New Furniture, Old Dinner


Look what we got last night! Jason’s been really wanting one of these and found this one on Craigslist for a mere $100. Neither of us had ever bought anything from Craigslist before, but our experience was great. We went over to the seller’s house and looked at it. It looked a bit smaller online and Jason thought it would fit in his car. (He has a Pontiac Vibe). Unfortunately, it didn’t fit in his hatch. So, with the help of the man who was selling it, we tied it to the roof of his car. (Okay fine, Jason and the man did; I stood there.) I expressed some concern to Jason about how he and I were going to get it off the roof of his car when we got home and the man who was selling it offered to follow us home and help! Can you believe that? So nice. Fortunately, our house was only about 5 minutes away from theirs.

What do you call this thing? A hutch? Wine rack? Server? Buffet? Regardless of what it’s called, we are pleased with our purchase.

Neither of us felt like grocery shopping and cooking, so we decided to try L’Thai. L’Thai’s menu states that it’s the only 100% organic Thai restaurant outside of Thailand. Sounds good to me. I was pretty hungry, so I decided to get some spinach and tofu soup to start out with.


Jason got dumplings. Check out that presentation. He said they were very good.


For my entree, I asked the waitress which she thought was better – the basil portobello or the mixed veggies and tofu. She said that I should go with the mixed veggies.


Yum. And organic!

I went to Publix with some co-workers for lunch and got veggie sushi. Not as good as the fishy kind, but a pretty decent substitute. If you were wondering, I’ve been completely vegetarian for a month – ever since the sushi incident where I just couldn’t help myself and scarfed down some rainbow roll. One of my co-workers had driven her own car because she said she wanted to stop somewhere after. As we were leaving, I asked her where she was going. She wanted dessert! She drove her own car so she could go get a dessert somewhere! I figured that was a good enough reason to introduce her to Yoforia for some frozen yogurt. I got a combination of vanilla, pineapple and cheesecake with some graham cracker crumbs, coconut, kiwi and strawberry topping. I heart Yoforia.

And to illustrate how I tend to eat the same thing all the time, here’s today’s tortilla pizza. That green stuff is steamed cauliflower and broccoli pureed with a laughing cow cheese wedge and a teeny bit of milk.


11 responses to “New Furniture, Old Dinner

  1. Ohh I love the new piece of furniture! What a find 😀 That is awesome that the seller was so helpful

  2. I really feel like you could furnish an entire house through craigslist. They have some great finds. Glad it worked out for you so well, what a great purchase!!!

  3. What a great find!!

  4. Love your new piece of furniture!!

    Your meal out looks delicious!! 🙂

  5. I love that piece! You could do so many things with it and such a good price!

  6. Love Craigslist! I got all of my furniture off there for so cheap and it looks brand new! The person I got mine from also followed me home and helped! Great deal! Your dinner looks amazing too. Love those dumplings!

  7. Oh my gosh, $100?! That is a steal!! I LOVE Craigslist.

  8. Bless craigslist and the crazies giving everything away. I mean you find some real gems (as sen above). I love me some veggie sushi, not real hot for the raw stuff yet:)

  9. oooh i’ll have to try the pureed broccoli and cauliflower: it looks delish!

    and don’t worry i eat a lot of the same things over and over. it’s semi comforting 🙂 for example my dad has his chair and i have my hug salad!

  10. I like buying & selling things on craigslist – it’s usually pretty easy & I’ve had good luck.

    I love that you always remind me of the deliciousness of tortilla pizzas!

  11. Great Craigslist find!! My one and only experience was my treadmill and it was a very positive exchange. I would be willing to try again.

    I also want to say that despite the drama at times with family, I think you’re doing an awesome job handling the wedding stress. 🙂