Musings on Running

Runners, do you do this? I have a specific distance that I’m supposed to run each day to train for the half-marathon. Today was 3.5 miles of speedwork. Around mile 2, I start trying to bargain with myself. If I stop now, I can just run 4.5 miles tomorrow instead of 3. Then at mile 3, I can just stop and run 3.5 miles tomorrow instead. 90% of the time, I stick with the original mileage, but I find it interesting that I constantly try to find an out to make my runs shorter.

It’s not that I don’t like running. I do. Sort of. I don’t especially like running on the treadmill and while sometimes, I do enjoy running outside, I really enjoy the way that it makes me feel afterward than much more the actual run. I mean, really, does anyone actually enjoy running while they are running? I know that sounds ridiculous coming from someone that has run 6 half and 1 full marathon, but the thing I enjoy most about running is when it’s over.

Anyone know where I’m coming from?

I did run the 3.5 miles today on the treadmill. It wasn’t too bad, save for a blister on the inside of my little toe. Did I mention that I’m running a 5K on Saturday morning. The race has a net downhill, so I’m hoping to at least break 30 minutes. I hope this blister doesn’t hold me back.

Then, next weekend, I’m running a 10K. Crazy, huh? Especially for someone that doesn’t enjoy running.


7 responses to “Musings on Running

  1. I enjoy running 40% of the time. Each day I set out to run, I hope it’s a good one, but usually it isn’t! I guess it’s like chasing a high or something.

  2. Ha, I do the same thing (kind of)– if I’m having a good run, I push myself to go FURTHER so that I can dock mileage off of my NEXT run. Silly.

  3. Depending on how the run is going, I sometimes bargain with myself like that. Or, offer myself rewards: “If I do the full mileage, I can buy myself a latte afterward.”

    And, sometimes I enjoy the running itself, and sometimes it is just something to get through. Either way, it always feels good to have done it.

  4. LOL! I could’ve written this post myself! Why do we return for torture? Lately it seems like 1 run for every 6 are actually “fun” — I’m in such a slump!

  5. You are so funny! How can you not love to run with all the races you do!! But I totally “get” what you mean – I totally CRAVE that runner’s high after a good run. Most of the time I’m not loving it in the moment but lately it’s gone better – I think since I’m in the final throes of half marathon training mode, I feel excited at the progress and the bang for my buck I’m getting for all that hard work!

  6. I totally get where you’re coming from. Today I cut my run a mile short bc I was running with a friend and her training plan called for a much shorter run today and we compromised, haha. I’ve been super hungry during my runs lately so I am usually just fantasizing about dinner during my runs.

  7. At first I was addicted to the endorphins after the run. Now I genuinely enjoy the run itself. I like to daydream and let my mind wander.

    I do the opposite when it comes to bargaining. I’ll tell myself if I run the extra mile, pick up the pace, etc., then I can take it easier tomorrow.

    The 5K you’re running htis weekend sounds like a lot of fun. It’ll be interesting to see how much it effects your time. I wanted to do it myself, but it wouldn’t be such a great idea with a jogging stroller 🙂 We’ll be at the Buckhead Sizzler though.

    Good luck!