Hot, hot, hot

Whenever I read other blogs about how fall is here and there is a chill in the air, I’m super jealous. I hate being cold, but I am so sick of the summertime weather here. It just won’t go away. Yesterday afternoon, I met up with my friends Andrew and Katharine and we went to the Atlanta Arts Festival. It would have been fun if it wasn’t so miserable outside. I was wearing a tank top and linen carpis and I was sweating like mad. I’m not even a big sweater. Despite the heat, there was still some cool stuff.

Typical festival food:


And atypical festival food:



They were actually giving away full sized cups of Chobani. I wasn’t hungry though and didn’t really feel like carrying around a yogurt in my purse in 95 degree weather. Oh well.

Of course, there was art:




That last thing was some sort of kids tent. It was pretty crowded, so we only stayed for about an hour and a half. Actually, that was more due to the scorching heat than the crowds.


We walked back to A&K’s house and the original plan was to hang out for a couple hours and then go to Smith’s Olde Bar to see Andrew’s friend Chuck’s (who I’ve met a bunch of times) band play. I felt really sticky and gross so I went home to take a shower. I had all intentions of meeting back up with A&K but once I got home, I just sort of got comfortable on the couch and didn’t feel like driving back down to Midtown. Not sure if that’s because I’m old or that I live in the suburbs now. Probably a combination of both.

This morning, however, I was glad that I didn’t go out, because I felt great. Murphy and I decided to explore Henderson Park. The park is about a mile away from our house. This is really embarrassing, but we drove there! There was a big lake and lots of hiking trails.




My partner in crime and I didn’t really venture into the wooded trails since we were alone, but I’d like to go back with Jason and explore. I think there are several trails, about 1 mile long each.


By the way, it’s extremely hard to take a picture of your dog while you’re walking him. I have about 10 shots of the back of his head.

I decided not to go the gym today. Sundays are typically my errand day. I always need to grocery shop, clean the kitchen and do several loads of laundry. Sometimes adding the gym to the mix just makes the day too full. I typically have Monday as a rest day, but I decided to switch it around and see if I like this schedule better. I did manage to go grocery shopping and make a decent dinner.


I have a million recipes saved to my recipe box on All Recipes so I decided to randomly pick two.

Baked Tofu bites with Cilantro Cucumber Salad.

The only thing that I did differently from the original tofu recipe was that I didn’t add Liquid Smoke. I think we actually have some in the house, but I don’t like the taste of it. Even when I used to eat poultry, I never liked the taste of anything that was smoked. This recipe was very good but I don’t see how it makes 4 servings. I had half of it, no problem!

For the Cucumber Salad, I used the Dorot Frozen cilantro cubes. Worked like a charm.

Now I’m off to iron. I find ironing strangely satisfying. I don’t even know if Jason realizes that I iron all his clothes, but I do. That’s the division of labor in our house, I do the laundry and he does the lawn mowing.


13 responses to “Hot, hot, hot

  1. Chobani giveaway? Neat! Looks like a fun event but HOT. It’s still sweltering here during the day (but not as humid) and nice and cool at night.

  2. Hahaha…I think I’d have a hard time doing a Chobani in the heat like that as well.

  3. That’s crazy they were giving away Chobani!

    Sundays are always a bit depressing for me. It’s difficult to relax when I have so much organization and cleaning to do. Plus my gym is only open from like 12 to 5, and it’s hard to find time to workout in that time slot!

  4. Oh, man! I wish I would have been able to make it to the festival! Looks like fun (minus the heat). I can’t believe I missed out on Larabar samples. 😦

    Seriously! I’m so over this heat in Atlanta! 75 degree highs: where are you?!?!

  5. I agree- I want to feel Fall, too! I love how it feels like Fall in the morning, but I want it to stay that way all day!

  6. Chobani AND Larabars? Now THAT is my kind of festival!

    I WISH I liked to iron. I think I’ve ironed maybe 2 times since I moved into my house 2 years ago.

  7. The festival looks fun! I hear you – hot and sticky were the words of this weekend – WOW – I needed a shower all day Saturday! haha Love murph pics!

  8. Sorry about the crazy heat, lady. We’ve been lucky around here, except its already getting too chilly at night to keep the windows open. 😦 Makes me fearful of snow…

  9. Omg, crazy how hot it is right now!! When I got in my car today it said it was 100 degrees!!!!! That is insane. It is officially fall in 2 days and getting towards the end of September!!!!

  10. Oh, I feel your pain. I’m so sick of this heat. Fall is my favorite time of year and I’m trying to be patient. So many good festivals and outdoor activities this time of year, but we are breaking heat records over here.

    Oh, and Lola only sees action with easy stuff like cream cheese with cool whip. She’s fancy but I have no idea how to use the other tools.

  11. Seriously! WHY is it still 95 degrees? It makes me mad. That one weekend was such a tease.

    At least the festival looked like a lot of fun.

  12. I also find ironing strangely satisfying. It’s very soothing. Yet, ironically (heh, get it?), I rarely do it.

  13. what a fun arts fest! it looked rad! we had the chobs truck at ours, too. i was surprised they were handing out full containers!