallops. The waiter had warned us that everything was ala carte and the entrees didn’t come with sides. I was a little surprised when my dinner came out and it was just two scallops. They were huge though and I actually only could eat about one and a quarter because I was so full from the bread. They were on top of a sweet potato puree which was delicious. I like anything sweet potato. Doesn’t the one on the left look like steak? I can assure you, it was a scallop.


I liked Top Flr well enough. I don’t think it’s going to become a go-to restaurant or anything like that, but I’m happy that we branched out and went somewhere new. Jason and I tend to go to the same places all the time. Hello, Thaicoon. After dinner, we went home and were in bed by 9:30. Proof that I am old. At least I didn’t have a hangover today!

Speaking of old, I was telling some people at work that while I just turned 32, Jason’s still in his twenties until September! So a bunch of co-workers started calling me a cougar. And Jason was calling me a cougar the night before. At least I look young, right? Seriously, people usually quite surprised when they find out how old I am. If you have a significant other, what’s the age difference? Who is older?


14 responses to “Happy birthday to me yesterday!

  1. What a gorgeous cupcake! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday.

  2. Glad you had a nice birthday!! Jason’s a keeper!!

    How cool is it that the sellers left you some homemade violet jelly?! That’s awesome!! I want them to be my neighbors too… our next door neighbors just moved out, hey it’s a possibility! πŸ˜‰

    Andrew is older by about 3 and a half years. He just turned 30 back in March and I’ll be 27 in June. I’ve always gone for older men.

  3. Haha nothing wrong with being a cougar! Haven’t you seen Courtney Cox’s new show, embrace it! And glad you had a happy birthday!

  4. angieinatlanta

    Happy birthday again!

    Hey, you’re the same age as J and I don’t consider that old at all! And you definitely look young to me! We have a 6 year age gap and I love it. I find boys my age to be…well, boys!

    I hope all turns out well with the house. I find making new friends to be so awkward as an adult. I have a woman in my building that I desperately want to be friends with but I have no idea how to initiate that conversation…

    Did you love the mussel broth? I wanted to drink it while I was there…

  5. Stephen is one year younger than I am. There’s nothing wrong with being a cougar!!

    I hope everything works out with your house!

  6. Happy Belated!! And what pretty icing on that cupcake!

  7. Happy belated Birthday, Lee!

    My friends and I call it being a “Puma” when you date a guy just a lil’ younger. I want to be a Puma. πŸ™‚

  8. What a fun birthday!!

  9. Happy belated! I love Fuddruckers! I haven’t been in so long. I always thought it was super cool that they offered buffalo and ostrich burgers.
    Bri just turned 28 last month… I’ll be 28 in August-so he’s a few months older.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    B was younger than me – but most dates are older πŸ™‚

  11. Happy Birthday (a little late)!!

    Nothing wrong with being the older one. S is one year younger than I am and it’s all good. πŸ˜€

  12. happy birthday! man, i miss fudruckers, and about a hundred other american restaurants.

    is that what they call it nowadays, ‘cougar’? back when my mom was dating troy, they used way less euphemistic terms. i’m really glad to see the age gap thing being more accepted now, though 20 years is still probably considered extreme.

    good luck with the house hunting! i hope it all goes to plan, as these things are so stressful and time-consuming.