I think the general consensus for the cake topper was to have Murphy looking at us. That is what I prefer too. I think otherwise Murphy looks like he’s supposed to be Jason’s seeing eye dog.

Today was super stressful with some last minute work dumped on my lap for an important meeting. I was in a generally pissy mood but then went to the gym and listened to This American Life while ellipticalling and felt better.

So, I know I don’t post a lot of wedding related stuff, but we got the flowers all sorted out and I’m really happy about them.

My bouquet will look like this but a lot bigger with some green accents.


Jason’s boutineer will be the same flower (ranunculus) as my bouquet.

Jason's boutonierre.jpg

The groomsmen will have pink rannuculus.

Groomsmen pink rannuculas boutonierre.jpg

Which will match the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Bridesmaid bouquet of pinks with dark green foliage.jpg

And the cake will incorporate some of the flower theme.

Gorgeous square cake with sage ribbon and pink roses.jpg

And that’s about as close to a wedding blog as this blog will ever be. I am not much for the girly wedding shit.

And then I ate a tortilla pizza with a Smartdog, corn and edamame on it.


13 responses to “Flowers

  1. Hahahahaha, Lee I just love you!! “I am not much for the girly wedding shit.” Hahahahaha, love it!! 😉 As “girly” as I am, I really wasn’t much into any of it either. I made my mom do it all for me b/c it just made my head spin. Andrew and I did a really good job of staying focused on the important stuff – getting ready to be husband and wife. It sounds like you and Jason are doing the same thing. Anyway, I LOVE your flowers! They all look so gorgeous!! Your wedding will be so lovely. How exciting that it’s getting so close!!!!

  2. Haha that was the best thing ever. I love your flowers though, so pretty!

  3. Those flowers are pretty! That is so funny about not being into the “wedding shit” because I am so not girly at all but I am totally into weddings! That is about the only thing I am girly about. 🙂

  4. It’s all so pretty. But I cracked up on how you said it is all girly wedding shit. Not that your stuff is shit, but I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t care much about all of the nitty gritty details in my wedding planning either. I bet you’re ready for it to be done and over with.

  5. Okay, your comments and the way you say things make me laugh out loud! I’ve never heard of or seen a rannuculus before….they are GORGEOUS. And your cake looks beautiful! Gosh, now I want some wedding cake.

  6. LOL I felt the same way… btw, love the flowers. I agree with the Murphy sitch.

  7. so glad you picked out flowers! that cake is beautiful!!

  8. Lovin’ the unique tortilla pizza! Heart that murph will be on the cake and the flowers are fab – pink is too pretty!

  9. very pretty!! great color choices, and i love the flowers on cake 🙂

  10. Sounds like the flowers will be beautiful!

  11. hahahhahahhaha you are awesome. Well the flowers are gorgeous- great pics 🙂 And a yummy dinner on top of it all. I hope tomorrow is a lot less stressful

  12. LMAO! I am all about the girly wedding $h*t! And I LOVE ranunculus!!! Gorgeous!

  13. I really like your colors. Pink and green are two of my favorites…they are kinda girly though!