Monday Night Chili

Last week, I bought this Cooking Light magazine that was ridiculously expensive (for a magazine). I was determined to make everything in it that looked good to me, starting tonight with some sort of potato jalapeno tart. I’d written down the ingredients on Friday and took my list to the grocery store after work. I got home and could not find the magazine anywhere! So, I ended up making chili instead. Holly made a version of this recently and I’d bought the ingredients intending to put them in my crockpot tomorrow morning. I really wanted a real meal, instead of random snacks parading as dinner, so I just made the chili on the stovetop. I followed the recipe but added about a cup of Pace Picante Sauce that I got for free as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. I love picante sauce and salsa so this couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


I also made cornbread from scratch. I used this recipe. Jason was very impressed when I told him that it wasn’t from a mix and said he was going to buy me a “Southern Belle” apron. Then he tasted it and the apron offer was revoked! It was dry and crumbly and not that great. I grew up eating Jiffy cornbread which is on the sweet side. I guess that’s how I like cornbread, sweet like a muffin, because this wasn’t sweet enough for my taste, but it wasn’t savory either.


The chili was decent. Even after adding the picante sauce, it wasn’t saucy enough. I guess most chilis have tomato sauce and this one did not. It was still good and we both liked the tofu in it. I think Jason liked it more than I did, he gave me a big thumbs up.

We found the magazine, by the way, it was under Jason’s keyboard on his desk.


6 responses to “Monday Night Chili

  1. Chili is such an awesome fall meal – pretty easy and delicious. I added pumpkin the last time I made cornbread and it made it really moist and less crumbly. You should try it! 🙂

  2. I love chili when the weather just starts to be fallish! This chili looks wonderful!

  3. Bummer on the cornbread. I like sweet and savory cornbread, but apparently not with yeast in it (from my adventures a week ago). Your chili looks yummy! Glad Jason liked it!

  4. Sorry the cornbread kind of failed, everything looks great though!

  5. Yay for chili and cornbread season! I was surprised at how easy cornbread from scratch is. Wait til you try Jessica’s recipe. Yum.