The Veggie Bet

Jason is going to be doing some guest blogging this week. At some point in Hawaii, I bet him that he could not go one week without eating meat. It actually started out as one month, but somehow turned into a week. Now, to me, going a week without meat is easy, but I guess to someone who eats meat on a regular basis, it’s not.

Jason is definitely a meat eater. But…he’s not one of those guys that has to have meat and potatoes for every meal. While I don’t think he’d order a tofu dish or veggie burger from a restaurant, he has no problem eating those things at home when I make them. So, he has a distinct advantage in this bet. He likes vegetarian food.

So from today until next Monday, Jason is going to eat vegetarian and will be blogging about it (I always knew he secretly wanted to be a blogger). Do you think he can do it? If you eat meat, could you go without for a week? A month?

The stakes on this bet aren’t that high. A month of lawn mowing in on the line. Fortunately, for the loser, we only really mow our grass once a month!

I made dinner tonight, so that was an easy meal for him. We had Spaghetti Salad.


I followed the recipe except that I used half the cheese. It just seemed like it called for too much cheese. Some of the reviewers said that they used feta instead of cheddar which I think might taste better (but we didn’t have any). I think the salad was supposed to chill and let the flavors meld but I was in a hurry (aka hungry), so I didn’t do that. If I made this again, I would probably use a smaller noodle. The vegetables and pasta seemed to separate.

So, per the norm, I went to the gym tonight and looked in my workout bag and was missing something. A bra. I don’t know how I always manage to forget something. I mean, I need shorts, a shirt, shoes, a bra and socks. Why is that so hard for me to remember? I went to the gym anyway in my normal bra. Not really very comfortable and to top it off, my ipod was dead. I managed to do a 30 minute interval workout anyway. I did 2 minutes at 3.5mph and 1 minute 7.0mph. I figured there was no way that I could run 30 minutes on the treadmill sans music.


6 responses to “The Veggie Bet

  1. Thanks for the recipe and your notes for how to change it up! Best of luck to Jason on the no-meat week! I could never run 30 minutes without an iPod… no way!

  2. What a great challenge for Jason! A few years ago I would not have been able to go a week but now I can likely go months without meat if I had to.

    It is such a pain to forget gym stuff. Whenever I pack my bag the night before I go over everything I need twice and still feel like I’m forgetting something, even though I’m not. Good for you for sticking with your workout!

  3. Haha I love that bet! And I hate when I forget my ipod at the gym 😦

  4. Oh cool, looking forward to hearing from Jason! Andrew wouldn’t be able to make it!!

  5. hahhahaha- a bra is always the first thing I forget. I don’t know where my noodle is when I do it either 🙂 What a fun challenge for the man! Josh is sort of the same way – he could do it….but wouldn’t really choose to do it. Can’t wait to hear more

  6. I will be interested in seeing how he does. I eat meat and know I could go a week without because I love meatless options as well. I don’t know about a whole month though.