Annoying Day

I’m not sure who I thought I was trying to fool when I said I was going to go to the gym yesterday. I spent the good majority of the day on my couch. I did manage to walk Murphy and I felt mostly human by the early evening. Shots and I do not agree. Ugh. I did assemble my desk and get our office room looking pretty good so the day wasn’t a total waste.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of caffeine (I can never spell that right on the first try) or just the lack of sleep, but I was so freakin’ tired at work today. I’m not purposely trying to avoid caffeine, I’m trying to avoid soda which gives me tummy aches. Soda was my main source of caffeine. I’m not a coffee drinker and tea is just okay.

I guess because I was tired, the day seemed to seriously drag. I stopped at Publix on my way home to buy some ingredients for a dinner that I was planning to make. The plan was to wait for Jason to get home around 7, go to the gym and then make this dinner. Fail. First my dad called, just to chat so I was on the phone with him for 15 minutes. Then, almost immediately after, my mom called and we proceeded to get into a big screaming fight for another 15 minutes. Ahh, wedding planning, can’t wait until you’re over. So, by the time we actually got to the gym, it was almost 8.

To make matters worse, all the treadmills were taken and I had to use the elliptical. I managed to squeeze in a good workout. I did intervals – 2 minutes slow, 1 minute fast for 30 minutes. By the time I got home and showered, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner from a recipe. So I had an old standby – tortilla pizza. Though, this time I switched it up and made it Mexican.


La Tortilla brand tortilla (my favorite) with fat-free refried beans, salsa, spinach, baby peppers and Mexican cheese. It was good, but I prefer a traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella pizza.

I think I’ll hit the hay so tomorrow’s not a repeat of today. Good night! Do you need caffeine to function in the morning? Ever broken the habit? How long does it take not to feel like a zombie.


8 responses to “Annoying Day

  1. I drink a cup of coffee every morning… well, iced coffee. I think I need it to function, but really, it might just be in my head. I definitely have those kinda days where no matter what I do, I’m dragging!

  2. p.s. Do you know where Angie went/ if everything is okay? I noticed that she hadn’t updated in awhile, and when I clicked on her blog, it had been deleted. 😦

  3. Sorry to hear you had an annoying day. 😦

    I used to drink diet cokes like they were going out of style but I’ve gone cold turkey since finding out about my pregnancy and at first I did have some withdrawal headaches, but now I’m fine without and it and don’t miss it all.

  4. I don’t need caffeine to function. It actually has no effect on me. I can drink espresso and go right to bed. haha!

  5. Yum I love Mexican pizzas! I used to drink Starbucks every day when I was in college, I broke the habit when I started having to use real m oney for it and not just campus dining dollars. It took a little bit to get used to but i’m fine now

  6. Sorry about the night 😦 Hope today is much better. Oh a good note- the pizza looks delicious! I love refried beans. I drink coffee in the morning and I just love it….don’t want to give it up!

  7. I can’t stand those days where everything just feels blah. I hope things are better now. And I’m glad the wedding planning will be over for you soon enough.