PMS is rearing it’s ugly head today. I should have known that it was not a good idea to weigh myself right before I’m supposed to get my period. But I thought I was eating really well and wanted to see if the scale reflected that. Well, it didn’t. At all. In fact, it appeared that I’d gained 3 pounds. Of course this set the tone for my entire day. I know it probably has to do with my period, but sometimes it’s just so frustrating. It’s like what can I change? I already eat pretty decently and run 20ish miles a week. Why isn’t that enough? Argh. I have some serious body image issues sometimes and it sucks.

I went for my 5 mile run today and spent the entire time moping. The run was hard and my heart just wasn’t in it. A shame since my 15K went so well. I stopped to walk numerous times.

I got home and was still pissy. Instead of looking through the kitchen aimlessly for something to eat, I decided that it might improve my mood to actually make a real meal.

I decided to make Black Bean Patties again from the PDQ Vegetarian Cookbook. These were really easy to make with only 4 ingredients.

First I cooked the burgers.


while Jason prepared the toppings.


And then we ate. I put the burgers on Rudi’s Organic Spelt English Muffins.


Success! And husband-approved too!

I actually did feel a little better after cooking and eating dinner. I just get so frustrated sometimes. I know that I’m healthy, but I’m not comfortable being the size that I am and I just don’t know how to fix it!

Fortunately, my PMS usually only lasts a day.


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  1. I know that feeling. I lost 12 pounds earlier this year pretty effortlessly, but I’m still on the heavy side of the normal BMI range for my height. After those first 12, I’ve been unable to lose a single pound more and I’m not doing anything differently. I think that’s exactly my problem. I need to exercise differently, cardio alone isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe you just need to shake things up a bit too?

  2. omg, i have pms too! i find that sometimes running helps, but it only lasted for a short term. other than that, the pain is awful. my whole body aches. its so painful. i’d cry too.

    your burger looks luscious and tasty!

  3. Aw. I hate how the scale can set the tone for the day. I hope you feel better girl! I want to try those burgers. I made black bean burgers before and they didn’t look nearly as good as those!

  4. You did the right thing by running (even though it sucked) and cooking a delicious and healthy meal. I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. As women, our moods fluctuate so much sometimes and if I have a bad mood then I generally know that the next day could be totally different. While three pounds on the scale may make you unhappy, it is unlikely that it is noticeable on your body! Stay strong 🙂

  5. Bah, I hate those days (I had one on Saturday) but at least you did your run as opposed to sitting on the couch and you made a good dinner with the husband. This might sound silly but today is love your body day (and stop the fat talk week): so maybe take a few minutes and think about the awesome things that your body can do. Running 20 miles a week is freaking awesome! And three pounds is probably water weight caused by PMS so I definitely wouldn’t stress out. I also bet that once you’re able to stop stressing about your weight and how you feel, your body will naturally adjust to its healthy weight (it’s hard but stress will only accelerate the problem).

  6. Sorry about the rough day, Lee. I think we can all relate. I hope that you feel like a new person today.

    Your dinner looks awesome. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

  7. One of the reasons I am really happy to be a guy 😉

    Cheer up! It should only last a few days!

  8. 😦 I’m so sorry. I have had many of these same days and I know how hard they can be. Hang in there, it will pass and once your period is over, you will feel soooooo much better.

  9. Grumble- don’t we all have annoying days like this. Keep your head up. Tomorrow will be so much better. What a great meal- the burgers look PERFECT

  10. Golly, you are an early eater!! I’m just now eating my after school snack. 🙂

    Ah, it’s never a good idea to weigh myself around period time! I never take the scale too seriously though. There’s at least a 5 lb difference depending on the time of day for me.

  11. i love that theres still chunks/whole beans in there!!! looks so pretty as well as yummy!! ❤

  12. Hey honey! I tell all my clients that when they try to change everything all at once they are setting themselves up for failure 100% of the time. I think you have to make small changes over a long period of time for changes to stick. So don’t panic and get down on yourself. Just make small changes slowly and then once those small changes become habits introduce a new things.

  13. PMS is the worst– don’t let it deter you. Weight is just a number, and it sounds like you’ve been doing really well!

  14. ahhhh PMS. Yes, my scale doesn’t make an appearance anytime around that time of the month – I actually have a ring that I will put on my finger and if it’s tight, I know I’m bloated, so I don’t weigh myself. 🙂 I will say you did the best thing – you went for a run and you made yourself a great dinner. I know it’s so hard and it’s very easy to get discouraged – maybe you could try changing things up, like others have suggested? Hang in there, Lee!

  15. My scale goes up exactly 3 pounds that time of the month, so please don’t pay attention to that weigh-in! I bet you will be in for a pleasant surprise if you weigh yourself post-period.
    I have similar body image issues, so I know I need to tell myself this also, but you should focus on how awesome you are that you are running so much, and eating healthy. You are obviously very healthy and thats more important than your weight. Easier said than done, right?

  16. Don’t beat yourself up while suffering from PMS. You knew you did a great job so far, so stick with what you know. I do the same thing, but am trying to tell myself the positive rather than the negative. No wonder we have negative body image, we do it to ourselves! I finally realize people aren’t paying as much attention to me as I think they are, so have been wearing my bathing suit at the beach and pool. I realize how much fun I am having and stopped worrying how fat I look.
    I love your link to the vegetarian cookbook. The recipes sound easy and delicious. Congrats on deciding it was just as easy to cook something nutritious as grab anything.

  17. I hate hate hate HATE when I am so down and bummed about my body image, esp when PMS is involved -then all rationality goes out the window. It’s the worst feeling, especially when you just CAN’T get yourself out of the funk. I do the same thing – beat myself up endlessly and I’ve been trying so hard to avoid that behavior, but sometimes it just happens and its better to feel it out versus shoving it down, you know what I mean? I’m glad you’re starting to feel better tho!