Lots o’ Restaurants

Whew! I just dropped my dad off at the airport and I’m exhausted. Entertaining guests for the weekend is tiring. I don’t especially know why; all we did was eat!

I actually managed to wake up early yesterday morning and get a 5 mile run in. I really felt like I was running at a faster pace but I’m not entirely sure because I took some walk breaks. I really need to find my Garmin. I know it’s in my house somewhere. We picked my dad up at the airport and had an early lunch at Front Page News. It was warm and sunny out, so I wanted to take advantage of their nice patio.


I ordered a water but my dad twisted my arm and made me get a Bloody Mary. Okay fine, he suggested getting one and I happily agreed. I also got an okay veggie burger and a side of sauteed spinach. After lunch, we hung out at the house for a bit and then went to the High Museum to see their Salvador Dali exhibit.


The exhibit was cool even though it was all of his later works and not the stuff that he’s most famous for. Although, I just noticed on their website that they are getting The Persistence of Memory in November. Damn, I would have liked to have seen that one. (That’s the melty watch painting.)

For dinner, we went to Wisteria. I’d never been there before but really enjoyed it. We didn’t have reservations so we ended up just sitting at the bar which was fine with us. We started out with the black-eyed pea hummus and I had a veggie plate for my entree. The veggie plate had like 8 different vegetables on it. It was really delicious.

Today was a food filled day as well. I always try to take out of town guests to The Flying Bisciut for breakfast or brunch. Even though it’s now a franchise owned by Raving Brands, the original location is here in Atlanta and I still like to think of it as an Atlanta restaurant. My attempts to take people there are often thwarted by a long line, but today we got there early enough, around 9:45, that we were able to get a table. I got the Hollywood omelette which was good but I should have gotten it without cheese. There was entirely too much cheese inside and it was on the greasy side. Oh well.

After breakfast, my dad wanted to watch the Redskins game. We found a Redskins bar and went there to watch. I’m not a football fan at all and occupied myself for the first hour playing on my phone. I wish I could like football because people do seem to have a lot of fun watching it and rooting for their teams, but I just don’t care about it. Plus, I don’t really understand it, I guess. Anyway, we stayed there for half of the game until I couldn’t take the boredom anymore and went…you guessed it, to eat again, this time at The Vortex. My dad had heard about it from my brother and requested that we go there. I got my usual Vortex meal – a salad and a cup of veggie chili.

I had a fun time with my dad but I am ready to just relax and eat some home cooked food. I like going to restaurants as much as the next guy, but four restaurants in two days is overkill.

Do you like to go out to eat or would you rather eat a home?

PS – Check out my guest post on Green Dog Wine.


10 responses to “Lots o’ Restaurants

  1. Ha! I was going to guess Sabroso for that picture of Front Page News, pretty close right? Gotta love The Vortex, I don’t go very often anymore but it’s awesome every time.

  2. I like going out to eat but I enjoy eating at home! I get stressed out eating at restaurants all the time. I’m a semi control freak 🙂

  3. I like eating out on the weekends, but LOVE getting back to my homecooked meals! 🙂 I’ve eaten at all of those places except Wisteria. Black eyed pea hummus sounds wonderful!!

  4. i just saw your post on allison’s page. clever idea for a guest post, i liked it! sounds like you have been eating all sorts of deliciousness. that is sometimes the best part when family is in town. my sister comes and she wants to hit all the best restaurants.. and i just have to join her! hope you have a great week 🙂

  5. Glad you had fun with your Dad! I like going out to eat once or twice a week (maybe a brunch in a dinner) but dislike anything more than that. It just feels like too much food! Plus I miss cooking 🙂 You should have someone explain more of the rules, etc about football to you. I bet you’d end up enjoying the games!!

  6. I’m glad you had a good time with your dad! I agree…I love to eat out, but on vacations after so much of it, I really crave staying it and eating homecooked food (and, um, saving a shit ton of money)!

  7. Hey Lee! It sounds like you had a great weekend. Its so neat to hear of the restaurants and recognize them from my tours of the city with Em. 🙂

    Have a great Monday getting back into the normal swing of things!

  8. I love eating out every once and awhile, but there is nothing better than a homecooked meal. You can what you want and how you want it. Nothin better 😉

  9. Love front page news! Never eaten there – just drank – but it’s so fun! I’m also a flying biscuit fan – always get their hummus turkey sammy! Glad you had fun with your dad and to answer your question, I prefer eating at home!

  10. I actually don’t really enjoy going out to eat. It is too much trouble for me. When I go, I am going for the company, not the food.