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Jason, Murphy and I have successfully moved into our new house with a lot of help from a moving company and fueled by Domino’s Pizza. I kind of hate that I had pizza two days this weekend, but I’m trying to not let it bother me. I mean, when there’s no food in the house and you’re tired from making four trips (20 minutes each way) to and from the old house, delivery pizza is kind of the best option. I just wish this mass pizza consumption wasn’t occurring 4 weeks before my wedding.

We used a moving company (Two Men and a Truck) and let me tell you, it was the best $350 that I’ve spent in a long time. Okay, it was probably the only $350 that I’ve spent in a long time. Well, besides the money we spent on the house! It was tiring enough just moving some little stuff, I can’t imagine how awful it would be to move all of our furniture. It took the movers about 2.5-3 hours, though they only charged us for 2.5 for some reason. They also gave us three men for the price of two. Very positive reviews here for that particular moving company.

The whole move thing has been very unnerving for Murphy. I don’t know if he thinks we’re leaving him or what. But he’s been wild. Lots of barking and running around the house, jumping on me. Last night, he wouldn’t leave my side. He seems to be more adjusted this morning. I told him a million times that we’re not leaving him, we live here too. Sometimes I really forget that my dog doesn’t understand English.

Today is going to consist of unpacking and probably making a few purchases. One thing about the house that bothers me is that it’s not that clean. I guess when you’re not renting and trying to get your security deposit back, you aren’t as concerned with bleaching the tub and stuff. I mean, it’s not like they left trash or anything, but there is just some dirt. It’s weird, when it’s my dirt, it doesn’t bother me that much, but when it’s other people’s dirt, ewww. I spent a good half hour scrubbing down the fridge last night.

Pictures to come after we get the place in order. Unfortunately, my laptop won’t turn on and that’s where I normally upload pictures to and blog from. I think the battery might need to be replace. Ugh.

Happy Memorial Day!


Change of Plans

By some miracle, the bank got their shit together and we were able to close today. So we are now homeowners!!! And the bank paid the lender’s fee for our troubles!

Homeownership apparently means Mellow Mushroom pizza. I didn’t eat lunch until 4 pm which is pretty much unheard of for me! I had three slices of the Mega-veggie pizza (no banana peppers and light cheese).


Before lunch, we had to go to this building in Decatur to get our water turned on. After I filled out the application, they informed me that I owed them $40. From 2006!! I had no idea. I wonder when they would have sent a collection agency out for me.

No workout happened today. I got a 3 mile run in on Wednesday and the p90x yesterday so I figure I’m fine. I’m going to try to run again tomorrow and then who knows on Sunday because of the move.

This is a short post, but we’re going over to some friends’ house to celebrate our homeownership.

My Day

This is what my day has been like:

7:35 – wake up. mad because we were supposed to close today and if we had, i could have slept later. also mad because, well, we were supposed to close today.

9-10:30 – frantically check email to see if there is any mention of closing tomorrow.

10:30ish – get text from Jason saying that they’re going to have to delayed closing FOR A FUCKING WEEK!! (the fucking part was my addition, he didn’t say that in the text) Stupid bank’s system has been down for a week. Apparently bank has no sort of back up system.

10:32- cry. at my desk. call my mother in tears.

10:35 – escape to office bathroom to wash my face and pretend that it’s not all red and blotchy.

12 – decide i need to get my eyebrows waxed and pedicure. not sure why having someone rip out my hair with hot wax is a reward.

1 – call moving company, cancel movers. call utilities, tell them not to transfer service yet

2 – reside to the fact that we aren’t moving this weekend. become somewhat grateful that we still have a place to live and won’t be kicked out on June 1st.

2:05 – think about dinner

4:42 – think about dinner more.

4:43 – realize that if we’re not moving this weekend, I have absolutely no plans. worry that i might be bored. wonder if friends will be in town. wonder if friends with pools will be in town. realize that i packed my bathing suits.

4:45 – realize someone got me a bedspread. Am sure it was my mother.

6 – realize that we have no food and go to random pita restaurant with jason. eat pita.


7 – decided that we need frozen yogurt. go to tcby since it’s closer. realize that tcby < yoforia. Wish we'd gone to yoforia.

9 – P90X. Shoulders and arms. Cuss out Tony Horton.

Stressed Out Mac

I’ve been extremely stressed out as of late. What else is new, right? The latest cause of my stress is a certain bank that rhymes with Skank of America who’s entire loan processing system has crashed therefore making it impossible to close on my house tomorrow. I don’t even want to talk about it. I just about cried at my desk today.

I’m still hoping that we’re going to move this weekend, so I’m still trying to clean out the cabinets for meals. So I ended up with a bowl of Annie’s Mac and Cheese with some frozen veggies stirred in.

I actually really like mac and cheese but it’s one of those things where I can eat the entire box easily, so I don’t make it that often. I used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk because that’s all we had and I couldn’t tell the difference.


I think that organic Mac and Cheese is one of those faker healthy foods. Yes, the pasta is organic, but it’s still enriched flour and there is still some sort of powdered cheese. I like the taste, but I don’t pretend that it’s a healthy meal.

I used to love Mac and Cheese as a kid. I have a lot of memories of eating it for dinner with a mug of milk. What kind of foods do you remember loving as a kid?

Please update your reader

please update your reader to

I guess it doesn’t automatically redirect anymore.

