My Day

This is what my day has been like:

7:35 – wake up. mad because we were supposed to close today and if we had, i could have slept later. also mad because, well, we were supposed to close today.

9-10:30 – frantically check email to see if there is any mention of closing tomorrow.

10:30ish – get text from Jason saying that they’re going to have to delayed closing FOR A FUCKING WEEK!! (the fucking part was my addition, he didn’t say that in the text) Stupid bank’s system has been down for a week. Apparently bank has no sort of back up system.

10:32- cry. at my desk. call my mother in tears.

10:35 – escape to office bathroom to wash my face and pretend that it’s not all red and blotchy.

12 – decide i need to get my eyebrows waxed and pedicure. not sure why having someone rip out my hair with hot wax is a reward.

1 – call moving company, cancel movers. call utilities, tell them not to transfer service yet

2 – reside to the fact that we aren’t moving this weekend. become somewhat grateful that we still have a place to live and won’t be kicked out on June 1st.

2:05 – think about dinner

4:42 – think about dinner more.

4:43 – realize that if we’re not moving this weekend, I have absolutely no plans. worry that i might be bored. wonder if friends will be in town. wonder if friends with pools will be in town. realize that i packed my bathing suits.

4:45 – realize someone got me a bedspread. Am sure it was my mother.

6 – realize that we have no food and go to random pita restaurant with jason. eat pita.


7 – decided that we need frozen yogurt. go to tcby since it’s closer. realize that tcby < yoforia. Wish we'd gone to yoforia.

9 – P90X. Shoulders and arms. Cuss out Tony Horton.


11 responses to “My Day

  1. LOL, another late night exerciser! I, too, am cursing at the TV by then! You remind me…I need to get my brows waxed, too. Upkeep that I HATE!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the delay! I would have been dropping F-Bombs myself. How frustrating!

    I hope you have a good weekend anyway.

  3. sorry about the struggles girl. i hope fro yo made it better at least! hope you have a good holiday weekend at least. drink off some steam!!

  4. Sorry you had such a rough day. You could always go to Target and buy a new bathing suit to cheer yourself up! 🙂

  5. Oh Lee…I am so sorry!!! I hope you are still able to enjoy your weekend. Stupid bank!

  6. Oh wow. I’m with you on the cuss out Tony. Do you think he and the blond girl on the legs DVD have a thing going? I sense some vibes there. And I’m sick of German potato soup girl too.

  7. I secodn the going to target and buying a bathing suit idea!

  8. Awwww, girl, so sorry about the closing troubles 😦 I hope it all works out okay!!!

  9. Ugh, this post brought back memories of just how horrible moving/buying a house can be. Your realtor doesn’t mention anything about shedding (angry) tears, right???

    I do hope you enjoy your weekend, though! At least this whole fiasco probably makes wedding planning look “fun,” right???