I’ve been at my new job for two months. Now that I am getting used to everything, I think it’s safe to say that I like it much more than my old job. But there is something that I really miss about my old office and that’s just it – I had an office. Here, I am in a room with three other designers. It has it’s perks; we can bounce ideas off one another and there is always someone to talk to, but not having my own office leaves me with one big question. What do I do for lunch?

I typically bring my lunch. I prefer to save my money and go out to dinner with Jason or with friends than to spend it on mediocre semi-fast food chains. At my last job, I would do one of three things. I would close the door to my office and sleep for an hour and then eat my lunch when I got back to work. I would close the door to my office and surf the web while I was eating or I’d use the office building gym in the basement. Here, the only viable option of the three is to surf the web while I’m eating and I really don’t want to do that because people walking by might not know that I’m on my lunch break and might think that I’m just slacking off and I don’t want that sort of rep.

So, twice this week, I went to the gym. It takes me 10 minutes to get there and another five or so to change. So I have roughly a half hour to work out which is not enough to get anything accomplished. Yesterday, I ran for 2 miles (speedwork – alternating each 400 meters at 5.5 and then 6.5) and today I did an upper body strength workout. So, here’s my question – if I’m running at lunch, can I split my runs up? Like if my training plan says to run 4.5 miles, can I run 2 at lunch and then the other 2.5 after work or does that defeat the purpose? I’m thinking that it might. I mean, I need to train my body to run those miles in a row, right? I can’t even really get in a good strength training workout in half an hour. I wanted to do a full body workout today but only managed to find enough time to do my upper body. I’m kind of thinking that I should just go to the gym and walk for half an hour just to get out of the office and have something to do.

What do you do on your lunch break?

I couldn’t work out after work because I was meeting some friends for a Girls Night Out. It was originally supposed to be me, and my friends Erin, Emily and Maya but Maya couldn’t come at the last minute. The four of us actually went to high school together in Bethesda, Maryland which is pretty funny considering we all live in Atlanta now. We were all friends in high school too. I feel very lucky to have three of my best girlfriends here.

We went to Urban Pl8, which I suggested. I had heard of it and wanted to try it. It was way off the beaten path. You really would have to know where it was to find it. But I’m glad we did because the three of us really enjoyed it. I had the stir fry with tofu.


We had a lot of fun eating and chatting. I really like Girl’s Night Out. No offense, Jason!

TGIF!!! Well, in 3 hours.


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  1. I had the same problem you’re having last year. I hated it because I felt like every person that walked by my desk was thinking I was being a lazy A. Now on most days I have my own office, so it makes it a lot better! many times though, I go home for lunch. It allows me to tidy up and do a few chores so that I’m not faced with them once I get home.

  2. Unfortunately, I live about 20 minutes from my office, so going home wouldn’t really work.

  3. I dont know what kind of workouts you’re doing but you should be able to get a GOOD strength workout done in 30mins. In my opinion if you’re going for any longer, you’re not being as efficient with your time. To do this you need to add in super sets to your workouts. an example of a leg workout this week is:

    A1 Full Squat 3×5
    A2 Romanian DL 3×5
    B1 Split Squat 2x 5/10/10 (drop sets)
    B2 Lying Leg Curl 2x 5/10/10 (drop sets)
    C1 random ab workout
    C2 random ab workout

    Drop sets mean you basically do 25 reps in a row. You do the heaviest weight u can for 5 reps to failure, then “drop” the weight down and lift for another 10 reps, then drop the weight down and lift for another 10 reps – thats 1 set.

    an example of an upper body workout:

    A1 Pushups or Flat Bench Press 3×5
    A2 underhand BB rows 3×5
    B1 Lat pulldowns (overhead) 2x 5/10/10 (drop sets)
    B2 DB laterals 2x 5/10/10 (drop sets)
    C1 Hanging Leg Raises (abs) 2×15
    C2 Bicycle crunches (abs) 2×15


    A1 Standing military Press 3×5
    A2 Lat Pulldowns (underhand) 3×5
    B1 Flat DB flies 2x 5/10/10 (drop sets)
    B2 seated cable rows 2x 5/10/10 (drop sets)
    C kneeling rope crunches 3×8
    C2 weighted side crunches 3×8

    In addition doing HIIT sprints on the treadmill is also an effective use of your time at generally no more than 30mins depending upon what you do. some examples of my HIIT workouts:

    5min warmup
    20:40 x 10-12; OR 30:60 x 8-10; OR 60:120 x 5
    5min cooldown

    voila, effective workouts in 30mins 🙂

    Hope this helps!!!!!

  4. Is there anywhere that you could walk over lunch- Target or some place like that? I’m bad about not eating at my desk, but when I do get out, I walk over to one of the malls. It’s a nice break and I always tell myself that I should do it more often!

  5. Hmmm….I surf the web and eat at my desk, then I usually will get out of the office for 30 minutes or so and run errands (I LOVE to run errands!). Sometimes I’ll take a walk outside around our building. I think getting away from your desk (when you work at one) is key!

  6. In my mind I think the longer runs are meant to be run at once to build up more endurance. I don’t know since I’ve never trained running wise, but that makes the most sense to me. I think you could do an upper body workout over lunch and then a longer run later fine. Or just head to the gym on weight days. If you do circuits/supersets you could easily fit in a good workout in 30 minutes.

    And lastly – I’m happy youre feeling more comfortable at this job now! 😀

  7. Hey Lee – so glad that you’re liking your new job. I tend to surf the web (reading blogs) while I eat lunch. I think I feel like because I’m eating, people will know its my break.

    I have a lot of friends who are great runners and they will split up their longer runs often. I think as long as you are getting in consecutive miles regularly, splitting the runs up sometimes won’t be a big deal.

  8. So glad that you like your new job!! My lunch breaks this year are very hectic. I spend 10 minutes of it getting my students through the lunch line, 10 minutes scarfing down my lunch and sifting through emails, and then the last 10 making copies, etc before I go back to the lunchroom to pick up the students. I blame that on why I’m such a fast eater. I have to be!! 😉

  9. URBAN PL8!!! We had our wedding reception there on the patio on June 26! The food and atmosphere were amazing! So glad to read that y’all liked it. I was hoping I wouldn’t scroll down to read, “…and it was awful!” Haha! It’s definitely ‘off the beaten path,’ but it’s only 1.5 miles away from our neighborhood, where we had the wedding ceremony. 🙂

  10. That dinner looks delicious! Sounds like a great night out! I am glad you like your new job. It does stink that you don’t have your own space. As for your comment to me…I am so excited for that weather to get here already! Bring on the fall!

  11. GREAT looking dinner stir fry- yum! I typically work through lunch and just eat my lunch at my desk. I always have to tryand get out early for teaching, etc so…its really my only option!

  12. I love GNO’s 🙂 My mom even calls them that when she goes out with her girlfriends.

    I had an office of my own at my old job, too…loved it. I usually had a coworker in my office and we ate together, OR I ate and surfed the web. Loved it! Now I share an office with a coworker, who I really like, but my work is a small clinic and everyone eats in the breakroom together. I’d be an outcast if I ate in my office alone. Plus my office has a lot of patient germs in it…so I don’t know that I’d want to, anyways. But yeah, I do miss that 30 minutes to just relax and surf the web. Not that I could get to blogs anyways…at this job or my last. Totally blows! I digress.

    If you are training for a race, I wouldn’t recommend splitting up the mileage, but if you’re just doing it for fitness, it’s absolutely fine. That’s my take, anyways!