Odd day

Yesterday was strange. I mentioned in my last post that we had layoffs at work. There were only two people laid off but I work for a very small company where everyone knows everyone so not having those two people there yesterday was weird. I felt uneasy the entire work day. They say that they’re not doing any more layoffs for now, but who knows how long “for now” means.

I was having stress dreams about layoffs, I guess and didn’t get a very good night sleep. I was pooped when I got home from work and took an hour nap. I woke up, somewhat refreshed and got ready to go for a run. My initial plan was to run 4 miles. I strapped on my ipod and when I turned it on, there was something wrong with it. For some reason, I could only hear the instruments and not the vocals during the songs. Very annoying and not pleasant for running. I ran about a mile, and between the ipod not working and the fact that I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath because of the pollen, I turned around and came home. Oh well, two miles is better than none, right? (I think it’s the headphones and not the ipod that’s broken actually. I tried it with different headphones but I wasn’t really paying attention, but then I tried the first headphones with my phone and it sounded weird too. Phew, I’d gladly pay $10 for a new set of headphones over $150 for a new ipod or however much they cost.)

I ended up eating some comfort food – grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (pics were horrible, so not posting) and watching a dvd and calling it a night.

I was really not feeling like doing P90X today, so I went to the gym and did cardio instead. I’ll do the DVD tomorrow. I wasn’t in a running mood, so I did the elliptical for 30 minutes, the stairmill for 10 and some ab stuff. For dinner, I tried to re-create a taco salad (sans taco shell) that my friend had in a Mexican restaurant the other day.


I sauteed some frozen artichoke hearts and some frozen mixed peppers and onions. While they were cooking, I combined about half a cup of some heated up refried beans with some salsa. I put the bean mixture on a bed of lettuce and topped it off with the sauteed veggies and some Tomato Trinity from Publix (diced tomatoes, peppers and onions – I’m lazy). I then lightly dressed it with Trader Joe’s Cilantro Dressing which I heard about from Kelly. Great find! Did you know that some people have a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap to them? Personally, I am a fan.

Looks like my Saturday night isn’t going to be any more interesting than my Friday. I’m okay with that. Sometimes I like to spend the weekend in.

How is your weekend going? Do you like cilantro?


12 responses to “Odd day

  1. These are unsettling times, that’s for sure. They’re even “laying off” teachers now. That’s when you know things are really bad. Who knew that could happen to teachers??!

    I love cilantro!! I most like it in homemade salsa, so good!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Lee!! 🙂

  2. That’s happened to me with headphones before, it usually happens when the get ruined by sweat. I have to buy new headphones at least twice a year, sucks. I think I like cilantro, umm not sure though.

  3. I’m sorry about the stress at work 😦 Hopefully it will all get better soon!!

    I can take or leave cilantro depending my mood. I’m not a huge acidic fan.

    Weekends in can be amazingly relaxing plus I always save money and calories. Have a happy Sunday!

  4. Whew – glad to hear it was your headphones & not your ipod!

    I do like cilantro – it’s yummy.

    My weekend is going well – hiked yesterday, hoping to mountain bike today! 🙂

  5. I love cilantro, although it can overpower some dishes. That is so stressful about work. I hate when it filters into dreams, too. When I was looking for a job a few years ago before my clerkship ended I kept having the teeth crumbling dream. No bueno. Hope your Saturday was relaxing!

  6. Seriously, there are people that cilantro tastes like soap to? I love cilantro!

    And, I hear that sometimes it can be more stressful to be the one “left behind” after layoffs instead of the one laid off…it’s all the waiting and wondering and guilt. I know after the round of layoffs I was included in the morale was super low in my office because every one was stressed they might be next. But, hopefully things will start to settle down soon!

  7. Sorry about the layoffs at work. I understand the uneasy feeling when you’re at a small company. I interned at a small ad agency in Athens this past year and they laid two people off back in Feb including my roommates sister (the one who helped me get the internship) and going back to work once she was gone was so strange for me. I almost felt like I shouldn’t even be there anymore.
    Good luck to you though, and don’t stress too much. Everything happens for a reason and it will work out!

  8. That has to be so stressful working in an environment where you have no clue who might get laid off next and when. 😦

    I loooooove cilantro!

  9. I LOVE cilantro!! Yum – a fave!

    So sorry to hear about your co-workers… we laid off a large part of our workforce in 2008. It’s no fun for sure… 😦 Hang in there and try not to stress too much!

    And YES – 2 miles is better than none- nice job, and glad it was the headphones and not the pod!

  10. I am sorry to hear about 2 of your coworkers getting laid off… in a small office environment, that’s a pretty big deal but keep your head up girl! And a grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort food! Yum. Enjoy your week! xoxo

  11. I LOVE cilantro. I am definitely checking out that dressing!