Can’t come up with a title

Last night, Jason and I rented a Uhaul and bought some furniture from two different friends. Our friend Adriane is moving to California and sold us her sectional and our friend Jamie sold us his dining room table with six chairs. For some reason, moving heavy furniture is always synonymous with ordering pizza. Domino’s was having a 2 medium, 2-topping special for $5.99 each. We got a his and hers combination. One pepperoni and sausage on hand-tossed and one tomato and mushrooms on thin crust with no cheese. Betcha can’t guess whose was whose?!


Despite the fact that my pizza had no cheese, I still felt guilty for eating lots of it. I had to remind myself that I don’t eat a lot of pizza and overeating cheeseless pizza one night is not going to make me gain weight. I wish I could just eat sometimes and not have to analyze it to death.

Moving on.

Today was my tempo run night. Unfortunately, it coinciding with a major stomachache. I drank a diet doctor pepper in the morning because I needed some caffeine. Nearly eight hours later, it came back to bite me in the ass. It’s weird; I would drink a soda and it wouldn’t bother me for that long and then suddenly, boom, major tummy ache. I know that I really need to get to the bottom of my stomach woes. I asked my doctor and she insisted that I just had a sensitive stomach without testing me for an intolerances. I have since fired that doctor. (Not because of that – it’s a long story.)

I went to the gym anyway, hoping that I could run through my stomachache. It wasn’t fun, but I managed to do a 35 minutes tempo run. I did 3 minutes at 3.5mph, 7 minutes at 5.5mph, 20 minutes at 6.2mph and 5 minutes at 5.5mph. This was about 3.25 miles. Of course, I wanted to slow down, but I kept telling myself that if I turned this into a regular paced run at any point, I would have to do the entire tempo run another day this week and that kept me running at 6.2. Yes, 6.2 is my tempo pace. Whatever.

By the time I got home, I felt better. I wanted a simple, easy dinner though. So I just popped a Trader Joe’s Masala burger on the George Foreman and put it on an English muffin with some tomato, mustard and pickles. Jason made some sort of sauteed veggies, so I ate those on the side.


Sometimes I wish that I made nice dinners every night and could share my latest and greatest recipes, but the truth is, this meal is pretty indicative of a weeknight dinner. Simple, easy.

Off to watch Dexter. Season 4 is finally on DVD!


9 responses to “Can’t come up with a title

  1. Simple is never bad! Sometimes you just need that. Oh and I almost beat myself up for eating 3/4s of a small mellow mushroom cheeseless pizza with tomatoes and spinach…I rethought it and, for the first time in I can’t tell you how long, I let it go. Seriously, it isn’t like you do it all the time. As for the intolerances, you would be better off going through an elimination diet and finding out what you react to. Seriously, it is just easier and most of the time the tests really aren’t that accurate. These things don’t show up in blood samples (unless it is celiac and even then it is not 100%). Sorry about the tummy ache. Oh and me and George Foreman, we had a date tonight too! I love him. I hope you feel better tonight!

  2. Pizza is definitely the best part about moving heavy furniture…and yes, they do seem to be synonymous with each other!

  3. Yessss, i need to watch Dexter season 4 also! And pizza and beer go hand in hand with moving.

  4. I feel guilty sometimes when I eat pizza too. Although I must say that i’ve never had cheeseless pizza- you should feel no guilt lady! 🙂

    Great job on the run – you’re really speeding it up!

  5. I used to feel very guilty about pizza too. But like you said, you don’t eat it everyday and life is just too short without any pizza!! 🙂 You are so active, I’m sure you’ve already burned off any excess calories anyway. No worries!! 🙂

    I love our sectional! It’s so nice when visitors come over – lots of seating!

  6. You gotta have pizza after moving furniture! Your meal is just missing beer!

  7. Ohhhhh Dexter season 4 is so good! I hope you love it. I just saw the teaser for Season 5, and I’m so excited!

    Blogging always makes me feel pressure to eat pretty meals. The thing is, blogging takes me so long, I never have time to create them. This summer when I took some time off, I had the best time cooking and baking with no pressure to blog about it.

  8. eeee i cant wait for season 5 to start!

  9. Simple and easy meals are the best in my opinion!