Monday blah

How quickly the weekend comes to an end. How is it already Monday? I find that if I have a low-key weekend, it seems to go by faster than if I’m really busy. Seems like it’d be the opposite, doesn’t it? My weekend was mostly focused on home improvement. Now that all the chaos in my life has died down some, it’s much easier to tackle these home improvement projects. We’re doing it little by little. There is quite a bit of work to be done. Our first order of business was the master bedroom.

On Saturday, Jason and I went to the Rooms to Go Outlet and purchased a bedroom suite and a new mattress. Shopping makes me hungry, so I threw together some random stuff for dinner. Trader Joe’s Gigantic Beans over rice with a side of mushrooms sauteed in garlic and butter. I’m not a big butter person, but I do love the way it tastes with mushrooms. This entire portion maybe had a 1 tsp of butter in it. A little goes a long way, especially when you’re not used to it.





I’d never had these Gigantic Beans before and I thought they were sort of weird. Not the beans themselves, they were good, but the tomato sauce that they were in was really oily. I think I’d be better off just buying some Great Northern Beans and adding my own sauce.

Our bedroom set was delivered yesterday and there is a problem. The bed is ridiculously high. We got a new mattress which has a pillow top and it’s like you need a ladder to get into the bed. Jason called Rooms to Go and they are going to exchange it for a low-profile box frame which hopefully will help. Poor Murphy tried to get in the bed with us last night and fell.

Yesterday afternoon, while doing errands, my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go get Ethiopian food with him and his wife. I’d never tried it before so I was game.

We went to Desta. Between the three of us, we got two Vegetarian Combos and the Tomato Fit Fit and shared it. It was really good. I wish I’d brought my camera. I actually really liked the injera bread that you scoop the food up with. Now to make Jason a convert. He’s tried it once, at a different restaurant, and didn’t like it.

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?


11 responses to “Monday blah

  1. I seriously can’t wait until I have my house to work on! It’s such a hard earned accomplishment! I agree with you completely about the weekend…it does seem to fly by when you do nothing!

  2. Hope your Monday isn’t too bad! I’ve never tried Ethiopian food but have wanted to for a while. I’ll have to find a place!

  3. I haven’t had Ethiopian food but those beans are huge! I’d feel giggly just eating them 🙂 Funny food always makes me happy!

    Don’t worry about the Monday blahs. Try to think about as a new start. A chance to have a better week than last. And a whole new weekend to look forward too 🙂

  4. My low key weekends always seem to pass quicker too. Like this weekend was non stop but it felt like it was an entire week.

    I love having high up beds. I wish ours was higher. It does make getting into them more difficult though.

  5. How exciting to get a new bedroom suite! We really need one. We’re still sleeping in Andrew’s bachelor pad bed… it’s really hysterical. 😉

  6. Aw, poor Murphy! I’ve had furniture fails like that too- I purchased a large sectional couch, then had to send a piece back bc it was so large.

    I’ve never tried Ethiopian food but it sounds interesting!

  7. Whoa, those beans are HUGE! Sorry the tomato sauce was disappointing.

    I love Ethiopian food…especially the bread that comes with everything! I actually went to Desta just a couple months ago. It was delicious. My Ethiopian friend at work says that Desta is her favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the area. Did you notice how there were at least two other Ethiopian restaurants just in that shopping center? I thought that was pretty random.

  8. Looks yummy! I agree – butter and olive oil go such a long way for me! Those beans look great. Very exciting about the new bedroom set!! You must take pics!

  9. I’ve had Ethiopian food a few times. The first times I really enjoyed the injera, and the vegetarian options. But the last time I had it was in a very popular restaurant in Montreal, and the service was terrible. Unfortunately, I’m unsure I want to try it again, though I have to convince myself that when the service is bad, it often makes the food seem poor too.