A complete meal

A lot of times when I show a picture of something that I’ve eaten, especially a recipe that I’ve made, I’m only showing you part of what I’m eating. Sometimes it’s because what I’ve made that was intended to be an entree turned out to be a side dish. Case in point, last night’s Kale and Cauliflower Bake.

This came from the South Beach Diet cookbook. Back in the day, I followed the South Beach diet and lost a lot of weight. While I don’t agree with the low-carb, fake sugar thing anymore, most of the recipes taste good and I still make them from time to time.

I halved the recipe to make three servings. Every time I make 4 or more servings with the intention of freezing the leftovers, I end up getting really sick of the meal and don’t want to eat it anymore.


This was good, but like I said, more of a side dish even though it was listed in the vegetarian entree chapter of the book. I guess that’s a problem with a lot of vegetarian meals; they’re just side dishes in bigger portions.

Tonight, I decided to make a complete meal.


Half a block of tofu sauteed in Trader Joe’s Curry sauce. I was going to bake the tofu, but suddenly my oven stopped working. Ugh. The stove top still works at least. With the tofu, I had a side of barley that was cooked in vegetable broth for flavor and bok choy that was stir fried in a wok with oil and a sauce made of soy sauce, cornstarch and veggie broth.

I haven’t been talking much about running. I don’t know why. I’m still running! I haven’t fallen off the training wagon yet. I also need to sign up for the race. I should get on that. I’m planning on running the Silver Comet half marathon in the end of October. Today I did 6 x 400 at 5K pace. I ran the faster 400s at 6.5 mph and walked the slower ones at 3.5. This took 40 minutes to do 3 miles. Afterward, I did a bunch of ab exercises. I do find that when I train for a race, I neglect strength training. It just seems like a lot of time at the gym!


6 responses to “A complete meal

  1. Hi Lee! Glad that your blog is back and that all is A-OK! Your meal looks great – I haven’t had tofu in too long and I’ve never cooked bok choy! It kind of intimidates me for some reason.

    I agree – its hard to strength train when you’re training for a race. By the time you get done running you feel like you deserve the rest and time away from the gym!

    Have a great one!

  2. I can see how it would be hard to focus on strength workouts while training. That would be a lot to do and keep up with.

    Glad you’re blog is back up and running. That’s so weird.

  3. I tend to neglect strength training too, I hate lifting after I finish running. I’m so sweaty that I get cold, and I just like to get out of there.

  4. That cauliflower and kale bake looks great!!

    I’m bad about strength training too b/c I love cardio so much more!!

  5. I HAD noticed that you hadn’t been talking about running late (notice more now that i’m trying to be a runner!) Glad it’s still going well!