Jason’s Birthday Dinner + yoga

Yesterday was Jason’s birthday. As he likes to tell people, they declared the entire day a holiday in his honor. Originally, I wanted to take him to Rathbun Steak for his 30th, but it was closed since it was Labor Day so we went to New York Prime instead.

This what a vegetarian eats at a steakhouse:


Caesar salad, side of spinach and side of mushrooms. Not exactly a meal, but it was good. Actually the salad had a little too much dressing and cheese on it, but the mushrooms and spinach were good.

This is what a meat eater eats at a steakhouse:


Big-ass steak.

The restaurant brought us a complimentary dessert! A warm chocolate chip cookie with French vanilla ice cream.


I have to be honest, I wasn’t in the best of moods last night. I was having a bad body image day. Fortunately, those days are fewer and farther in between than they used to be, but they still happen. I commented about this on another blog, but sometimes I feel like if I don’t beat myself up for certain things (eating a bunch of queso dip, not working out etc) then I’ll allow myself to do it more often and thusly, gain weight. I think Geneen Roth actually writes about this in one of her books. I need to be okay with eating a dessert or a pizza or whatever. Being healthy isn’t all or nothing. Right?

I felt better today and got in a really good workout. First off, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill. I did it at any easy pace. Then, I met my friends Andrew and Katharine at Decatur Hot Yoga. They’ve been going regularly and have asked me several times to join them. I kept putting it off for one reason or another, but today I decided to go. I liked this yoga studio much more than the other one that I’ve been to. It was bigger and not as crowded and they played music and put a cool lavender towel on your eyes during savasana.

When I got home (at 9!), Jason had dinner waiting. Yay. This was a simple but good meal. He made a portobello mushroom pizza with a caesar salad.


I also had some Dr. Krackers with hummus. Love those.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I love 4-day work weeks.


7 responses to “Jason’s Birthday Dinner + yoga

  1. Being healthy definitely isn’t all or nothing– but I know exactly what you mean. I have the tendency to do the same thing.

    Happy birthday to Jason!

  2. Happy B-Day, Jason!

    I’m all for this yoga class you’re describing. I wish I could find a yoga studio like that around here. A cool lavendar towel sounds heavenly.

    I’m mostly in a place where no matter what I eat, I still feel good about myself. But every once in awhile….that feeling creeps in if a take a few days off exercise and don’t eat as clean as usual. It’s silly though because a few days of indulgence and inactivty are ok every so often!!

  3. You’re definitely right about how being healthy includes indulgences. Its more than a physical thing, for sure. Deprivation is not good!

    I’m glad that you enjoyed yoga! I find that it definitely reduces the occurrence of bad body image days for me!

  4. I know what you mean…sometimes I think my bad body image days always follow the days I might eat something like cookies or pizza – I shouldn’t let that happen!

    Looks like a great birthday! Mmmmm, that dessert, especially.

  5. I can totally relate to having bad body image days. But what I’m trying to do more and more is remind myself of what’s important – I’m healthy, Andrew’s healthy, we have a roof over our heads, cars that work great, family who loves us, etc. Those are the things that matter and I think focusing that sort of helps me out. But trust me, I know it’s hard!!

    That bday dessert looks so gooooooood!!

  6. The cool lavender towel at the end of hot yoga is the best! My friends yoga studio does that so I love to go when I visit her. I wish mine did. 😦

  7. Happy belated b-day to Jason!