Anti-Debbie Downer

I feel like my last post was too much of a downer, so I’ll leave you with something cute.


By the way, you would think there would be more bride, groom and golden retriever cake toppers. You’d be wrong. We have been searching the internet for like an hour.


13 responses to “Anti-Debbie Downer

  1. awww omg your puppy is sooooo cute!!!!!

  2. Aww look at that face!

  3. Did that Etsy lady work out???? (from that cake topper at Mike’s cousins wedding that you said you liked!)

    • We actually found a regular bride and groom cake topper and then a little dog to go next to it. It ended up being way cheaper!!

  4. angieinatlanta

    Murphy is so cute! I hope you find a cake topper so you can really represent your family!

  5. Murphy could make anyone smile! 🙂

  6. so, so jealous of your perfect Golden!!

    Haha, your cake sounds like it will be awesome!

  7. Cute! and I bet that’s going to be a cute wedding topper too.

  8. Aww, Murphy!

    I’m glad that the house is working out (despite your mom not liking the location)- I’ve been on vacation so I’m just now catching up. 🙂

  9. Murphy! If I finally get my butt back to Atlanta soon, and we get to have an ATL blogger meetup can it include dogs? 🙂