Last night, Jason and I, along with our friends Joan and Randy, went to the Atlanta Greek Festival. The festival is held in a big Greek church near my office. Although I’d never been before, I kept seeing signs for it on the way to work and decided that it might be a fun thing to do.

There was a lot of Greek food to choose from.


I found a vegetarian option which also came with a Greek salad.



When we saw this booth, we knew that we had to try it for dessert.



Sorry for the blurry picture, I just wanted to show what it looked like.

After our tummies were full, we ventured inside to look a the various shops that they’d set up for the festival.





They also had a big dancing area and some kids rides. We stayed for about 2 hours before calling it a night.

Oh, and check out the article that I wrote for Date Night Magazine.


11 responses to “Opa!

  1. How fun! I have a lot of Greek friends in Birmingham that work the greek food festival event there through their church – SO cool. I didn’t know we had one here too! I could have Greek salad every. single. day.

    LOVE that you’re thinking of trying some “normal albeit healthy” recipes for hubs – holla if you want me to send you our top faves!

  2. LOVE greek food! I’m always up for a feta filled salad and the sundae looks delicious. I love that you could purchase some feta to go too.

  3. I love Greek food too 🙂 Greek salads filled with massive amounts of Kalamata olives make me happy.

    Baklava sundae? I want one!!

  4. I love me some baklava. Some of my friends from home are actually going to this! Greek festivals are so fun.

  5. Oh the Greek Festival! I love it! Glad you had a good time and found some good stuff to eat there! I hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. That looks so fun! I like Greek food a lot, even thought I don’t have it much.

  7. I’ve never been! Andrew mentioned something about it and I said we should go, but we missed it! 😦 That baklava sundae looks amazing!! 🙂

  8. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING TO EXPERIENCE!! mm bet it smelt wonderful too ❤

  9. Oh fun! I had no idea that was even going on this weekend.

  10. That looks so fun! Greek/Mediterranean food is one of my favorites.