After the wedding..

After the wedding has become something I think about a lot. For a long time, after the wedding seemed way off in the future and not something that I thought about. There were a million day-to-day things that I had plenty of time to do before the wedding. But now, after the wedding is a mere 25 days away! After the wedding, I’m going to do this, after the wedding, I’m going to do that. In reality, after the wedding, I’m going to my honeymoon in Hawaii, so I guess I mean after the wedding festivities. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely 100% looking forward to my wedding day and my honeymoon. But a part of me, and I know Jason feels this way too, just wants to get on with our lives.

That was a long-winded way of saying that after the wedding, I’m going to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss my stomach issues. I had a really bad stomachache last week. So bad that I could barely sleep and I had to keep leaving the room (uh…so Jason wouldn’t suffer, if you know what I mean.) I actually know what triggered it too. I’m constantly trying to give up Diet Coke (another trigger, but not what caused my pain) so I decided to buy some soda water and mix it with a splash of POM. Tastes good, tears up my stomach. This has happened before. I’m really going to try to make a list of foods that hurt me and give it to my doctor. I’m pretty sure it’s IBS. My mother was tested for Celiac Disease (she didn’t have it) and thought I should be too. I hope it’s not that. I don’t think it is though because these are the foods that I know give me pain.

• carbonated beverages
• fake sugars
• beans (I need to buy some beano because I’m not eliminating beans from my diet)
• alcohol (although that might just be a hangover)

Recently, I asked Jason if I seem to have more stomach aches than the average person which he responded to with a resounding YES!! I’ve eliminated soda since the bad tummy ache last week and have felt better, but still a little bloated and gassy.

Moving on.

I made my first home cooked meal in my new house! Check out this counter space! There’s way more than you can see in the picture!


I love it! If you knew how little counter space we had in our old kitchen, you’d totally understand why I’m using so many exclamation marks. Seriously, Jason and I couldn’t both be in the kitchen without getting in each other’s way.

I made a Mediterranean Frittata. It was pretty good but took a really long time to cook.

Bad lighting and bad dinnerware. I had the bright idea of getting rid of all our old plates during the move because I saw that someone had purchased new ones for us on our registry. Except that they haven’t come yet. And I ate the frittata with a spoon for the same reason. OOps.


15 responses to “After the wedding..

  1. Aww, I’m sorry about your stomach 😦 Hopefully you can figure out some triggers and avoid them on a regular basis! Have you tried the Vitamin Water Zero? I love it and found that if I have it, I don’t need any carbonated beverages (ie Diet Coke).

    Congratulations on the spacious kitchens! I’d take a small house with a large kitchen 🙂

    • I’ve been drinking Vitamin Water Zero like it’s going out of style. It doesn’t hurt my tummy. Only thing is, I only really like the lemonade flavor and they don’t always have it.

  2. I totally understand how you feel about just wanting the wedding to be OVER. I mean it’s an exciting time and all but I’m ready for some order in my life again. Oh post-wedding bliss, let’s hope it’s a real thing..

  3. I totally know how you feel. Planning a wedding is a ridiculous amount of work. You just want to feel normal again 🙂 You may be allergic to artificial sweeteners. Try cutting them down (beware…they’re in so many food products) and see how you feel. Hope the tummy gets better. LOVE the new kitchen 😉

  4. My wedding was lovely, but life after our wedding was way better than before (it wasn’t bad before, but you know what I mean) and it has only gotten better! 🙂 We just felt so much more like a family and more committed than ever to making one another happy every single day. So I totally get that you’re ready for wedding stuff to be over and done with.

    Sorry about your tummy. Hopefully your doctor can give you some good, solid answers so you won’t be in pain anymore!

  5. I can’t believe your wedding is in 25 days…..AH!! how exciting! 🙂

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your tummy troubles, that sounds rather painful 😦 It sort of does sound like IBS? Part of me originally thought maybe it could be lactose intolerance but the foods you mentioned don’t have lactose in them so I guess that’s not it, huh? But the GOOD news in all of this? You’ll be a married lady living it up in Hawaii in 25 days, WOO!!

  7. Sorry about the stomach issues, but um hooray for lots of counter space?

  8. Aw you are going to have SO much fun in Hawaii! I was definitely more excited for that than the wedding; is that wrong? haha. I hope that your stomach issues are resolved soon. Yay for all of your counter space! 🙂

  9. I’ve had major tum problems too – was thinking it was a bug?? I dunno – good for you for going to the doctor. I promised Austin I would go to!

    The kitchen looks GREAT – love the open shelving and european bar pulls!!

    And I hear you – the wedding is great but post-wedding is what it’s all about!!

  10. Gosh, I hope they can figure out your tummy issues. I’m bloated kind of a lot and I am sure it’s because of Diet Coke. But I can’t imagine the aches….I’m such a wuss when it comes to tummy aches. I want to eat my food, damnit!

    25 days!!! 🙂

  11. Congrats on the move and the first homecooked meal, it looks delicious!

  12. Congrats again on the move/new house!

    Maybe some of your stomach troubles are due to nerves/stress? I am sure you’re right that some things are irritants, but perhaps some of the pain and bloatiness will die down post-wedding?

  13. i’m sure the stress you are under isn’t helping. have you thought about being tested for other food allergies/intolerances? that could be causing problems too.

    if you ever want to talk about food, bad tummies, or anything else related, let me know!