Lurphy makes me tired

When Murphy is being bad, Jason and I like to say that it’s not Murphy, but his evil twin Lurphy. Lurphy definitely made an appearance last night. It was my fault initially. He barked at like 4 am and I thought he had to go to the bathroom, so I let him out and fell back asleep. About a half hour later, I was jolted awake by his incessant barking. I went outside and he was barking at a squirrel or rather, what I think was a squirrel since he had his front legs up on a tree. Our backyard is very big and very dark and it took me like 10 minutes to coax him back inside. Then I couldn’t sleep. Argh, Lurphy.

I was really tired today at work. So tired that instead of going to the gym after, I drove home. I made a quick, easy dinner with stuff that I had in my fridge. I cooked some sort of Trader Joe’s polenta with spinach and cream sauce (frozen) and bulked it up with frozen peppers and onions. Then I heated up some Pasta Slim (like Shirataki noodles) and topped it with the polenta and veggie mixture.


I know that people have strong opinions about Shirataki noodles. Yes, they are slimy and yes, they do smell sort of bad, but I really like them to bulk up dishes. I like meals with volume.

After dinner, I plopped down on the couch and fell asleep. For two hours!! Oops. I didn’t wake up until like 8:45. I thought about postponing my 3-mile run until tomorrow, but ended up talking myself out of that and headed to the gym at 9. The run wasn’t so great, but I fought the urge to stop and did the entire 3 miles. I’m glad that I did it because now I can take tomorrow as a rest day which will be good for my legs since I’m running a 5K on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow evening is going to be all about party prep. I’m trying to figure out how much food and alcohol to buy. I think we’re going to have around 20 people. We’re probably going to go to Costco and pick up some hummus, chips and salsa. I also want to make avocado-feta dip (I’m too lazy to link to the recipe, but I will if I make it) and Oreo Truffles. Plus, a cake for Jason’s birthday. As for the drinks, I have no idea how much to buy. Four drinks per person, on average? We also have to clean. Unfortunately, neither Jason nor I were blessed with a cleaning gene.


14 responses to “Lurphy makes me tired

  1. So, I know nothing about dogs. I have a neighbor…who has a dog…which barks. every. single. night. for. 8. straight. hours.

    What to do? WHY is the dog barking?

  2. Oh, Lurphy. My dog will do that every now and then during the night. *Sigh* Hopefully last night was better for y’all.

    Good luck on your 5k on Saturday!

  3. Haha murphy’s evil twin, nice. My cat loves to go spastic at 4 or 5 am and run wind sprints and meow like a dying cat. It’s awful.

  4. Oreo truffles?! Holy cow, that sounds good.

    Which 5K are you running? Best of luck – can’t wait to hear how you do!

  5. I so want to come over for an Oreo truffle and some drinks! I’ll be in Athens all weekend for a bachelorette party…

    I can’t handle Shirataki noodles. I really wanted to like them, so I tried them twice, but I just don’t like them.

  6. Best of luck on the 5k!

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – I wish I liked those noodles!!

    hehe Lurphy – hilarious! We need to come up with an alternate name for “bad Reuben.”

  7. I remember you posting about that avocado feta dip on my blog when I asked for recipes. That sounded GOOD!!

    I’m impressed you went to the gym that late. I know I would have caved and called it a night.

  8. I liked shiritake noodles pre-pregnancy, but want nothing to do with them now. I wonder if they’ll ever sound good again??

    Good luck with your 5K in the morning!! 🙂

  9. oh man. I need to think up an evil twin name for Frank too…he definitely pulls moves like that as well! Have fun at the party! I always over estimate food 😉

  10. I hear ya on the sleep, I finally got some last night! I hope you finally got some rest before your run!

  11. This is too funny. When Link is bad, Stephen and I call him Shadow Link. Link pretty much always turns into Shadow Link at night. It’s gotten so bad, I’ve had to ban him from my bedroom. I can’t handle him biting my toes any longer!