Guest Post

This is going to be a very short post because Jason and I are off to see The Pixies once he manages to find his wallet.

Katie from Legally Fit was nice enough to feature me in her Many Faces of Running series.

Check it out here! and check out Katie’s blog while you are at it if you haven’t already!


3 responses to “Guest Post

  1. Nice guest post. I had the option reaction to poor first marathon. I’m already signed up for three more! Space Coast Marathon in November, repeating ING next March and the inaugural Rock ‘N Roll Savannah Marathon next November. (Plus HIM in 12 (HOLYSHT) days and planning 2-3 HIM next year too!)

    BTW, not officially doing Silver Comet. I’m volunteering that morning (since it’s my group’s event) and then will run the course during the race (only because my LR that weekend is 18 miles!)

  2. Great guest post!

    How were the Pixies? I saw them once when they opened for Pearl Jam back in…oh lord, like 1998? Goodness, gracious.