Hobbling and Cleaning

Our current landlord had requested that we give her a time when she’d be able to show the place to prospective renters. We told her that today between 1 and 5 was fine but to let me know the exact time so I could take Murphy out of the house. He’s what you’d call a friendly greeter. I have a lot of friendly bruises and scratches from his greetings. So, yesterday was spent doing a ton of cleaning. Jason and I are not the neatest of folk and we really didn’t want our landlord to see evidence of that. It was kind of a pain and I got side tracked a lot, but I got a lot stuff packed away and ended up with a mostly clean house.

My landlord was supposed to email me last night with the time but she didn’t until this morning, saying she was playing phone tag with her renter and that it would be between 3:30 and 5. So around noon, Jason and I loaded up about 6 bags of crap for Goodwill and put it in his car. We drove to this grocery store parking lot where there is always a Goodwill truck and the truck wasn’t there. Jason had to go to work, so all the crap is still in his car. Don’t rob him. Trust me, you wouldn’t want it this stuff anyway. Throwing out bags of old clothes is kind of therapeutic actually. Or rather, donating them, not throwing them out. Or just putting them into the back seat of Jason’s car so I don’t have to see them.

I got home and Murphy is dying for a walk but I was waiting to hear from my landlord so I could kill two birds with one stone and she finally wrote back at like 3 saying the girl flaked out. Ugh. I was kind of waiting around for nothing which is annoying, but it did force me to get a lot done. If I didn’t think they were coming today, I’m sure I would have not gotten half the stuff done that I did yesterday.

I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill while listening to a Savage Love podcast. Does anyone else listen to that? It makes me feel so innocent! I did a quarter mile at 6.7 mph, a quarter mile at 3.5 mph for the entire 30. Then I did some abs. Here’s where the hobble part comes in. I mentioned that my heel has been bothering me. It’s weird, it’s on and off. It doesn’t exactly hurt, but it feels like a bruise and sometimes like something is pinching me. But not all the time. And it actually doesn’t hurt when I run. It kind of starts stinging after though. My self-diagnosis is plantar faciitis even though my mother doesn’t think that’s what it is. I mean, isn’t that a pretty common running injury that makes your heel hurt? I solicited some advice on facebook and have been told to massage with a tennis ball, get some arch supports for my feet and to stick them in ice water for exactly 23 minutes. That one is kind of odd. Has anyone ever dealt with plantar faciitis before? If this is what it is, I think it’s a pretty mild case, but I’ve never really had a running injury before. Hell, I’m not even running that much lately.

Celebration Friday

Thursday night, neither Jason nor I were in a mood to go grocery shopping so we went to a little Mexican place for dinner – Carumba Cafe. I decided that we should have an active rest day and walk there and back. It’s 1.25 miles each way. I normally get the shrimp salad but since I was trying to do this vegetarian thing, I got vegetable fajitas instead. They were good, but a bit oily. The only problem with walking to Carumba is that we had to walk back, leftovers in hand.

I decided to go to sleep early and was in bed by about 9. I was hoping for a long, restful sleep, but was wide awake at 3 am. I guess 9 is just a little too early. It didn’t help that there were thunderstorms and Murphy was freaking out and wouldn’t settle down. This is what Murphy does when it thunders, or really when it just rains: He paces. He barks. He stands on the bed and won’t lay down. It’s pretty fun to deal with at 3 am, let me tell you. Luckily, I was able to fall back asleep a little after 4 and slept solidly until my alarm went off.

I got an okay workout in at lunch on Friday. I knew we were going out at night (more about that in a sec) so I knew that lunch was my only opportunity. I wanted to run, but the office gym only has one treadmill and someone was on it. So I did the elliptical for 20 minutes and then I did the follow leg workout:

Leg press machine – 3 sets of 12, 40 lbs
squats – 3 sets of 12
one legged lunge? – 3 sets of 12, 15 lbs
deadlifts, 3 sets of 12, 30 lbs
calf raises, 3 sets of 25, 30 lbs
pile squats, 3 sets of 12, 25 lbs

Hmm, it felt like I did more than that!

We had our second wedding-related celebration last night. (Our first was a shower about a month ago that my office threw.) My good friends Jamie and Dave organized a celebratory dinner in honor of us! I guess sort of like a bachelorette/bachelor party but with guys and girls and not as much debauchery. We had went out to Ra Sushi for dinner.


I was conflicted about what to order. Part of me really wanted to stick to my guns and just order a vegetarian roll, but another part of me really wanted some raw fish. I caved. I did eat several pieces of rainbow roll (and several pieces of avocado roll). I guess this vegetarian thing is a learning process. I guess it’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I feel sort of like a fraud. Not so much because I actually ate the fish, but because I announced to everyone that I was becoming a vegetarian. Oh well. I’m only human. Back on the wagon today, I guess.

After dinner, we went over to Ri Ra for a few beers. I practiced my model face.


And then tried, unsuccessfully, to take a picture of me and Jason.


A little better.


All in all, a fun night. Although, I woke up at 5 am and thought I was going to throw up. I literally ran into the bathroom, but nothing happened. Then I went back to sleep and woke up two hours later totally nauseous again. I don’t think it was from alcohol. I had some wine at dinner and then two beers at Ri-ra but that’s definitely not enough to make me sick. My first thought was that it was karma for eating the fish! My second thought was maybe there was something wrong with the sushi but Jason said he felt fine. Not a pleasant start to the morning, but I’ll be okay.