Flavor Tripping

Have you heard of flavor tripping? Despite the name, it’s completely legal. There is a berry called the miracle fruit that somehow alters your tastedbuds for 15-60 minutes and makes sour foods taste sweet. I’d read about this before and was pleased to find out that a local bar has a flavor tripping party every week.

Jason and I went last night with two of our friends. We got there a little early and started out with some appetizers. The host told us that we might want to eat something before the flavor tripping began. Of course, this might have been a ploy to get us to spend money (we’d bought the flavor tripping tickets earlier), but I was hungry, so I didn’t complain. Jason and I shared some hummus and I had a caprese slider.

After we ate, they brought us the flavor tripping menu


and the first course. The berry is in the middle.


We were instructed to roll the berry around in our mouths and on our tongue for about a minute. Afterward, we tried the fruit. It was really weird. It almost tasted like it was all dusted with sugar! I wish that lemons and limes tasted this way normally. I would eat them all the time.

The second course was more adventurous.


Strawberries and goat cheese, french fries (not pictured) and ketchup, sour cream, cholula hot sauce, cottage cheese and a salt and vinegar potato chip with blue cheese.

The strawberry and goat cheese combo was supposed to taste like cheesecake. It sort of tasted like really sweet strawberries with goat cheese to me. The french fries and cottage cheese just tasted normal. The hot sauce had the flavor of hot sauce, but not the heat. The sour cream was just weird and the chip tasted like a plain chip.

There was a third course that I didn’t take a picture of. It was a tiny shot of tequila, a tiny shot of sour apple martini and a Guinness and lemon sorbet float. The tequila was supposed to taste like top shelf. I’m not a tequila fan, so it just tasted like tequila to me. The sour apple shot was sweet and didn’t taste like alcohol. The Guinness tasted like coffee. Unfortunately, I don’t like coffee, so I didn’t drink it. The also brought us a tiny shot of cranberry juice which tasted like kool-aid.

All in all, it was a cool experience. Not really something that I’d do again (it was $20), but it was a fun thing to try. Have you ever heard of flavor tripping? Would you try it?


15 responses to “Flavor Tripping

  1. …I haven’t heard of it, but it sounds worth-while (worth trying that is)…I’ll have to find a place.

  2. Wow, $20? Sounds so interesting though! I’ve never heard of this…thanks for posting!

  3. I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds like it’s worth trying once! Your experience with it wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be. Where did you go to do it?

  4. Wow, how cool! I’ve never heard of flavor tripping. It sounds so neat! I would definitely try it 😀

  5. i have never heard of flavor tripping! i definitely would want to try it!

  6. I have never heard of this, but I can see how it would change the way things taste. You know like if you eat a ton of sour patch kids and then try to eat something normal. That’s kind of a neat experience though!

  7. Never heard of this, but it sounds really cool! I’d definitely give it a try!!

  8. What an interesting idea! Definitely something worth trying once.

  9. That sounds interesting. I am not sure if I would go to something like this, but it might be interesting to experience. Great review!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I kinda want to check it out!

  11. I’ve heard of the miracle fruit in NPR, of all places. I’ve always been so curious to try it!

  12. I have heard of it, but have never tried it. I wonder if there is a place near here that offers it; I would totally do it.

  13. I have never heard of such a thing before. Do you know where the fruit comes from? I’ll have to look up that one.

  14. Oh my GOSH! I am overwhelmed that a restaurant hosts these parties. I heard about miracle fruit through one of my friends, who was forced to take a tablet and then handed a plate full of limes. The rest of his family walked into the party, and he was raving about how delicious and sweet everything tasted. They were worried about him. We then proceeded to host an incredibly silly flavor tripping party for his birthday! We were fighting over grapefruit. Hehehe.