When you have a party and get a bunch of food from Costco, the next few night’s dinners are probably going to consist of leftovers. At least in my case, they were.

Yummy tasting plate.


Clockwise we have bean dip, carrots, pita chips, ranch dip, tabbouleh and hummus. I really liked the ranch dip. It’s premade from Costco but made with Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream.


I went to the gym tonight with the intention of running 4 miles. I got on the treadmill and as soon as I started running, I felt a pain in butt and back of my upper thigh. I tried to keep going, but it hurt. It wasn’t a sharp pain, more like a dull ache, but pretty achy. I got off the treadmill and tried to do the elliptical instead and while it didn’t hurt as much, it still hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all if I don’t put weight on that leg though. What’s wrong with me? Muscle strain? I asked a friend of mine who was at the gym and is prone to injury. She said it sounded like I strained either my glute or my hamstring. I hope it feel better tomorrow. I am running a 10K on Saturday morning.

Has this particular injury, if it is an injury, happened to anyone? I know that I’m really lucky, but I’ve never really had a running injury before. Although, I did do some lower body heavy lifting yesterday and I’m wondering if it’s related more to that than to running.

Off to watch Season 4 of Dexter, although Facebook totally ruined it for me. I guess I have Dexter as a tv show that I like and they send out status updates. Well, the particular status update from yesterday gave away the big shocker at the end of this season. I still don’t know exactly how it happens, so it’s still exciting.


12 responses to “Injury?

  1. I’m not an injury expert but try stretching and maybe an ice bath or two before your race? And take it easy this week as not to make the injury worse. I hope it gets better before your race!!

    I love leftover party food because it’s like a party every night for dinner. Plus it’s great for me because I’m typically ADD when it comes to food and never can decide what I want to eat, therefore sample platters are amazing 🙂

  2. I actually had a similar injury and it wasn’t from exercise — it was from sitting in a terrible position for 8 hours a day and putting strain on my hamstring. A heating pad really helped and I was conscious about the shoes I was wearing and my posture.

    Yes, I’m the only person who could get hurt sitting. 😉

  3. not fun! stretch it out as much as you can. It kind of sounds like sciatic pain, which I’ve been getting a ton the last few weeks. It’s a nerve thing I think. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh no! That ending was such a surprise. It sucks that someone gave it away.

    Could it be sciatica? I get that sometimes…

  5. I hope it’s not a serious injury, Lee!!

  6. It doesn’t sound like a strained muscle. Those usually present themselves with sharp, shooting pain. Probably it’s your sciatic nerve. Doing some yoga moves that particularly work to stretch your lower back may help. I’ve also heard of people rolling out their butt and hammies with a tennis ball or foam roller.

    Plus, you can always rely on the standard RICE.

  7. I agree it sounds like an issue with sciatic nerve. We learned some exercises after a group run to do to ‘lubricate’ the places where the nerve threads through the muscles from your hip down the leg. I think they’re in seminar notes on our forum. I’ll see if I can find and email to you.

  8. Okay, I was going to mention piriformis syndrome, but after everyone’s comments I will say it sounds more like the sciatic nerve? (I would make an amazing doctor, I know). Hopefully after some rest and ice, it will feel better!

  9. Uh oh! Definitely rest, ice, and stretch! If you have one of those foam rollers, you might want to try that also. Hope you feel better soon!!!