La de da

Last night, once again, I hit the 7pm slump. I got home from work around 5:45 and was really tired. I stuck a podcast on my ipod (Savage Love) and took Murphy for about a half hour walk. While we were walking, Jason was making deconstructed burritos.


I have always loved the combination of vegetables, refried beans and salsa. Refried beans are one of my favorite foods, although I really only like the Old El Paso Fat-free variety. I tend to eat different variations of the same thing, as evidenced by my dinner the night before last.


After last night’s dinner, I tried to rationalize not working out. I was grumpy and tired. I tried to convince myself that it was a good idea take a rest day but then came to my senses and popped in the Core Synergistics DVD instead. I hate this DVD. I hate it more than legs and back. Legs and back is just hard, but there are a lot of moves on the Core Synergitsics DVD that I am simply unable to do which is frustrating. Plus, that particular DVD skips. I only did about 40 minutes of it, because the skipping was so bad.

I really need to get back into running. I don’t know what happened. That’s not true. What happened is what always happens to me. I train for a half-marathon and then I get burnt out and don’t run more than 3 miles at a time. Does this happen to anyone else? How do you keep up the mileage when you aren’t training for anything? The logical thing would be just to do it. Just put on my running shoes and walk out the door. Why is that so hard sometimes? I just ordered new running shoes (same as my old ones). Maybe new shoes will motivate me. I also have this weird little problem with my right foot. My heel has been sore. It sort of feels like a bruise or like I’m stepping on a little pebble. It’s not painful so much as it’s tender. My mother has had plantar faciitis before and said that she didn’t think that is what it was. It could be a heel spur. I hope not. Hopefully, it will go away. I only feel it some of the time.

I just need my crazy life to settle down. I feel like I’m constantly at some sort of celebration and it’s taking a toll. I have been eating a lot, drinking a lot and although I haven’t gained any weight, I feel sluggish and lethargic. I’ve been going to sleep after midnight almost every single night. I’ve been relying on caffeine in the morning (in the form of diet coke). It’s an exciting time in my life, but it’s so exhausting. I refuse to give up working out, or blogging for that matter, so what gets sacrificed is, unfortunately, sleep. Le sigh.

Right now, I’m totally bribing myself to run. Run=stop at Kroger for ice cream. No run= no ice cream. I want ice cream.


10 responses to “La de da

  1. Thanks for the book recommendations. I have read Red Tent- so good!
    I totally hear you on the constant celebration thing. I keep saying, I am capable of being healthy if everyone just leaves me alone haha. So hard!

  2. hang in there, busy girl!

  3. I feel the same way as you (i’m getting married the same day). I’m starting to feel exhausted and stressed all the time and there is so much stuff going on. I really want to sign up for another race but I can’t justify the time commitment right now because I barely have enough time to get wedding stuff done let alone run ten miles.

    This week I just decided to try to get in about 30 minutes of activity a day. It’s all I seem to have time for right now. It’ll all balance out in the end. I’m just trying to see the big picture. A month or two of this craziness isn’t going to kill me. And then I’ll be married at the end!

  4. Just remember it won’t always be like this! Things will settle down in time. Hang in there!! 🙂

  5. yes– that is totally what happened to me after my first half-marathon. All the training, combined with the colder winter weather, meant that I didn’t really get back into running for about a month or two. Give yourself enough time to really WANT to run again…you will!

  6. Sometimes you just need a break, I’m sure you’ll get back to wanting to pile on the mileage soon enough!

  7. Ice cream would DEFinitely motivate me to run. 🙂

    Hope your heel feels better!

  8. Aw sweetie, things will calm down after the wedding and you’re settled in your new house 🙂

    I have to bribe myself to run too. It’s completely mental. I know physically I can handle running but a lot of times I hate doing it. I found running interval sprints on a treadmill really help because it’s hard to get bored when your speed is changing so often!

    I’ve been vegan for about six weeks and it’s actually not that hard for me! And I’m working on transitioning to wordpress so I can actually respond to comments!!

  9. Lately, running has been very unappealing to me. Very, very unappealing. I’m like you. Once I run a race, I slack off on my running and lose all of my past running fitness. Plus, now it’s just too blasted hot outside to go for a run!

  10. Everybody gets burnt out. Don’t just think about cardio, think about a walk in the park, getting outside, or biking. Spice it up! All the time you spend waffling about going or not going, just put on your shoes and start moving, if in 5 min your legs still feel like dead weight, by all means don’t push yourself. And evening slumps are such a jerk! On the plus side, dinner looked friggin delicious.