Weeknight Meals

I’ve tried the early morning workout thing and I just think it’s not for me. And yes, I’ve given it a fair shot. Last year, I did 4 months of 6:30 am boot camps. I know that some people say that morning workouts energize them for the day. I am not one of those people. I just get tired earlier in the day. Now I know that I could go to sleep earlier and could solve that problem, but because of Jason’s weird work schedule, if I went to sleep at 9, I’d never see him!

So, since I don’t work out in the morning, I have a few other options. Working out at lunch, working out straight after work or coming home, eating dinner and working out later. Surprisingly, I used to come home for a couple hours and head to the gym all the time. But lately, and I mean in the past few months, I find that when I’m home, I don’t want to leave and I end up rationalizing why I don’t need to go to the gym.

My old office had a gym in the building, so I did do lunch workouts. Especially when I knew that I had some sort of evening plans. Right now, my gym is about 10 minutes from my office, so I could go if need be, but that would only really give me time for a 25-30 minute workout, which generally isn’t enough.

The point of this is that I’ve been going straight after work and I think that’s the best time for me. The gym hasn’t been too, too crowded and I get my workout out of the way and can relax for the rest of the night. The problem is this, by the time I get home, it’s around 7:30 and by the time that I shower and walk Murphy (which Jason sometimes does), it’s around 8 and the last thing I want to do is make a complicated recipe. So, I find that I have a bunch of go-to easy weeknight recipes, two of which I made this week.

Last night, I made stuffed peppers.


This is based off a Cooking Light recipe. Basically, you just cut open a pepper and microwave it for 5 minutes to get it “roasted.” Then, you stuff with a mixture of refried beans, salsa and brown rice and top with cheese. I used goat.

Tonight, I had a big salad. We seemed to have a lot of salad ingredients in the fridge and I think I went a bit overboard.


This salad contained lettuce, mushrooms, black olives, hearts of palm, goat cheese, avocado and hummus. My eyes were a lot bigger than my stomach and I was only able to eat half.


Bowl next to Murphy so you can see how big it was. And yes, that is my backyard. I promise that I will show house pictures one of these days. We’re still in the process of making it nice.

Do you make recipes during the week? Sometimes I do if I get it in me, but normally I’m too lazy!


12 responses to “Weeknight Meals

  1. I’ve been making a lot of easy meals lately too – yummy sandwiches and salads. They usually hit the spot and are quick to make. 🙂

  2. I’m typically lazy during the week too. If I have time to prep things (like chop veggies, etc) then I’ll make more elaborate veggies. But I normally just want to relax and eat something yummy and quickly!

  3. I tend to cook on the weekends on Sunday and do a lot of reheating during the week, sometimes I’ll cook something easy. I can definitely do some work outs in the morning but I find it tough to get in a really good work out when I have to be at work early. This is why I try to get in two quality work outs on the weekend when I have more time and then I can work out 2-3 times during the week and have the rest of the time for relaxation.

  4. You definitely just have to find the right time for YOU to go to the gym. For a while, I felt bad that I wasn’t hopping on the 5:30 am workout bandwagon, but I just remembered– you know, I’m pretty sure that would make me a miserable biatch for the rest of the day! 🙂

  5. That’s the schedule I have, go home, get changed, and head right back out the door to the gym after work. Sometimes I’ll cook something easy and fast, but nothing complicated.

  6. hehe love that you showed its scale next to murph! haha I want house pictures! I do make recipes during the week but REALLY try to do it all on the weekends!

  7. Your yard looks awesome! I am an after work exerciser too. I ran this morning (and last Wednesday) and felt like I was sleep-running. I am making one of my default meals tonight- roasted red pepper and eggplant on foccacia with goat cheese and tapenade. Easy and filling. It’s actually pretty easy to roast the red peppers if you want the recipe. It’s from cooking light, obviously 😀

  8. I workout when I get home from work too. Even in the summer when I have the entire day off, I still wait until a little while after lunch b/c I’m not crazy about working out first thing.

  9. When I was working I had to go straight after work if I was going to go at all. Otherwise I would find reasons. I don’t know if I could work out first thing in the morning either. I think my workout would suffer from the lack of energy. I need time to wake up a bit first.

  10. I like that microwave red pepper trick! I’m usually too lazy to cook most of the time…

  11. I didn’t know peppers could look yummy!