Since Jason works really odd hours, Friday nights are typically one of our only times to go on a date. We usually go to dinner and end up having a few drinks. This is always somewhat problematic when I’m training for a race however. More on that in a bit.

Last night, we went to a new (to us) Mexican place called Taqueria El Vecino. Their website says, “Welcome Neighbor” and that really describes the place. It was very neighborhoody. It was a tiny little restaurant and it was filled with families with lots of kids. It was a little cramped, but I took it to be a sign that the food was good.

They had a salsa bar in the corner which was awesome. I basically see Mexican food as a vehicle for getting salsa into my mouth, so having access to as much salsa as I want is ideal.


For my entree, I ordered two tacos – one portobello mushroom and spinach and the other vegetables. I was pleased that they didn’t come with cheese. I don’t really like shredded cheese into tacos.


This picture is before I dumped even more salsa on the tacos. And consequently had to eat them with a fork. Jason got the special – a skirt steak that they were grilling outside, in front of the restaurant. He said it was good.


We also split a small pitcher of margaritas. Now, when I say “split”, I mean that I drank 1/3 of it and Jason drank 2/3rds. I’m not a big margarita fan. For one, they have a ton of calories, but mostly because I don’t like the taste of sour mix.

Jason requested that we hang out at a more adult setting so we went to a bar near our house – Marlow’s. We stayed there for about an hour and went home.

Now, here’s the problem. I knew that I had my 6-mile run to do this morning. I also know that I really don’t run well if I’ve had any alcohol the night before. But yet, I did anyway. I get so mad at myself for this. I know that I should just go out and have a water or something but I always get caught up in the moment and order a drink. Argh. One day I’ll learn. I hope.

My run wasn’t that great. I didn’t realize it when I bought the new nano, but it’s a different size than my old nano, which means that my old armband doesn’t fit on it. So, I ran with the nano in my bra. The entire time it was poking me and very uncomfortable. My original intention was to run 3 miles out and then 3 miles back. Around mile 2.5, it started to rain. I don’t really mind running in the rain, but I was worried about my ipod, so I turned around and went home. I guess I can always tack on the extra mile tomorrow.

Speaking of running and races, I have a predicament. I am very interested in running the Vinings Downhill 5K on Sept 11th. The problem is that we’re having a housewarming/Jason’s 30th birthday party that night. If I run the race, I’ll have to get up early, around 6 am and I probably won’t get home until around 10 am. Then I probably won’t have time for a nap because we’ll be busy setting up for the party and I’ll probably get tired really early that night. So that’s reason not to run it. Reason to run it is because I want to and it’s downhill and a Peachtree qualifier. What should I do? Speaking of the party, I would love it if any local bloggers would like to stop by. Let me know if you are free that night and I can email you the party info.


11 responses to “Taqueria

  1. I love when there’s a variety of salsas to try at Mexican places. There’s a little Mexican fast food place near my sister’s that has all kinds – traditional, tomatillo, peach, mango, and different levels of hot. Definitely a good reason to eat Mexican.

  2. A salsa bar!! I need to go to this place!! 🙂

  3. That food looks great!

    I never have a problem with drinking then running the next day as long as I moderate myself and keep to 1-3 drinks. And, who am I kidding, I think there has only been one time in the past 2 years that I’ve had more than 3 drinks! And I paid for it the next day.

  4. I love salsa. And I use all sorts of instruments to get it into my mouth 🙂 I think it’s the best part of Mexican food. I’m not a huge margarita fan for the reasons you listed but what we did in college was miz tequila with diet sprite and lime juice for our ghetto version of a skinny girl margarita.

  5. That mexican looks great! Not greasy at all- which is awesome. I love salsa too. Its the best salad dressing too. If it were me with the race on the party day, I’d skip it. Throwing parties can be a little stressful on the host and you don’t want to feel unnecessarily overwhelmed that day

  6. Ohh, my boyfriend and I love Mexican food, but he is all about the cheap, greasy restaurants, which make my stomach hurt. I will have to try this one out!

    I bet you could squeeze in a nap after your race…maybe you could start the party prep the day before? Also, for some reason, when I get drunk I can stay up all night no natter how sleep deprived I am, as long as I don’t sit down for too long!