Frozen Tofu

I’m still trying to get rid of those extra pounds that crept up after my wedding in June. I’ve been going to the gym after work and then eating dinner. That means that by the time I get back, shower and make something to eat, it’s usually after 8pm. And you know what? This really helps with the nighttime snacking issue that I was having when I was eating before the gym. Now, I’m actually full until I go to sleep, so I haven’t been snacking. I’ve also been making an effort to not buy ice cream when I go to the grocery store. I was eating ice cream every single night for a while. Mostly lowfat stuff, which I actually prefer, but still, it was ice cream every night and it was getting out of hand. Unfortunately, I cannot just have it in the house and not eat it, so not having it in the house is going to have to be the answer. Ice cream needs to be a treat, not an every day thing for me.

I tried something new tonight. I’d read that if you freeze tofu and then thaw it out, it has a different consistency. I let it thaw for two days and then cut it up and pressed it under a heavy book for about an hour. Jason made a stir fry with zucchini, onion, red pepper, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. He used some sort of bottled stir-fry sauce. I added my thawed tofu, which I’d sauteed, to the mix.


Doesn’t the tofu sort of look like bread? Jason said he thought it was bread when he saw it on the counter! It definitely had a different consistency than normal tofu. It was much chewier. I didn’t really like it though. I’ll take my tofu the regular way from now on. Or fried. I know it’s not the healthiest, but fried tofu is good!

I’m running 5 miles tomorrow. It’s suddenly the end of half-marathon training. I’m at the point where a 5-mile run is no big deal. It snuck up on me like that. When I first started this 12-week program, I’d let myself get out of shape and I had a hard time running even 3 miles. Now, 5 is easy. I just really need to keep up with it after the race. I’m still considering the full marathon. I need to make a decision soon.


18 responses to “Frozen Tofu

  1. I know what you mean about having sweets in the house, if they exist I will eat them. I stopped buying sweets for a while so that if I wanted something I would have to make it to get it (or drive all the way to the grocery store.) But the husband needs his cookies! It’s really hard to not stick my hand in that cookie jar every day, really really hard.

    Interesting trick with the tofu, I’ve never heard of that. I’ll have to try it out, it looks spongey!

  2. I can’t have ice cream in the house either. It will be eaten way too quickly! I know what you mean about the low-fat stuff too. That always was an excuse for me…”Well, it is low fat” or “it is just frozen yogurt” and then off I would go and eat a whole pint! 🙂 Lesson learned!

  3. I’ve never had much of a problem with ice cream, but it’s a good thing I can’t make my own soft serve frozen yogurt. I love that stuff after having some on vacation.

    I want to get back to where 5 miles feels good. I’m stuck at feeling like a cow on high heels trying to belt out 3.

  4. I hope your 5-miler went well 🙂

    Freezing tofu is the best trick! It’s such a great, spongy consistency after being dried a bit and froze!

  5. I find that if I go straight from work to the gym, I end up eating less overall. If I go home first, I want to snack, snack, snack. That’s awesome that 5 miles is no big deal to you now. You’ve given me hope!

  6. I hear ya about the few pounds, I have some that have packed themselves onto my hips and thighs that need to go! I always eat dinner after the gym, it definitely helps with the snacking issue.

  7. I’m terrible about the late night snacking…maybe I should take after you and do some exercise after work (I usually run in the mornings)

  8. Oh my gosh, I had no idea you could freeze tofu! It totally looks like bread. I’ve actually never had tofu fried (I know!), but I bet that would be my favorite, too.

    I LOVE ice cream. Like, am addicted to the stuff. I don’t keep it in my house, though…but my sister and BIL do. I hang out with them a couple of times a week to get my fix. 🙂

  9. I’ve been wanting to try this frozen tofu trick! People rave about it, but I think the consistency could be kind of weird.

  10. I’ve still never had tofu! I will say that it doesn’t look like “normal” tofu!

    I can’t handle ice cream around either!

  11. When I freeze tofu I like to press before and after I freeze it for a chewier texture. But texture really doesn’t bother me, I just wanted to try something different.

    And I can’t keep baked goods in my apartment. I have to freeze them immediately or give them away or else I eat them in like twenty seconds. After I blogged last night, I ate like a billion of those mini pumpkin muffins. Thank goodness there’s only 37 calories per mini muffin (if you decide to make them fyi) but they are addicting!!

  12. Hey Lee! I’m the same way with ice cream – if its there, I’ll eat it. I HAD to get some for the apple crisp last week so I’m still working on a half gallon of it. Yikes. 🙂

    I also agree about the consistency of frozen tofu – very spongy and strange.

    Have a great day!

  13. I did 4 miles today…the 1/2 really did sneak up! I really hope to maintain my endurance after the half, if only because I might want to do another half!

  14. I am intimidated by tofu. I would like to conquer it though, since I love it! Thanks for the tip on going non-frozen.

  15. I’ve never heard of freezing tofu. Thanks for the heads up though about it not being as good.

    It’s hard for me to resist treats when they’re in the house too. And it doesn’t make it any easier when my husband picks up candy, ice cream, and donuts EVERY DAY!!