Murphy woke me up about 15 minutes early this morning so I took the opportunity to make myself some fresh juice. I used half a cucumber, a granny smith apple and a slice of lemon. I don’t juice a lot, mostly because I’m lazy, but I have done it enough to figure out what I like and dislike in my juice.

Like – carrot, apple (most fruit really, but I usually do use an apple), cucumber, spinach, ginger

Dislike – lemon, celery

I only used a tiny bit of lemon this morning but it still made it too bitter. Maybe if I used a sweeter apple, it would balance out more. I wish I liked the green, all-vegetable blends, but I find that I have to use at least one piece of fruit for sweetness. Lily recently asked what to do with the pulp. I’ve thought about adding it to Murphy’s food, but am unclear as to what a dog can and can’t eat in terms of fruit and veggies. I know that a dog cannot eat onions, grapes or mushrooms but is there any other fruit or vegetable that is bad for them?

Murphy has vegetable likes and dislikes too. He likes green beans and spinach or lettuce. He does not like carrots. I hope it’s okay to feed this stuff to him. We don’t give him table scraps very often. His favorite, oddly enough, is whole wheat pita bread. He goes crazy for it. My dog growing up, Ginger, who was also a golden, really liked eggs and crab meat. And that Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon swirl bread. My mom used to buy that bread for the dog. I just remembered that.

Here’s Ginger. If you look closely, you can see a Sweet Valley High book in the background.


I had Ginger from age 6 to 18 or 19. She actually started out as my dad’s dog (my parents are divorced) and when I was 13, my dad and stepmother didn’t want her anymore. I threw a fit and somehow, and I have yet to figure out exactly how, I convinced my mother that we needed to keep her even though we lived in a condo. So she went from being my dad’s dog to my mom’s dog. Our condo was pretty big, a 3/3 and two floors, so it wasn’t like keeping a big dog in a little apartment.

Do you find that the breed of dog that you had as a kid is the one you gravitate towards an adult? Obviously, I do. Jason grew up with a Collie mix and he’s always trying to figure out what type of dog Fred (or it might have been Phred) was so we can get another just like him. Not that we’re getting another dog anytime soon!

Wow, that was a major tangent if I ever saw one. I just realized that before I started talking about Ginger, I said I liked ginger in my juice!

Also, a big congratulations is in order for my brother Eric who just graduated today from the University of Maryland with a major in Physics and minor in Math.


12 responses to “Ginger

  1. angieinatlanta

    I’m weirdly intimidated by juicing. I think I need to try some at some point since I’m obsessed with smoothies. I need to swing by Arden’s Garden.

    I definitely gravitate towards my childhood dog, which was a small poodle. I really only like small dogs. Big ones scare me. TWSS.

  2. I have never done juicing. Green monsters are as adventurous as I’ve gotten. I think if I did make a veggie juice I would have to have fruit in there too.

    I didn’t even know dogs couldn’t eat certain fruits and veggies. Our dog will only eat her dogfood so we never have paid attention to that kind of stuff. We have a black lab / pit mix that was a mutt. She is a sweetheart though! And VERY different from the toy poodles I had growing up. LOL

  3. Favorite thing about this post? The SVH book in the background. Yesssss!!!

  4. I love SVH! Good times. Ginger was adorable. If you have a good solution for what to do with the pulp let us know! I think I definitely gravitate towards yorkies. My mom used to breed them when I was younger so it makes sense!

  5. Congrats to your bro! Love the pic of Ginger and OMG if I wasn’t obsessed with those Wakefield’s! Talk about a huge chunk of my life devoted to reading about their lives!! I grew up with dachshunds and always loved small, cuddly dogs. I wanted one of them actually (a chi-weenie- mixed with Chihuahua) but was worried about how he would do without a yard.

  6. Awww – Ginger looks like such a sweetheart.

    And congrats to your bro! He’s cute (and smart, too). 🙂

  7. I agree- juice needs fruit. That extra sweetness does wonders. Ginger is SUCH a cutie. I used to have a list of all the foods dogs shouldn’t eat, but I can’t find it- I’m sure you can google it. I had labs mostly growing up but always wanted a bulldog (and now have one- duh!) Congrats to your bro.

    Coming to visit SC any time sooN??

  8. Ahhh SVH, such good reads. I want a bulldog so bad, we had a wheaten terrier for awhile which my dad got in the divorce, I def don’t want one of those.

  9. I never had a dog growing up, so when it came time for Andrew and me to get one, I had to really read up on my stuff. But now I can’t see myself ever wanting a dog other than a hound. I just love Ripsey!! 🙂

  10. intheskinny

    I heart Sweet Valley High. Enough said.

  11. I had smaller dogs growing up. Now my dog is 60 lbs and i’ll ALWAYS